Monday, May 19, 2014

Jase is 1 Year Old!

You turned 1 year old on May 8th!! This past year has FLOWN by! Wow! Everyone always tells you to soak it up because it goes so quickly, and that is certainly the truth.


Weight/Height: We went to the doctor for your 1 year well visit on May 14th. You were 31 1/2” (92% height), 23 lbs (53% weight), and your head is measuring 18 3/4”. If you keep growing like this you are going to be one tall dude! You wear 18-24 mos clothing. Can’t WAIT for you to grow into this precious jacket!!


Health: Everything looked GREAT at your appointment- praise the Lord! I am breaking up your vaccines, so you got two shots. One was the chicken pox vaccine. You’ll get the other two next month or so. So far your shots have been fine and you’ve barely cried, but these must have HURT! Poor little guy! This is the worst you have ever cried for shots & you cried big alligator tears. They also pricked your toe after that and you cried again. Last time you didn’t even flinch. The nurse tried to give you a sticker and you threw it right on the ground. We felt so bad for you but are super thankful about a clean bill of health and how well you are doing developmentally with all of your new milestones. You ran a little fever so I gave you some Motrin that night (only a half dose) to help you sleep, but you acted fine.


Nursing/Eating: You are still nursing 4 times a day (8:30, 12:30, 4:30, & 7:50 for bed). I will probably start weaning soon. Your nursing sessions aren’t very long anymore, but I am not quite ready to stop yet for some reason. Your favorite foods are eggs, toast, green beans, beans, chicken, puffs, yogurt, cheese, oatmeal, bananas, smoothies, & brussel sprouts.You love water! You’ve tried organic whole milk & didn’t seem to really care one way or another. We make sure all of our dairy is organic & full fat. We try to give you a balanced diet because I can’t seem to find a vitamin I like for your age. (May go back to Poly-Vi-Sol unless anyone has a better suggestion.)


Sleep: Other than staying up pretty much all night the first night at the women’s retreat, you are sleeping very well. You take a nap from 10:30-12:30 and again from 2:30-4:30. Sometimes you don’t sleep that whole time during your second nap, but you stay in your crib anyway. You don’t cry & I figure it’s better for you to rest. We keep your room dark with blackout curtains and we play your hymns cd. We always read 1-2 books & say prayers before you lay down. In the morning, we don’t get you out of bed even if you wake up before 8:30. You stay contently in your crib and wait very patiently, but you do like to bang on your crib rails to let us know you’re awake. You just talk happily to yourself while you wait, but you get straight PUMPED UP when we walk in the room! You always kick off your socks while you’re sleeping. (You get that from me. I always have like 5 pairs of socks at the bottom of the bed. I am looking forward to you dropping one of your naps so we have more time with you, but that won’t be for a while.

What You’re Up to:  You went on your first women’s retreat this month. (I’ve got a whole post for this one.) You LOVED all the attention from those sweet ladies! And it was super refreshing for Mommy!


You have started raising your hands during worship at church. I know you don’t really know what you’re doing and you’re just copying what you see others do, but it is SO CUTE. You’re like a mini-man!

You won’t wear a hat any more and it breaks my heart. You look so cute in them, but you just won’t keep them on.

You’re still SUPER curious about everything!! You love exploring, meeting new people, checking out animals, and touching everything. You are always looking around and very observant.

You have started blowing kisses and it is the CUTEST, SWEETEST thing I have ever seen!! Oh, my, word. Heart.melted.

You can stand on your own and have taken steps here and there, but you are very cautious and always freak out when you realize you’re standing. (standing on your own)

You play really well in your crib for independent play time. Your favorite toys are your blocks & any bouncy balls.

We had the Upchurch’s over one night for dinner and a bonfire. You had to go to bed before the fire & s’mores, but you LOVED playing with Peyton & Colton. They are the sweetest kids and were so good with you!!



Post-Partum: I had my my first period since March of 2012 last month, and this second one in May was brutal. I haven’t craved carbs and sugar like that in FOREVER! It was nuts! I cannot WAIT for a cleanse, some MNS, & Thermoplus back in my life as soon as I am done nursing.

Your 1st Birthday:

Nikki, Mike, & the beautiful Miss Addison (who you share a BIRTHDAY with! How special!) sent you The Giving Tree & some precious outfits for your birthday. You were pumped about the book! You wanted to show it off for a picture, even with boiled egg in your teeth.


Your daddy & I flew to New Orleans on your actual birthday (after breakfast) for James and Mariah’s wedding, so you spent a few days with your Grammy. Of course we were sad to leave you, but we knew you were in great hands and we could celebrate big time when we got home. We had a big party scheduled for May 17th anyway.


Grammy & Grandaddy met up with your Grandma, Grandpa, & Aunt Jade at Texas Roadhouse for your birthday dinner. I am so thankful they all get along and had such a great time. You are so, so very blessed with family that loves you more than words.


Grammy sent me this picture on your way to dinner and it MELTED MY HEART! You look SO GROWN in this picture! I feel like you look like a toddler all of the sudden. Did my baby grow up overnight?


Apparently you weren’t a fan of the cake! No sweet tooth? Well, you certainly got that gene from your handsome daddy!


You also had your first birthday photo shoot & did GREAT! Brittany is the BESSSST to work with. She is so great with you! And I mean, HOW CUTE are these?!?! She is super talented.


Thoughts: Daddy & I both wrote you a letter in your journal we have for you, but we just want you to know how BLESSED we feel God entrusted you to us. Being your mom & dad is our FAVORITE blessing and we cannot imagine our lives without you. You are so much fun and bring us so much JOY every day!! You have the best little personality and are absolutely magnetic. You are so easy going, happy, & funny- always laughing and smiling & talking. God has BIG plans for you & we cannot wait to watch them unfold and see the gifts he has given you.  We pray every day that we train you up in a way that is pleasing to him and that most importantly, we model what it looks like to have an intimate relationship with the Lord.

We love you more than words, our precious, sweet boy!! You’re an angel baby and will ALWAYS be our baby. Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Jase!!


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Nikki said...

I can not believe he is 1 already! The year has flown by for sure! It has been awesome watching him grow! So glad he enjoyed his book and clothing! LOVE LOVE LOVE his 1 year pictures! XOXO