Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why Exercise is Important to Us….and our new FAVE workout! (KICKBOXING!!)

I will be the first to admit I have a somewhat addictive personality. It’s something I always have to be aware of and pray about in order to keep in check. It definitely takes a conscious effort. Jonathan is the same way…when he does something, he is ALL IN.  For example, we could both easily be workaholics. For our first couple years of marriage, we both worked like 3 jobs each and were always doing random things on the side. (I think this is why I have ZERO tolerance for laziness. I have a tough time respecting people who are lazy.) Anyway, we have to be cautious not to let things consume us. And that includes hobbies.

That being said, Jonathan and I have talked about it many times and both agree we want exercise to be our hobby.  May sound lame to some people, but it works for us. We have agreed that we do not want any expensive hobbies (golf, hunting, fishing, boating, shopping, etc.) until we are 100% debt free. Absolutely nothing in the world wrong with those things….it’s just a personal decision for us. So, our “thing” is exercise. We both LOVE it and it’s something we enjoy doing together. Other than a gym membership (which isn’t even necessary), exercise is FREE!!! **Actually, we quit spending any money on bottled water or anything from a gas station, and that has pretty much paid for our gym membership. You’d be amazed how quickly that stuff adds up!** We also like the way exercise makes us feel and love knowing we are taking care of our health from the inside out. Organ preservation and disease prevention, baby! (I know, we’re I’m lame.) We’ve agreed it’s important for both of us to exercise to set an example for our kids too in hopes to cultivate a love for being active.  We want to be a family that enjoys an active lifestyle together- not one that sits on the couch to watch tv shows every night of the week as our “family time.”  (I did watch some tv growing up, but for the most part I was too busy with sports, church, playing outside with friends and neighbors, homework, and school functions to have time. Same with Jon.)


Also, we want to look good for each other. I’m thankful Big Jon takes care of himself, and he’s even more attractive to me now than the day I married him! Regardless of what anyone says or wants to admit, I know that is an important aspect of keeping our marriage healthy. Not the most important by any means, but definitely on the list. Mostly on my behalf. He likes me at any size, and actually prefers a little more “meat on my bones", but I am not as “affectionate” (keeping it G on the blog) when I’m not confident with my body. Just being transparent.


Another reason exercise is so important to us, and one of the main reasons, is for our mental health. (Ha, makes us sound unstable, huh?) It is such a HUGE stress reliever for both of us and drastically improves our moods when we work out.  We are SO thankful for Jonathan’s job and his awesome business partner, but let’s just be real- owning your own business (even though it is a blessing) can be STRESSFUL.  Exercise helps counter that stress big time.


I’m thankful it is such a priority to both of us because we “get it” about each other. I can’t imagine how tough it would be if it was only important to one of us or the other.


SO, exercise is “our thing.”

Now I want to say this.  It’s hard after you have a baby. I get it. I totally get why moms quit working out. Between the baby’s schedule, our schedule, having to find a sitter (we are usually busy during the week after Jon gets off work), owning our own businesses, etc., it’s TOUGH to find time. And energy. (Especially when you’re nursing and can only have one Spark a day!) But I KNEW we would have to make it a priority.


Now, all that being said….

We are still limited on our time and want to make the most of our workouts, and of course would prefer to work out together. Sometimes we go on walks, sometimes we do the “Can You 24" DVD, and sometimes we take turns going to the gym. But our new love is KICKBOXING!!!


Y’all know I have tried everything under the sun. Insanity. At-Home-Workouts. Lifting Weights. Running a marathon. HIIT & Tabata. And they are ALL great! I love mixing it up. But right now, kickboxing is my FAAAAAAAVE.

I have taken kickboxing classes several times at different gyms I have belonged to and have always enjoyed it. We were recently introduced to an instructor who is willing to come work with us at our house 2x a week in the evenings during Jase’s naps. He’s the bomb!! He has a great background in training legit fighters (although we are just doing it to get in shape) & is very motivating and encouraging. Plus, he knows his stuff.

I so wish I had before and after pics!! Seriously, Jon and I can’t believe how different our bodies look after just a few sessions. Our cardio is through the roof (which I’m pumped about, because Jon does NOT like cardio, but it’s important to get your heart rate up) and we are really seeing lots more definition in our arms and core. All the kicking has really tightened my obliques and I feel like my metabolism has picked up big time.

This is something you can do at home with no equipment! You can download the GymBoss app for a timer and do ten 2-3 minute rounds of shadow boxing (maybe in front of a mirror) and jump roping. (You can even “fake” jump rope if you don’t have one.) That’s only 20 -30 minutes worth of actually working out! Do it 3 x a week and watch what happens to your body. It’s unbelievable!! You can watch people throwing mits on youtube to get an idea of different punches, combos, and kicks. Then get after it! Get ready for a kick booty workout!!


P!nky said...

I've always wanted to try kickboxing, sounds like an amazing workout!

Jaclyn @ Haute Granola said...

I absolutely love kickboxing...and all exercise for that matter. I'm a regular fixture at my local Dailey Method barre studio because they now offer strength AND cardio classes.....I pay for my monthly membership $125 just by you're right, those little changes DO add up!

Miranda said...

Oh yeah.. totally follow you. I love to workout as well. In our house we both love to be active as well. I love to go horse back riding and fitness (spinning, strength training, normal classes and so on). My boyfriend is doing tennis and squash and golf in the summertime.
My kid is 5 years old and is doing swimming and gymnastic (one hour of each one time a week) so I think its safe to say that we are a very active family.
In my opinion you should set an example to your kid that being active is the best you can do to your self regarding your mental health but also for your body.

This Sunday I couldn't find the time to hit the gym but instead I just used the lovely Youtube :-)
Jillian Michaels has some killer workout on there. This Sunday I did one of her kickboxing classes and a little warm up with Denise Austin (she is not that bad either) :-)
Normally my max puls is around 172 and I have never gotten over 182 BUT this time (at home ??? where there is no one to push you. .you have to do it all by yourself) I hit 217 as max !!!!!
AWESOME... and I didn't even feel short of breath.
I'm a little sore in my hamstrings and can feel in my body that I worked out but in such a good way.
Burned around 790 calories on a home workout - how great is that?
My point is - yes I can totally agree on you that exercise is free!
You can use the nature or just do it at home. You don't even have to be creative - if you don't know what to do just look at youtube. Lots of free workouts. I can highly recommend it :-)

This one is a nice little round. I bet you will get some sweat on...

Keep it up! you guys look amazing and I hope I can look like you Danielle after having baby nr 2 :-) You are an inspiration.