Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jase’s 10th Week!

July 11- July 18

Baby Jase is 10 weeks old today, which means I’m actually on time! Here’s what he was up to during his 10th week…

Weight: At his appointment on June 13th, Jase weighed 13.4 lbs, which is the 85th percentile for his age. His head was in the 70th percentile @ 16”, and his length/height was 95+ percentile at 25” long!!! We have a BIG boy on our hands, ladies and gentleman!! Jonathan has a lot of height on his mom’s side of the family, & I was adopted but know there is some height on my biological mom’s side too (& not sure about my dad’s side), so he may be a tall fella!


I had an “assessment” at the gym this week and weighed 142. I currently have 22.2% body fat, which isn’t too too bad after having a baby. Honestly, I could care less what I weigh (as long as it’s healthy) but prefer to keep my body fat closer to 18%. I’ve only been able to work out 5-6 times total since he’s been born (I was outta commission for 6 weeks), so I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine.


Health: Everything was GREAT at his appointment. He is super healthy- thank you, Lord! He loves Dr. Carey and she and the nurse both commented on what a happy, content baby he is! He is just as happy as can be and smiling at them the whole time they poke, prod, weigh him, etc.IMG_3921 IMG_3919

(I know that it looks like he has a wet diaper in every picture I post, but I promise it is just a coincidence! Kid gets his diaper changes ALL THA TIME!)

After lots of prayer, we ended up getting 2 shots (a shot in each leg) and taking an oral vaccine. That was the first time we’ve ever really heard him “cry." I was surprised that I didn’t cry at all, but I was just so focused on him that I didn’t get upset. I started nursing him as soon as she was finished to soothe him and he was fine after that. The rest of the night he was very sleepy and I held him most of the evening/night. He was a little fussier than normal the next couple days too.

She did say he seemed to be advanced with the way he was holding his hands together. This is his “advanced move.” (What?!? I can be proud of that, right?)

IMG_3947 IMG_3924 IMG_3925 IMG_3940

Saturday night/Sunday especially he started to fuss more than normal, so I knew something was up. I wondered if it was from his shots because he also had a slight fever (99.2), but I also noticed he was drooling a LOT (he doesn’t normally drool) and sucking on his fists. Signs of teething?? Yep, I’m pretty sure my little man is cutting teeth already. Man, that happened fast!! I read the average time babies start cutting teeth is 4-8 months, but some He is also fussier/crying at bedtime

Sleep: The first part of the week was awesome!! He’s been sleeping in his crib and transitioned really well, & I let him fuss for 5-6 minutes at the beginning of naps and he would go right to sleep. Not crying, just a little fussing. And THEN we got the shots & he started teething. Bye bye good naps! He started crying at nighttime too, which he hasn’t ever done before. We’ve been holding him LOTS!!! In fact, for the last two nights he wakes up any time I put him down & wants me to hold him all the time. The second I pick him up and put him close to me he starts snoozing. It’s tough because I don’t want to develop any bad habits, but also want to comfort my lil guy since he’s having a tough time (between shots and teething back-to-back).


Nursing: Going good. He’s been wanting to do more nursing for comfort than he’s ever done in the past since he started the teething.

What Jase is up to: Goodness gracious, we have a little mama’s boy on our hands! I have left him for a short time (2 hours or so) twice this week, and both times he screamed for a little while when I left. He’s been crying/fussy, and seems the only way he is soothed is when he is close to me.


He is still his normal, happy self most of the time though. And we started hearing his first little laughs!!!!! OH.MY.GOODNESS….sooooo cute!!!! He just LOVES Jonathan. I didn’t capture the laugh on video, but I did manage to get a few smiles…

He’s holding his head up like a CHAMP.

IMG_3942 IMG_3953 IMG_3955 IMG_3956

His schedule is pretty consistent at 7, 10, 12:30, 3:30, 6:30, 8:30, and a dream feed at 10:30 (bedtime). After talking to Larissa and Melissa though, I think I’m ready to try a transition to the 3.5 hour schedule. We’ll see if it works- he sure likes to eat!

He liked flirting with Jennifer even though she didn’t want much to do with him. It’s crazy they aren’t far off in size, yet they are almost 7 months apart (I think?).

IMG_3927 IMG_3928 IMG_3926 

We went to a mixer and a training this week, & this lil man LOVES Meleisa!! I also held him for a good bit at one of the trainings while he was taking his nap, and my biceps were SORE the next day! Hahah…

IMG_3932 IMG_3931

Mom & Dad watched him for a couple of hours for me while I went to shower the BEAUTIFUL Miss Dana & Baby Vann (can’t WAIT to meet him), & Grandma, Grandpa, & Jade watched him for a little while today so I could go to the gym. Sure is a blessed little fella to have so many people who love him so much!

Still enjoying baths!

 IMG_3945 IMG_3946

Love this one of our little Advo baby FLEXING the guns!! Showoff.


Other than that, Jase has just spent most of his time hanging out with mom. Almost wiggling out of his little bouncy seats…time to stat strapping him in!

IMG_3990 IMG_3960 IMG_3963 IMG_3966

Oh, and a fun little blowout! I mean, how do you even go about that??


PostPartum: Still feel good. Can’t complain! I really need to get more sleep…I know I need to go to bed earlier, but I’m having such a tough time squeezing everything in.

Baby Gear: Pampers Size 1 Swaddlers, Miracle blanket, blackout curtains, Aveeno bath products, onsies, activity mat, bouncy seat, Angel Care monitor, Medela storage bags & bottles, breast pads, Pandora (praise & worship), children’s books

Visitors: Kim, Grandma & Grandpa, Grammy, Hannah, Megan, Myrna & Myrna, Jade, The Lester girls

Photo: Two of my favorite Butler's!!! :D :D #babybutler #lovethem #gonnamissthem

Thoughts: I have never felt so many emotions at once. Sometimes when I look at him I want to smile, laugh, and burst into tears all at the same time. I can’t even describe how my heart feels about this little baby that God entrusted to us.


Speaking of being a mama, I spoke on an Advocare mom’s call the other night if you wanna check it out….



Misty said...

I found your blog on pinterest. You have a beautiful baby boy. I really loved your post on being a godly wife. I also learned that we both know Chelsea Hall. I go to church with her. Thanks!!

Justin and Marcie said...

He is absolutely adorable!!! Unfortunately, the thing with him crying for you when you leave will probably only get worse before it gets better. Separation anxiety peaks around 8-10 months before it starts letting up again. My advice in this area, is to leave him with family for short visits as much as you can. Get him use to being cared for by someone else on a consistent basis and it helps with his anxiety (while also giving Mama a break!). Love the picture of his guns!!!

jerri said...

What a cutie pie. My sister is a pediatric dentist & says while every baby is different, babies begin to salivate/drool more around 8-10 weeks but usually is not associated with teething, but another phase of development. Your little guy may already know, fussy=momma :). Have you read Baby Wise? It is so fantastic for a scheduled baby.

Abbey said...

I love reading your updates. We have a little guy, Otto, who is a birthday buddy to your Jase. It amazes me because our birth stories are quite similar and our little (or not so little, it seems) guys are so similar, too. I'm so glad I found your blog and just had to comment! :-)

Beth B. said...

HAHA!! What a blow out!! You crack me up. He's gonna get you one day for that :)

Anonymous said...

I also found your blog off of Pinterest and as an 18 year old I am truly inspired to pick up my bible again after not being very hands on the past year. In a world where it's hard to know right from wrong and what the Christian thing to do is you helped me back on my path towards God and I truly thank you! (Especially since I'm headed off for college in the fall). I started with your godly wife post and couldn't stop from reading most of your others! Your are a great role model and I can't wait to read more!

William said...

Love the pictures and you are looking super awesome. I was just wondering if there are any other ways to measure body fat level. I'm first time here and I can safely say I will be coming here more often to check out on great information. Great blog! Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

where would i find her on Pinterest ?? would love to add her !!!