Thursday, October 17, 2013

October: A Month of Celebrations

Jonathan & I celebrated 3 years of marriage on October 2! I truly feel blessed beyond words to have him for a hubby and am thankful that our marriage continues to grow stronger. SO grateful God allowed me to be Big Jon’s wife, & in awe of the miracle our love has created in Baby Jase. Our relationship is far from perfect and it hasn’t always been easy, but there is NO ONE I would rather go through this life with and by my side than Jonathan Butler. I am TRULY one lucky blessed chick to get to be married to this stud!

{Our FIRST picture….circa 2006}


1st Anniversary:


2nd Anniversary:


Today (October 17th) is also his big 30th birthday!! Dirty 30, baby!! And HOTTER than ever! LOVE this stud of a man!

We also just celebrated my beautiful mom’s 60th birthday!! She & Jon have birthdays two days a part….thirty years difference exactly. I know I say all the time how blessed I am, but I can never express enough thanks to the Lord for His goodness to me in choosing her to be my mama. She has become my best friend and a rock for me. She is the BEST Grammy I have ever seen and I am so thankful for all she does, for who she is, and for who she has taught me to be. She is an incredible example, and  I pray I’m the kind of mother and woman she is. Full of wisdom, a servant’s heart, and so gifted.


LOVE YOU both!! So PROUD of each of you. And PROUD to be beside you both as daughter and wife. Two of my favorite people on the planet and some very special days….


Meg said...

Beautiful post!

christa said...

Happy Anniversary!! We are celebrating our 6th year on Sunday. October is the best month for weddings!

Jaclyn @ Haute Granola said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful month! Happy Anniversary to you, and happy birthday to your mom!!

Carol said...

Our anniversary is the exact same day and year! Congrats!

Holly said...

So much to celebrate!! Congrats and happiness all the way around :)

Mama’s Minute said...

Happy birthday big Jon! We love you!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary!! We just celebrated our second anniversary on Oct. 8th and are expecting our first little one in January. =]