Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jase’s 6th Week

June 13th- 20th

Weight: Jonathan weighed with the baby and without & we think he’s around 12 lbs now! Mama’s big boy!!

I am at pre-preg weight, but my clothes don’t fit quite the same yet. That’s why I always encourage women to focus on inches, how their clothes fit, & how they feel rather than a number on the scale. Of course it’s important to maintain a healthy weight, but the scale should not be

Health: We went to Egleston to have his ultrasound this week and he was such a big boy! He has yet to cry at a doctor’s appointment (knock on wood)and the doctor’s always comment on his great disposition. He did poop while she was doing his ultrasound…hahah! Not cool because his diaper was off…but he started smiling at the ultrasound tech and completely melted her heart to make up for it.

IMG_3715 IMG_3713 IMG_3714

Praise the Lord- results came back on his hip and everything looks good!

He still has a little baby acne and cradle cap…& his hair is still falling out on top. (No worries though, he’s keepin it real in the back!!)

Sleep: We are really working on our schedule this week. We tried moving to 3 1/2 hours, but he hit a growth spurt so it kept us at around 3. We start our day around 7 am & he typically stays awake a total of around an hour and a half.

IMG_3707 IMG_3706

Naps during the day are still tough. He slept through the night on Friday with his daddy feeding him out of the bottle at his last feeding (woo hoo!), but hasn’t since then. At least we know it’s possible! Ha!

He LOVES to fall asleep on our chest. Not gonna lie…I enjoy it too. We always put him down in the pack n play first at nap time and still swaddle every nap. We have a humidifier and box fan going for white noise and to keep it cool (& help with congestion).


He is SO happy in the mornings & he is totally turning me into a morning person!! How could you not LOVE waking up to these sweet faces?!?!

IMG_3689 IMG_3681 IMG_3682 IMG_3683 IMG_3684 IMG_3686 IMG_3687 IMG_3688

Nursing: Still going good. Finally got the “Milkies” & it catches about an ounce and a half-2 oz. He eats every 3 hours or so and it usually takes 30-40 min to feed him.

I’ve got quite a bit stored up and usually pump at least once a day….although usually it’s to get a bottle. I can typically pump 2.5-3+ oz per breast.

What Jase is up to: SMILING!!! Little man started smiling at us BIG time this week!!!

IMG_3722 IMG_3716 IMG_3717 IMG_3718 IMG_3720

He is holding his head up like a champ.

IMG_3678 IMG_3677

We went to Target to buy a new humidifier. Turns out you have to clean them really often or they will grow mold! LOVED seeing Melissa & sweet Hollis there!!

Daddy & Jase had some boy time while Mommy went to share Advocare with others one evening.

IMG_3697 IMG_3693 IMG_3694 IMG_3695

And of course we celebrated big Jon’s first Father’s Day!!

IMG_3654 IMG_3653

Grammy was gone on a mission trip to Brazil this week & we sure did miss her…

Visitors: Grammy, Mimi & Papa, Kim, Lea, Kristin, Braylon & Laura

PostPartum: Scar is healing really well & I feel back to normal with my emotions/hormones, etc. Looking forward to being released to work out at my next doctor’s appointment! I am still pretty exhausted though as we are trying to get this whole sleep thing down. I try to at least nap once a day when he does…

Baby Gear: Pampers Size 1 Swaddlers, Woombie (Big Baby), Aveeno bath products, onsies, activity mat, bouncy seat, Angel Care monitor, Medela storage bags & bottles, breast pads, books

Thoughts: Time is FLYING!!! I can’t imagine life without him. He brings SO MUCH JOY to our lives!

Time for vaccinations soon. Any tips/advice/suggestions?? I know this is controversial, but I am open to all perspectives. I am going to see about getting them delayed/split up some & also plan to nurse while he is getting the shots. NOT excited about this, but definitely anxious to see how much Baby Jase has grown!


Katie said...

Jase is precious! I love all of his facial expressions!!!

Christi said...

So precious! I forget when they get the MMR vaccinatin but I know either delaying that or the ones that come with it is what friends are doing. My youngest is 8 so I'm no help. My uncle had polio as he was born just before the vaccination, so I do see good in them personally. I always ... Even now...want to know how long it's been out & side effects. I've delayed one with my 13 year old for a couple of years so I could follow any issues people are having with it. He'll likely get it next June. Trust your gut. My son had the cradle cap and hair that fell out on top and not in the back too. So precious. I nursed my youngest during vaccinations. It helped and after a while I didn't feel so uncomfortable in front of the doctor.

Emily said...

A good book to read is The Vaccine book by Robert Sears, MD. he has a good delayed schedule. I went even more cautious then he advised and didn't do any vaccinations until my son was 6 months old and did one at a time. If he was ever sick we rescheduled our shot appointment. I also only did the shots that are required for him to go to school. you are more then likely going to get push back from your MD on this issue but you know your child best. Do your research and trust your mama heart.

jackie said...

I know how you feel about taking meds ect. but we gave our daughter a little bit of Tylenol about an hour before her appointment when she got shots. It really made a difference in how she felt afterwards! Those are just my two cents! Jase man is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I am a big advocate of vaccinations, since the diseases we worked hard to eradicate are coming back and putting our babies at risk of serious diseases and death. I definitely support the choice to space them out a bit. Good luck!! :)

Our Little Family said...

I have always given James some Tylenol before he gets the shots and he normally only cries for a second and then is fine. He has only run a fever once from the shots. I've always requested that more than one nurse give the shots so that he can get stuck in both legs at one time and then be done, hopefully it only hurts like getting one shot instead of 2 that way.

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I had them split Brooke's....she did really well and as nervous as I was, everything seems so far so good! Jase is such a cutie. I cannot believe it's time for shots already!! Time does fly. What advocare products are you taking? I'm thinking of joining (finally!) :)

Katie said...

I'm curious as to when you're going to do your first 24 day challenge post partum?

My girl is 6 weeks and I'm looking forward to my first EVER challenge (hubby did one just before I found out I was pregnant). I'm at my pre-preg weight and in pre-preg clothes, but still flabby...blah!

I'm hoping to have time and energy by 12 weeks....this is my 3rd kid and things are a circus at my house!

Justin and Marcie said...

Couple of things...1) WE LOVED THE WOOMIBE!!!! It was my son's favorite thing in the world. 2) Vaccinations-for starters, you won't be able to put him in any kind of mothers day out or preschool without certain vaccinations. More importantly, there was an article floating around facebook recently about this. A family did a ton of research on vaccinations and decided to either not do them, or reduce and delay them. Their son got sick and ended up in the ICU for months and was on life support because he didn't have the vaccine that was needed to help fight the infection he had. GET YOUR VACCINATIONS. I agree with the woman above about tylenol beforehand too. I gave a small dose to Carter and it helped a lot with pain. These shots are SO quick. Every shot has a side effect, it's part of it. We even got one too. When Carter got his MMR shot, he developed croup virus as a side effect. It lasted a whopping 3 days and then he was back to normal. I'll take that anyday over even a remote possibility of your child being in ICU.

Tiffany said...

Jase is one handsome little man! What a sweetie. My advice on vaccines is to delay and space them. I DO think they are important, but I'm NOT cool with giving a 2 month old 3 shots which each include 3 different vaccines in them. Its just TOO MUCH for their little bodies. And if you research the ingredients in vaccines, there is some SCARY stuff in them. I prefer to wait until 1 year and then start them. 6 months at the soonest! And then I do them one at a time.

Good luck, it's such a tough decision but follow your gut and you'll make the right choice for your cute little man!

Anonymous said...

I am similar to you in that I hate taking medicine, but I would make sure you have some infant tylenol on hand after the vaccinations. The two month ones weren't bad for either of my girls, but my littlest just had her four month vacs and she got super fussy with a fever about 12 hours later. The tylenol helped, but she was up nursing all night and a little fussy the next day too. Both my girls just wanted to be held a lot after getting shots. Unless you feel really strongly about spacing them out, I'd just get them done. Look at your insurance too, if you have a strict budget for yourself- my insurance covers the checkup and shots, but if I were to space them out, I'd be paying a $30 copay to come back each time between her covered checkups in order to space out the shots. My feeling is that I'm going to get them all anyway, might as well do it all at once, deal with their discomfort for 24hrs or so, and then let your sweet baby get back to normal!

Unknown said...

You just have the most adorable little family! I love seeing a little family standing for Christ! Isn't motherhood the best!? I have nominated you for a Liebster Award, since you are among my favorite blogs!!! Check out the rules on my page

Caroline and Kyle said...

I started the delayed schedule with my daughter at the beginning..she's almost 18 months and caught up. I just wanted to limit the number of vaccines when she was little. Also, about the Tylenol.. I would check with your pediatrician because some, including mine don't recommend to give it before vaccines because it could interfere with the shot (I don't exactly remember the medical reason behind it). They do reccommend Tylenol for after if needed. Just sharing my thoughts! Hope it helps!

Unknown said...

Just started following your blog tonight & I love it! Such great advice & I love reading your pregnancy posts as they unfold to the arrival of your beautiful baby boy! My husband and I are currently trying for our first child :) I recently created my own family blog and would love for you to follow it at Have a great week!

Unknown said...

I'm a pediatric nurse and a huge advocate for vaccinations. There's a lot of research out there, and unfortunately a lot of it is not true - or had a biased, too small sample size to be accurate. Diseases are coming back because kids aren't being vaccinated, and herd mentality just doesn't work.

Heather Forcey said...

Both my boys (now ages 5 and 8) got all their shots when recommended. We didn't have any issues. If I had to do it again, I'd do the same thing of getting the shots and getting them over with. The kids were usually fussy for that evening and fine by the next day. It always broke my heart to hear their little cries when getting shots, but they recovered just fine! Resilient little things! Baby Jase is absolutely beautiful! I love the pictures where he is holding his head up and looking around! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Please do your research before any vaccination. There are homeopathic vaccinations that have no ill effects unlike the injections. Check your state laws for school admittance, you may have to fill out a form every year to be exempted but it is possible to still go to school/daycare. My children are not vaccinated & are sick very rarely, maybe 1 time a year & it's mild. I use homeopathy instead of conventional medicine & it has made a significant difference in our lives. Yes there are homeopathic vaccines. I am not against those that vaccinate as we all have our own decisions as to what is best for our own.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danille! Love following along about precious Jase. We did a "modified" vaccination schedule with my son....we only did what was required for daycare/school
we never did more than 2 at a time (I also tried to to ask for individual shots and not the "cocktails" of the combined ones)
We NEVER did any if he was rrunning any type of fever or had a cough/runny nose,etc
We got a little push back from the doctor but they were understanding and he has all the state required shots for daycare/school. Just do what you feel comfortable with that's the important thing! :-)
(My son is 4 now so not sure how much is changed)
Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

My son does really great with his vaccinations! He's 10 months now but the only side effect he's ever had is throwing his sleep schedule off! And if that's the worst, we can handle it! I'm an RN I'm a children's hospital and see the effects of not getting vaccinated everyday, so they were a no brainer to us. I'm also very skeptical when it comes to giving any kind of meds, so mamas lovin is all he got before and after. His first round he did the best with. Didnt even cry! It's tough as a mother to see your sweet babe go through something like that, but it is, without a shadow of doubt, the best road to go!!!

jasnjoj said...

I second the recommendation for The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. It is very un-biased and just gives all the facts and info, good and bad, for both sides of the vaccine issue. It also contains quite a few delayed and alternative schedules. Educate yourself, so you can make an informed decision on behalf of your little guy. said...

I am all for vaccinations...and the 2 month set was the worst for my now 3 year old...I guess we will see how my little girl does next week! One thing it took me a few hours to figure out with hagen after his vaccinations was that he didn't want to nurse because he was laying on his little fat legs where they stabbed him and it hurt! I know that is random but it was a big moment of learning :)good luck!

Amanda said...

This is definitely a touchy subject! Our son has been vaccinated up to his 6 month shots (I am against doing them but with my husband being military, I felt pressured into doing them). We did delay them for a month, trying to do further research and come up with a decision. He is now 13 months and we have not had him vaccinated passed the 6 month vaccines. We have done tons and tons and tons of research and feel good about our decisions. We take him to the chiropractor monthly and try our best to feed him healthy, whole foods. I still nurse him on demand and plan to until he’s 2 years old. We came to this decision when we had a scary, close encounter with SIDS after his 4 month shots. He didn’t have a reaction with the 2 month shots, so I felt ok about going thru with them. But the 4 month vaccines…we had just recently moved him to his own room and earlier that day he had a reaction to the shots; fever, excess fussiness, lethargy, etc. He acted fine around bedtime, with a low grade fever, and I checked on him a thousand times before I went to bed. I woke up in middle of the night panicked and went to check on him…he wasn’t breathing and looked like he was choking. I scooped him up and he immediately started vomiting, choking, and gasping for air. He was only 5 months old and I held him in my arms panicked, trying to get him to breathe. Needless to say, we now co-sleep and he hasn’t left my side since. I continued researching a saying we will no longer do anymore vaccines and it was time for the 6 month shots. I was pressured and judged by our pediatrician so we went thru with them.  I didn’t notice any reaction, at first. But within a couple days after the vaccines, he started having night terrors. Some may say this is just a coincidence, but while watching him scream uncontrollably and not being able to do anything about it, I fell to my knees sobbing and began to pray. I knew in my heart and my gut was telling me it was because of the shots. He still to this day has them, not as often, but all we can do is watch and wait for it to stop. It sometimes takes us 5-10 minutes to calm him down afterwards. It’s devastating to watch.
I’m not a doctor; I’m just a mother who is sharing our experiences and views on such a controversial topic. Good luck on your research and decisions.

Lindsay said...

We have 4 children under the age of 2, and we have not had any bad experiences with vaccinations. Our oldest didn't ever even need any pain relievers with his shots, but we did have to do some with our triplets at their 6 month shots. They all ran a low grade fever and were a little fussy, but overall were fine after they napped. Overall, I don't give medications often (unless truly needed), and I believe there is serious overuse of antibiotics and hand sanitizers, which has led to the MRSAs and "superbugs" we have today. Ultimately you have to decide on what you feel is best. Good luck in your decision making! BTW, I'm new to your blog, but I saw your post about marriage, and it is excellent! Also, if you haven't gotten any of the Aiden & Anais swaddle blankets or burpy bibs (if your son spits up), they are WONDERFUL!! We used them with all 4 of our children and HIGHLY recommend them.

Heather said...

HI Danielle - Jase is getting so big! And he is adorable. My little girl will be two in a month and we have followed the vaccination schedule. I didn't have strong opinions either way, but did have a friend who delayed and her son ended up getting pretty sick from something that could have been prevented (I think it was whooping cough). So that kind of pushed me to keep with the schedule. There are a lot of scary things out there and the thought of my little one getting one of them was really scary. We always gave Caitlin a little tylenol right after the shots (like while still in the drs office). She always did really well - screamed right after and then calmed down quickly (I'd either nurse or give her a bottle when she was older). I do remember the two month ones she slept crazy long that afternoon. The older ones have almost been worse because 1)she knows they are coming and 2) they seem to give more at a time. She had (4) in one day.
She's never been sick from anything other than the flu shot too.
So that's my experience with vaccinations and my two cents.
I think the best thing is to trust your 'mommy gut'. No one knows better than you.
Thanks for sharing so openly about sweet Jase and your life. You have a great little family!

Anonymous said...


MommaAsh said...

I'm a mother of 4 & never researched vaccines until a cpl years ago when a friends child got super sick after her 6 month shots & continues to battle issues related to the vaccines. My oldest (8) has had all vaccinations & had a bad reaction to his 4 month shots. My 2nd born (5) had all vacs except for the "school shots". My 3rd had all of them until he turned 2 then I decided not to vaccinate until I could do more research. My baby (1 week) didn't have the Hep B shot bc it isn't needed at all!! Unless she decides to use dirty needles or sleep around which at a young age I doubt she will ;P the Hep B wears off around age 7 so the vac doesn't really help when we are older.
I'm not exactly sure what we will do abt the others, but I have time to decide.

Also research what goes in them! Did you know that many vacs contain aborted fetal cells?? Yes that's right, from aborted babies! Sickening!! There are alternatives that use animal (like pigs etc) fetal cells instead if human. When I can get to my computer I'll send you some links.

Overall, pray pray pray!!!! The Lord will guide you :) Many blessings!!!

Erin LFF said...

What a sweetie! Love all those adorable faces he makes ;)