Monday, January 2, 2012

Bringing in the New Year…

Last year we began a tradition of a low-key New Year’s Eve with some of our best friends, the beautiful Doss'!! And we kept the tradition going strong this year...

Considering the fact that I’m a total fashionista (sike!!), I’m sure you’re dying to know what I wore, right??  This may come as a major shocker, but I actually rocked my new cold gear running tights. As a matter of fact, I wore the same tights that morning for my 14 mile run. So, they are TOTALLY worth the $ seeing as how they double as workout gear and evening wear. Don’t worry, I took pictures for ya…

savannah 001

FYI: No, I am not with child. I’m not sure what’s up with my little baby bump. Probably from the MILKSHAKE I had the night before?!?! (I seriously haven’t had a milkshake in probably 15 years!!! Umm, not kidding. And this is why. One milkshake later and I look 5 months preggo.)

savannah 002savannah 003

Anyway, enough about my weird wardrobe choices and baby bump wannabe belly pics….and on to more important stuff….like FOOD! We had a fabulous dinner in Athens at a beautiful little restaurant called Nona….delish!!

savannah 004

Big Jon being his lil cutie patootey self.  Check out that special New Year’s beard…Gahhhh I LOVE him.

savannah 005

The Dossinator keepin’ it real.

savannah 006

The lovely Mrs. Doss, my seeeeester.

savannah 007

And moi. I did wash my hair, promise.

Of course we did what we do best….had a photo shoot right up in that joint.

savannah 008savannah 009savannah 012savannah 014

Haha, I LOVE these…

savannah 015savannah 016savannah 017savannah 019savannah 020savannah 021

We are so weird. We’re just thankful to have friends who are willing to go in public with us.

savannah 022savannah 023

And the boys were so wayyyy over pics at this point that we didn’t have time to get good ones. We had about a 30 second window before the boys cut us off from our paparazziness {my new word for 2012}.

savannah 024savannah 025savannah 027savannah 029savannah 030savannah 031

We headed home and played some serious business charades to keep us awake till midnight. Jon guessed “curly cue and the three monsters” instead of “Goldilocks and the three bears.” So close.

We had a sweet little New Year’s kiss with our hubbies and then headed straight to bed….we seriously couldn’t keep our little eyes open any longer. Big Jon & I had to wake up early to e at 8:30 Sunday school anyway, so we were thankful for a low-key but super fun evening with our BFFs.

Dana made us these yummy Skinny Taste Blueberry Muffins for the next morning. What a sweet hostess.

Hope you all had a wonderful, safe evening and a fabulous start to 2012!!!


Paula said...

I got my first pair of running tights for Christmas this year, and I love them! I can totally see how you can wear them out, b/c they are so comfy! I sometimes keep them on all day : )

Lindsey Peterson said...

Before I read your comments all I saw was the pictures and I thought you were announcing a pregnancy! Haha...I wish I lived in GA so I could meet you and soak up all your running/healthy living knowledge!

Melissa McIver said...

Girl! I have the same UA tights! I bought mine a couple years back to wear under snowboarding gear. Not Only do I wear them in the snow and running around town, I wear mine with cute tops too!!! They are too warm and comfy not too! Tights are so in...why not be warm while rocking them?! Maybe on our date night (that's be in the making for MONTHS) we can both wear ours! ;)

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

Lol...I love that other people thought I was preggo too! We went on a youth retreat the 2 days before and ate out (fast food) every.single.meal. I guess that's what a diet of McDonald's, Taco Bell, Stevie B's, Chik-Fil-A, Ihop, and Panera will do to a girl!

Paula, don't they rock??

And Melissa, I know girl...I LOVE them! Let's get on that FO REAL. Soon. :)