Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Nursery Tour

I love my sweet Jase’s nursery!!

I had a “vision” of it before he was born, and it came out even cuter than I expected!! My hubby is THA MAN & did such an awesome job putting up bead board and painting it. There is a LOT of trim, lots of doors/windows, etc., so it was a lot of work for him. So thankful to have such a handy man hubby who does stuff like this (and is such a perfectionist so it always looks INCREDIBLE!).

Here are the pictures of his room before: (loved the grey & purple theme…we originally planned on painting the room grey & trim white, but never got around to it…)

IMG_2340 IMG_2342 IMG_2346 IMG_2348 IMG_2339

And during:

IMG_2859 IMG_2582 IMG_2583 IMG_2584 IMG_2857

This is a video I took of Daddy working in the nursery while I was preggo. It cracks me up because 1. I’m out of breath from walking up the stairs, and 2. I’m apparently not wearing pants (I have no idea why) and Jon calls me out about it…

And the finished product!!

Furniture from Georgia Baby & Kids


LOVE this blanket one of my super talented cousins made!!  They make some super cute kid’s clothes too…Blanket from Jilly B's


Chair from Buy Buy Baby


Mobile from Etsy


Wooden monogram from my talented friend Lindy at Picket Fence Creations

 IMG_3976 IMG_3977

Pillows & lamp made by my talented Mama!!


Toy basket from Target


Just got these pics in the frame….my sweet angel!


Lots of sweet books, animals, toys, etc. from friends/family.


Bedding, double sided curtains, crib railing, diaper hanger, & diaper bag all HAND MADE by the incredible Terry Jo @ Terry Jo's Creations. She was SO fantastic to work with, got everything back to me so quickly, and did a JAM UP job!! Fabric from Carousel Designs.

IMG_3983 IMG_3984 

Canvas still needs to be hung….but SO cute!! There are always deals on canvases!


Letters from Marshall’s (they just happened to have the letters from his name and his monogram!)


Closet FULL of clothes he never got to wear….big boy came out ready to wear 3 mos clothing & pretty much skipped the whole newborn phase!


Table was on sale at Marshall’s or I woulda just had Jon make me one. We bought it for as much as it would cost him in material to make…


One thing we did before he was born that I LOVED was sit in his room & read to my tummy & PRAY over his room and for him a lot. Now that he’s here, he LOVES being in his room. It’s hard to describe, but it feels so peaceful in there. Jonathan & my mm both were such a huge help in bringing my vision to life…couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!


Emily said...

His nursery is great, I love it! Sad that he didn't get to wear any of his newborn clothes. Lilly was in hers for 2 months!

Amber said...

Such a beautiful little boys nursery. It's perfect!

Madina said...

It looks absolutely perfect! So happy for you and your sweet husband, Jace is a lucky little man! And just to let you know, I hardly ever wear pants around the house now that I'm almost 8 months pregnant, my husband just laughs, but it makes my belly feel sooo much more comfortable :)
God bless you!

Madina @

hmmerr02 said...

I love Lindy's stuff! I had her make one for my mil for Xmas!

Anonymous said...

It looks so calm and peaceful!


Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey said...

Y'all did a great job!!! Such a cute nursery!

Marshall and Wanda said...

just found your blog and love it! Your husband's GA hat caught my eye, then the running at Lake Lanier Islands...I knew you had to be from somewhere near where I'm from. Born and raised in Dunwoody but say I'm from Dawsonvile where we lived for 5 years and LOVED it! I was the Technology Instructor at Kilough Elementary during that time. You and your family are blessed! Can't wait to follow your blog.