Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Goals…How did I do??

THIS is why blogging is cool. Most people probably can’t even remember what their goals were for 2011, but us little blogger gals can click right on our little archive and check it out. I’m sure it sounds cheesy, but I really believe in setting goals and self reflecting. It’s how we make ourselves better and grow.

At the beginning of 2011, I set these goals for myself:

GOAL #1:

Be the best wife I can be in 2011....which means being a little less stubborn and cooking more frequently. 


Once we moved in our house I began cooking 4-5 nights a week. Quick, easy, healthy meals.  And I definitely made it a point to not be so stubborn. Of course this will be an ongoing goal for forever, as we should never stop trying the be the best wives we can possibly be for our hubbies, but I do feel like I did pretty well with this one this year.


GOAL #2:

Run a marathon.  


26.2 completed on November 5, 2011. DONE, son.

GOAL #3:

Nourish the relationships that are important to me.


I really made an effort to make sure Big Jon took number one priority over all other relationships this year. I feel like now I can focus more on my other family members and friendships to restore that balance because I’ve learned how to keep him first.


GOAL #4:

Be more devoted to my Bible studies, read the whole Bible through, and go on a mission trip. 



I continued going to my women’s Bible study on top of teaching Sunday school, and I am so thankful for that class. Our teacher really digs into the Word and challenges us, which is so important. I was able to serve some throughout this year through various opportunities with our church. I did not read the whole Bible through or go to another country on a mission trip, however, my perspective has changed on both of those. I did support missions and get to go to a local community of refugees a few times this year. I also see that my school and workplace is a mission field and I have an opportunity to share the Gospel there daily. As far as reading the whole Bible through, I had the wrong intentions with that. I just wanted to be able to say I’ve done it. My goal and desire is to be in God’s Word, studying and learning, so I can be more like Christ.

GOAL #5:

Graduate with my Specialist’s degree.


Completed my degree in July 2011. That raise sure does feel nice, and it’s pretty cool to think I had my Master’s and Specialist’s degrees DONE by the time I was 25…another goal I set for myself a while back.

GOAL #6:

To be the best role model I can possibly be...


Well, I’m doing my best. I am still teaching, the yearbook advisor, serving in the youth, and teaching Sunday school. I definitely can improve my attitude and put more effort into each of these areas. I know I might be the only caring adult some of these students come into contact with, and that’s definitely a special responsibility that I need to take very seriously. 

2011-05-19_1201_001 IMG_2581[1]

GOAL #7:



Halleluyer! We closed in May and moved into our beautiful new home. We have loved every minute of it so far.


How did you do with your goals throughout this past year??

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