Thursday, October 31, 2013

Play Date with Vann Man

My heart is so full from this morning! I finally got to spend some sweet time with my BFF Dana and her precious Vann Man! LOVE these two! He is seriously the most handsome lil fella & Dana is so sweet with him. I knew she would be- she is very nurturing and such a natural mama.

I’ve noticed that “play dates” must not really become “play” dates till they’re older, and honestly, it’s even hard to fit in conversation when you’re constantly tending to a little one. She came right during Jase’s nap though and her little Vann was a snuggly bug sleeper most of the time too, so we got to do some good catching up. I love that our talks always revolve around our blessings and the way God is working in our lives. She is such a positive person and very encouraging, so I always leave our time together so uplifted.

And of course, what do two picture loving mamas do when they get together? Straight mamarazzi mode!!


His sweet little smile melted my heart!


Somebody LOVES his mama!! (Fellow Advo mama, who looks AWESOME already!!)


Jase was checkin him out and scooted right over to him.


Oh my goodness, I was dying watching this! Jase doesn’t know what hair feels like (although his is coming in- lil blondie!) so he was checking Vann’s out. And he was SO sweet and gentle! I was worried he would pound him in the head, but he didn’t. It’s like he could sense Vann was a little guy still.


Can you tell they’ve both had their picture taken a time or two?? I’m sure they’re thinking “Better get used to this for the rest of our lives, dude.”



Listening to Aunt Dana talk….


Everyone always thinks me & Dana are sisters, & I think these two do have some similar little facial features. They must look like their mamas.


These two peanuts have their mamas hearts for sure!!


Absolutely beautiful!


The teacher in me always wants to teach them about everything and describe everything we see….hoping that helps their vocabulary.


Ignore my nappy hair. Y’all know I don’t brush that junk.IMG_9134IMG_9135

We just love Ryan & Dana and are so thankful for such sweet friends in both of them. Loving that we get to do this stage of life with many of our friends. God is good!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa! It wasn't until I saw her face from the front that I realized it wasn't you holding Vann! Ok, yes, you do look a lot like sisters. Crazy! I think it's the nose. And the smile. And the eyes. Both such pretty mamas!