Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fast Food Pics….GROSS!!!

Every now and again I am tempted to pull through a fast food restaurant. It’s quick. It’s convenient. And it’s cheap.

And then I remember why I DON’T eat it and I just keep on driving. I wrote a post about it a while back…..WHY TO SKIP FAST FOOD

We know it’s not very healthy, and even the “healthier” fast food chains don’t have the BEST options. The nutritional value and quality of the foods is very poor.

If Jon & I do eat fast food for some reason, I try to stick with grilled chicken salads (no dressing) and a fruit cup….but of course, even that’s still not the best.
One of my friends recently sent me this picture of a hamburger her family bought in 1996. And that thing is still going strong!!! (Really…I was in the 6th grade when this hamburger was bought!)
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Here’s the deal. I know sometimes it’s the only option. If you do have to eat fast food for some reason, it’s important to know the best options. I am “that girl” and always ask for a nutrition guide. It’s important to know what you’re putting in your body, and some things may really surprise you. Here is an atricle that has the healthiest choices at popular fast food chains.

One of the most common times to eat fast food is while traveling. Even when we’re traveling, I always pack a cooler and basket of snacks. I typically bring apples & bananas, almonds & raw nuts, natural peanut butter & Ezekial bread, boiled egg whites (already peeled), raw veggies, & beef jerky.
Yes, it does take a little more work and preparation, but it ends up being cheaper and WAY healthier. It definitely makes it less tempting to pull through somewhere when you have healthy snacks on hand...

As if those pictures of the old hamburgers aren’t enough to scare ya off…..YUCK!!


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I have that same container/crisper for the lettuce! Love it!

Curly Pink Runner said...

EW! That burger is nasty!! Yuck!! I rarely eat fast food-- like maybe twice a year.....and that's even too much!!