Friday, July 12, 2013

Jase’s 8th Week!!

June 28- July 4

Weight: Jase is definitely a 13 pounder!!


Health: Our healthy boy is still growing! Thank you, Lord, for that blessing!

He is so expressive & all his little faces crack me up!! We have fun thinking up captions for all of these…

 IMG_3804 IMG_3806 IMG_3807 IMG_3810

This i my fave…looks like he’s taking a selfie! Ha!


His cradle cap finally went all the way away this week.

He has finally stopped pooping after EVERY SINGLE feeding, & (knock on wood) we haven’t had any more issues with diaper rash for the past few weeks. I change probably close to 10 diapers a day though. I haven’t been counting for a while since they are still very regular and he is obviously growing! Still has his stinky little hands, so of course we googled it and found it’s from a disgusting combination of breastmilk, sweat, & lint. GROSS!! I have to tear his fingernails every couple days cuz those bad boys grow outta control! (Omegaplex??) He’s still rocking some giant feed an hands, & bless his heart, I think he’s going to have my ugly toes. He also has my ears- they kinds poke out like mine did as a baby. Here are a few of my baby pics…

 scan0078scan0070 scan0072 scan0077  scan0084

Sleep: We moved big boy to his bedroom this week and he LOVES it!!!! We started him off with naps in there on July 2nd, & July 3rd was his first night in his room. I can’t even describe how peaceful his room feels…It’s awesome! I think it’s because we spent so much time praying over his room before he was born.

The blackout curtains (from Target) are helpful and we also run a box fan to keep it cool and for white noise. We moved the Angel Care monitor up there too for peace of mind because his room is upstairs and ours is on the main floor.


(Obviously we don’t have all that stuff in there.)

We are still swaddling because he has only rolled over once & it was from tummy to back, and we are using the Miracle blanket instead of the Woombie (he’s almost outgrown the big baby one). His naps are so much better since moving him. I surprisingly didn’t have any anxiety about it at all, and honestly, I sleep better because I’m not waking up for every little noise. He may fuss (not cry, just make some noise) for about 5 minutes-ish before falling asleep. I would be on my way up the stairs to see if he wanted a paci, & sure enough he’d be asleep before I could even make it in there.

He’s still not sleeping through the night, but we are thankful his daytime naps are going so well (I’ve cut out chocolate and that seems to be helping). Right now he is either waking up once or twice during the night to eat, & I can tell he is legit hungry and not just nursing for comfort because I can’t soothe him back to sleep and he EATS!! The middle of the night feedings are definitely getting shorter though- around 10 min or so of straight eating- and he goes right back to sleep. I tried cutting out the dream feed to see if that would help, but he wakes up hungry for it, so I know he needs it.

Nursing: Nursing is going well, but pumping is a pain. It just feels like such a hassle to maneuver everything, hold the bottles in place while I pump (so I can’t do anything else- I know, I need one of those bra things or to cut a hole in my sports bra), & then you have to clean all the paraphernalia, transfer the milk to the baggies & store them in the freezer. I’m not doing it quite as much as I want. I know i don’t necessarily NEED to, but I’d like to have a big supply on hand just in case.

Poor Larissa lost a TON of milk when their power went out! I felt SO SORRY for her!!!! Makes me want to buy a generator…

Jase also started sucking on his hands and fists this week. I’ve read that breastfed babies did that, but it’s something he has just started. He doesn’t like the paci much- I typically only put it in his mouth if he wakes up in the middle of a nap, and it usually does the trick to soothe him back to sleep. He spits it out in his sleep, but at least it doesn’t wake him up anymore where I have to go put it back in his mouth nine million times! THAT was annoying!!

What Jase is up to: We went back to church this week and it felt SO GOOD to be back!!! I love that weekly time of worship, being fed, & getting to love on my church family. Jonathan taught his SS class while Jase & I went upstairs to 9:45 service. We sat with my mom & the timing worked out perfectly. I fed him before we left, he slept through the entire service, & it was time to eat again as soon as we got home. He woke up a little during the singing and preaching, but slept most of the time.


Baby swag!!!

IMG_3815 IMG_3816 IMG_3817 

My little baby looks so old in these!!!

IMG_3821 IMG_3823

And OH MY GOODNESS….He rolled over!!! On July 2, I had him on his play mat on the floor in the living room for tummy time. He can hold his head up like a champ, so I ran into our bedroom for one second…and when I came back he was on his back halfway off the mat!!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I think he was pretty proud of himself!!

 IMG_3828 IMG_3829

His schedule is pretty consistent at 7, 10, 12:30, 3:30, 6:30, 8:30, and a dream feed at 10:30 (bedtime).

Aunt Jade took us to Texas Roadhouse & bought our supper for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day/Grandpa Jimbo’s birthday. We had a great time with them.

Lil man celebrated his FIRST 4th of July!!! It was rainy, yucky weather, so we didn’t really do anything. Jonathan took two days off work to spend at home with us, so we had a long 4 day weekend and it was my FAVORITE time ever!!!! I LOVED him being here with us, and he loved it just as much. Since it was so rainy, he couldn’t do any of his “chores” he likes to do outside (cut grass, put on 7,000 different paint samples, etc.), so we just spent lots of time inside snuggling, cuddling, & reading. It’s amazing how much easier it was to have Jonathan here to help during the day. He took care of the baby a LOT & did a TON to help around the house…which allowed me time to catch up on some work, e-mails, etc.

We live right by the lake & all our neighbors shot off fireworks on July 5th. we had an awesome view from up here on our hill, & Baby Jase slept right through the noise.


Visitors: Grammy, Jade & Papa


Baby Gear: Pampers Size 1 Swaddlers, Miracle blanket, blackout curtains, Aveeno bath products, onsies, activity mat, bouncy seat, Angel Care monitor, Medela storage bags & bottles, breast pads, Pandora (praise & worship), children’s books

Thoughts: It was SO AWESOME having Jonathan at home with us!!! I cannot even describe how much we both miss him when he leaves for work, & it is eqaully as hard on him. He gets upset about it every morning because he just wants to hold & play with Jase! So thankful for such a great Daddy & husband. There is NO WAY I could keep this ship going without him. We are truly BLESSED!!

Look how happy Jase gets when Daddy comes home!! Such LOVE!!!

IMG_3818 IMG_3819


Unknown said...

Jase is sooooo precious (and so is his room)!!! You seem to be such an amazing momma! Congrats to your big boy for sleeping well in his room and rolling over! Don't blink! They grow up toooooo fast! My princess is almost ten months old and I promise it feels like I just found out I was pregnant! :(

Pamela said...

Such a gorgeous little family!

Lisa said...

I love the nursery!! I stumbled upon your blog on Pinterest and have loved reading your story and following along =)

Our Little Family said...

I used the woombie with James and loved it. The big baby size should fit Jase until he is much closer to 19lbs. If he's getting too long for it I would recommend getting the convertible woombie. That's the one we used and I loved that his legs were free and that we could eventually lets his arms go free too. They are all stretchy but justright enough to comfort them.

Ashley said...

LOL! I love the "selfie" picture too! Soo funny!! He is precious!

Christy said...

Oh my goodness, he's getting so big and just precious!!!

Laura said...

Such a sweet little guy. I know it won't save you many steps but medela does have an attachment that connects to the horn part of the pump that allows you to pump directly in to the storage bags. I didn't have that with my first one but used it almost exclusively with the second and any steps saved are great!