Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last Day to VOTE...Refuel with Chocolate Milk!

Y'all know by now about my serious love for chocolate milk, right?  Well today is the LAST day to vote!! Promise I won't bother you any more after this, but will you take just a second and vote for ya girl???

Just click HERE and search for Butler! 
Miami marathon is twooooo weeks away and I would LoVe to win this grant!!

Thanks! Happy Sunday!!


californiadreamin said...

hehe I LOVE your shirt! You are too cute. I love me some chocolate milk! So do you mix milk and chocolate or do you buy it in a carton?

feedingmypickyeaters said...

Voted. Can't wait to hear more when it is done. I will have a shirt like that one day in my lifetime. Thanks for keeping me inspired.