Thursday, June 27, 2013

Father’s Day

I have always been super close to my Daddy & am so thankful for the great relationship we are blessed to have. He has always been my number one fan and encouraged me to chase my dreams. He has taught me the true meaning of WORKING HARD & GIVING LOTS. He is one of the HARDEST workers I know & at the same time one of the most kind, loving, & generous men I have ever met. I mean it when I say I am TRULY beyond blessed to have him in my life. Everyone who knows him adores him!! Growing up, he made me breakfast every morning, read to me all the time, played blocks with me for hours, taught me to tie my shoes, ride a bike, & throw a softball better than the boys. I have sweet, sweet memories of being a Daddy’s girl…


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And now I am blessed with yet another INCREDIBLE daddy in my life.

My husband.

I knew Jonathan was going to be an incredible dad to our sweet baby Jase, but he has FAR exceeded my expectations. He is so loving & gentle with him. He always rushes to take him from me as soon as he gets home from work because he misses him when he is gone. He is always quick to change a diaper, give him a bath, and spend lots of time talking to him, cuddling with him, and singing funny songs to him. I can’t wait to see their relationship grow & am so thankful J$ has such an awesome role model.

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Here is the precious Father’s Day card I had made for him…(And it was cheaper than the one I bought at CVS for my dad- CRAZY!)


Jonathan LOVED it and may or may not have gotten choked up reading it.

I am so thankful for these fellas. God sure blessed me in the good daddy department.

Happy Father’s Day to two of the most special men in my life!!! Love you both beyond words.


Erin LFF said...

What a sweet post :) How blessed are you to have a hard working daddy and now be married to an amazing dad as well! Love the card!

christa said...

very sweet post!

Megan Robertson said...

Awe! Love it! I do the same cards for all occasions and they are SO much cuter and more personal, and half the price!

Terri said...

Love it!! Where did you have the photo card done??
It's so cute and the photos turned out great!!

Amanda P. said...

Hi. I make a lot of my own cards too but have never seen one like yours. I love it. Do you mind sharing how you made it?

Unknown said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog! I found it a few weeks ago through pinterest with the blog you wrote about being a godly wife. It has encouraged and blessed my life so much! I was wondering if your husband ever did a follow up article on being a godly husband? I shared being a godly wife with my G and he has been begging about the follow up! :) Congratulations on your bundle of joy and all the happiness that comes with this new adventure in your life!

Unknown said...

i love your daddy too! he is a great man! and i also love the J$ nickname. its so yall! love you guys fo sho!

brandiern said...

Where do you make the cards?? Too cute! Your little man is precious :)

Anonymous said...

Read you post today on a Godly wife and its hitting me hard right now as I find myself separated from my wife, I would love to know if you or Jon did a followup of a Godly husband i would truely enjoy reading and sharing it with others. You are an ispiration to how a marriage should be may God bless you both. Joel from Michigan