Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jase is 25 Weeks!!

October 24-30

I missed a few weeks in there, but he was pretty much his normal cute self! Here’s what Baby Jase was up to this last week.


Weight: 16.8 lbs. Looking forward to going back to the doctor for his 6 month check up to make sure he is growing enough. Still tall as ever. Long and lean. He is wearing all 9 month- 12 month clothing & jumbo socks. He is at least a size 3 in shoe, but honestly, most of the time I just let him wear socks. I don’t really see the need in shoes till he can walk? They seem so uncomfortable.

Health: He had a little bout of constipation that lasted for 3 days. I tried drinking a fiber drink each day and did some infant massage on his tummy. Even tried “stimulating” the area with a thermometer/petroleum jelly.  Seriously, how did people figure out this whole parenting thing before Google & YouTube?? (Just kidding….sort of.)When he finally pooped, we made a video (not of the actual diaper…I would say I’m above that but y’all know otherwise) and sent it to his Daddy at work to let him know. It’s amazing the things you get excited about when you’re a mom. Celebrating a poo? You better believe it! And I know there’s just more to come.

Jase also had a red eye for a few days. I wasn’t too worried about it. I think Jonathan got a little soap in his eye during his bath.


Sleep: Naps have been a little crazy and he has seemed more tired than normal.


(Supposed to be sleeping…not so much!)

I feel pretty certain he is in the middle of another growth spurt (the 6 month one) and I know he is in the middle of a Wonder Week too (download the app if you haven’t already) and is learning LOTS, so I think that’s the culprit. His awake time has been solid at 2 hours consistently, but I noticed him yawning after an hour and 15 a few times this week. (Finally I just put him down early- DUH!) 


When I don’t put him down early enough & miss the window, he has a tough nap and will wake up in the middle of it crying. (And I always feel terrible.) I usually give him 10-15 min or so to see if he will go back to sleep because sometimes he cries for a few minutes but will go back to sleep (it’s like sleep crying or something, and if I go in I just wake him up more). Sometimes he does go back to sleep, but if I can tell he is getting really worked up I will pick him up and love on him (he likes for me to be standing holding him, not sitting) for about 10 min. A couple times I have put him in his swing (he will not sleep there) for a few minutes, and then if I go lay him down he will usually go back to sleep for the remainder of his nap.


He also woke in the middle of the night three times this week- something he hasn’t done in a while. I was thinking it may be his tummy hurting him since he was constipated for a few days? But then I decided it’s probably just the growth spurt. I have been putting him down a little earlier since he’s seemed more tired. And he’s also been waking up earlier in the mornings on his own…closer to 8.

Nursing: Little booger has bit the SNOT out of me about 5 times when he is finishing eating. I can’t help but exclaim “Ouch!” really loud (it scares him- he doesn’t like loud noises). So far I have just sternly told him “No sir, we do not bite because that hurts Mama.” Any other suggestions? He does it at the end of his feeding.


What Jase is up to:

Mimicking me….HILARIOUS! My favorite video yet.

Getting ready for Halloween as world’s cutest pumpkin! I think every kid needs to be a pumpkin at least once. It’ like a right of passage.


Lots of reading & playing!


Checkin out our buddy, Vann.


Swinging at the park.


He wants to crawl SO bad he can’t stand it!! He gets a little frustrated when he can’t move as much as he wants. Super independent lil fella.

Sweet Linds brought us some adorable hats and shirts for Baby Jase! I just love her, and crazy thing…I was JUST telling Mom we needed to get him some hats for this cold weather. Then BAM, she brings those to me without me even asking. Isn’t it cool when God puts someone in your path to provide exactly what you need at the perfect time?!?


He has been a litlte fussier than normal and his “sweet cry” isn’t quite as sweet anymore.

Loves his exersaucer.


Starting to really like other people & is super curious. He likes to be all up in the action!

LOVES kisses still!!

Doing AWESOME with his independent play time. Such a content baby!

Laughing like CRAZY!!! Oh my goodness, it is HYSTERICAL!!

Oh, and my FAVORITE thing is when he gets sleepy. He get so hyper/silly/crazy & goes nuts on me. He starts squealing and grabbing my face with both hands to give me lots of kisses. It’s quite entertaining. He did it at the end of church service the other day because he was starting to get tired. I took him out so he wasn’t a distraction, but he had everybody cracking up.

I’m also fairly certain he says “Mama” when is is crying/fussing.  Both grandmas think they have heard it too, so I’m not making it up! I’ve been signing with him too, and he’s learned “up” for sure. He will sign it to us when he wants to be picked up.

Post-Partum: I feel AWESOME!! The Lord has really been dealing with me lately about my walk and keeping my relationship with HIM top priority. As a wife and mom, that is the BEST gift I can give to my boys is to be so deeply in love with the Lord that it flows out of me to them.


Thoughts: My heart is SO FULL that sometimes I really think it just might explode with LOVE.



Emily said...

I HATE baby shoes!!!! I didn't own any for my kids until they could walk either hahaha! They rocked socks or bare feet all the time ;)

I would do exactly what you are doing with the biting. OUCH is right. I was always envious of those mamas whose babies didn't get teeth until they were much older haha! Make sure the latch is good as that helps them not be able to bite (he may be slipping off some towards the end of the feeding). Britt would get SO upset when I got onto her with my stern voice so I actually just ignored it the best I could when she bit me. She would CRY and CRY when I got onto her and then wouldn't eat b/c she was so upset and then once she'd eat she would just bite me again!!! It was bad! I found just ignoring it made her stop. ;)

Laura said...

Eleanor was biting all last week. (She was also pulling back at the same time…Double OUCH!) She doesn't have teeth yet but I think they are coming soon. A few friends who went through same thing suggested that since it typically happened at the end of a feeding that it meant they were full and just "playing". So to take it as a sign that they were done and to "wrap up shop" ha! I would tell Eleanor that "it hurts mommy when you bite" and offered one more time. If she bit me again then I would stop nursing. Good Luck!

Jase is super super cute :)