Friday, January 20, 2012

Now I feel better. And Real Age Test.

I did not mean to have a pity party yesterday.  I was just being totally honest about where I’m at right now with my whole running deal right now. BUT, I was blown away with encouragement!! People commented, e-mailed, texted….and it was super uplifting.

I guess it came as a surprise because I was just writing to write. I think of this blog sorta as a journal, and while I try to be open and honest (I know people like “real”), I also try to keep it positive. I definitely wasn’t expecting the response I got yesterday, and I really didn’t even know I needed it. However, I am truly SO thankful for all the encouragement. I feel one million percent better today!!  So thank you. Really.

And I’m sure that sounds super lame to some people, but I really do think of running as a metaphor for life. {That is more than just a Pinterest quote to me.} Anything we work for, put our time and effort into, focus on, and strive towards is important.

Less than a week away….Miami, here we come!!!

Any tips? Restaurant suggestions??

Miami Florida

And in case you’re wondering…race time is at 6:15 AM with a temperature of 65 degrees….and a high that day of 80!!! What the heck?!?! I’m going to have to do some serious hydrating, because y’all have seen how I sweat. It’s going to be out of control.


{I already know how hot I am….so don’t feel like you have to comment to let me know. Bringin’ sexy back like it’s my job.}

Speaking of sweat


Big Jon & I went to the gym last night.  I took a few pictures for your entertainment….

jon 001

And check out his serious business beard. I am not sure what’s going on… but some people don’t even recognize him!!! Haha…it’s hilarious to me.  And not many guys can still look this hot with that much facial hair! He knows I love him no matter what….

jon 002jon 003

But I’m thinking about telling him I’m not going to shave my legs till he shaves his beard. Motivation? We’ll see.

 jon 004


Have you ever taken a Real Age test??

If not, click here and take the quiz to find out your real age. You answer several questions about diet, fitness, lifestyle, and family medical history to find our how you’re doing with your health. It’s pretty neat. And something to keep you entertained on this dreary Friday.

friday friday


Thanks again for all the encouragement.


Anonymous said...

im glad youre feeling better! you are too sweet. you should def go for the hairy legs. even if it doesnt motivate him, maybe itll give your legs and extra anti-chafe barrier ;)

P!nky said...

YAY! glad you are feeling better! isn't the blog community amazing! I love how supportive people can be! We are all cheering for you chica, you can do it!

Funny story, in college my soccer teammates and I would do power hour with gatorade before preseason started so we would be hydrated! Maybe try that a few nights before the race!?!
I think your motivation for getting the man to shave is a good one...I'll have to try it with my bf!

Happy friday girlfriend! xoxo

LeeAnn said...

Um-i took that real age test and it says i am 18.5-in actuality i am 29. I told my husband he is a creeper! hahaha

Erin said...

He's a super handsome lumberjack! Haha the sweaty pic is great, you crack me up!

New Jersey Belle said...

Have fun in Miami!! I was there back in July. My favorite places were Bubba Gump ( if you're a fan of Forrest Gump, the restaurant is based off the movie) and the Hard Rock Cafe that is right on the Miami Bay ( where you can watch the cruise ships take off)

chelsi tullos said...

Have fun in Miami! Miss you:) . Wish I could be there with you. How fun would that have been running together! But I can only do a half bc I'm kinda a baby . Jeeze it's no wonder big john is growing out of all his shirts! He's a beast now. I'll have to show Chad to get him motivated;) love you bff

Heather Gastardi said...

My husband and I LOVE Miami!! It's actually where I was born! If you like sushi you HAVE to go to Doraku It is seriously the best sushi we have ever had and we have had a lot of sushi. If you don't like sushi another really great place is Maya Tapas & Grill The food, service and atmosphere were AMAZING! Both of these places are on Lincoln Rd. And lastly the best, most authentic Cuban food (a fav of ours, my hubbie is part Cuban) is Versailles It is in Little Havana. The area is a little sketch but seriously this place is so ridiculously good!! Let me know if you need any more recommendations =]