Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Day at Jaemor: My Favorite Day

Saturday (10/12) was one of my FAVORITE days!! I really needed it.

This Fall weather in Georgia has been to die for!! I have been itching to get outside and spend some time with our sweet little family of three.

We stay home a good bit because sleep is so, so important for babies, and Jase sleeps best in his crib.  It has taken a lot of hard work (& a few tears from both of us) to get where we are, but he is on such an awesome schedule right now and takes 3 solid naps a day.  I don’t like for him to miss naps if possible (except for church), so that means we stay home a good bit.  I know some people think that’s extreme, but it’s just what I feel is best for him right now. (It’s not always easy- I’m definitely a go-go-go kinda person- but I know it’s important to be consistent & will pay off in the long run.)

Since the weather has been so beautiful, we do go on walks during the day and spend time reading and swinging on the porch a good bit. Now that he’s on a 4 hour schedule I’ll be able to get out a little more with him too, so definitely looking forward to that.

But we just HAD to get out Saturday!! Jonathan & I decided to head up to Jaemor Farms to get some fresh, homegrown fruits and veggies. We ran into some sweet friends while we were there, and of course stocked up on goodies! Seriously, $31 for ALL this is SUCH a steal! This would cost an arm and a leg from Kroger’s organic section. We decided to start hitting it up once every couple weeks to save money and buy local.


(All this combined with our Zaycon chicken led to a DELICIOUS dinner, by the way!!)

We seriously had the BEST day!! Baby Jase was such a sweetheart even though he was missing his nap and just chattered away all day. And Jonathan and I LOVED spending time together. Our (yard sale) jogging stroller was perfect to take. Plus, you just can’t beat this weather.



You can tell we don’t get out much- we are pale! Ha!

Checking out his first pumpkin!


And since I am always the one with the camera, I had Big Jon snap a few of us together for once when we got home. (Ignore my hair…I'm about to chop that madness off, but for now it’s just got a mind of its own & I try to avoid brushing it if at all possible. Messy look is still in, right??)

He takes his job of “snapping away” very seriously and just takes 10,000 pics. I didn’t look through them till later, and it cracked me up that I was cheesing MAJOR hard in all of them! Who wouldn’t when holding and loving on this cutie though?!?!

Representing for the Dawgs, even if they didn’t win.


For real….this kid LOOOOOOOVES some sugar!!!IMG_8576IMG_8582IMG_8584IMG_8585IMG_8587IMG_8588IMG_8589IMG_8590IMG_8594IMG_8595IMG_8597IMG_8603IMG_8606IMG_8607

Our attempt at some family shots…



Baby Jase LOVED chewing on the apple! He’s a honeycrisp guy like his Daddy!


So thankful for this day. We are BLESSED!!

Happy Fall from the Butler’s!!


Tawny said...

You seem unaware of it but you are seriously one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen! Your bad days beat my good days by a mile haha! Cute cute cute family! Your hair looks great!

Christina McGuire said...

Hi Danielle!
Just found your blog and started following along. I'm your 1001 follower! I feel special hahaha. Anyways your blog is adorable and your little boy is so cute!!! Go Dawgs! We are big FSU fans but I have a special place in my heart for the GA bulldogs.
Hope you'll stop by my blog and follow along with my little family of 3.
All the best,

DanielleWoods91711 said...

Danielle, have you tried jogging with your stroller yet? I'm looking for inexpensive recommendations!

Melissa said...

I totally need to go here! Also- our neighborhood has a farmer's market every Thursday! It's held in the library parking lot! Not sure if that's closer, but it's another option. And you know I LOVE those pics! :)

Kae said...

First of all you look GORGEOUS.
that fruit and veggies look amazing! I just bought a bountiful basket this weekend and I am loving it!
Baby is so adorable! so happy you got some time out : )

P!nky said...

Such awesome pictures! Y'all look so happy!
We love buying local at our farmer's market, much fresher produce and so much better for the environment.