Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dominican Vacation- Days 3 & 4 (when I broke my toe!)

This awesommmmmme little door stop in the middle of the bathroom floor…..yea….about that…..

Punta Cana 036Punta Cana 037

I tripped over it & kicked it with my poor little toe. Pretty sure I broke it! OUCH!!!! Jon thought I was making it up, but it turned purple a few days later and it hurt to walk on it. (Please ignore my feet. Yes, that’s sand, and yes, they are that bony & my toes are that long in real life. And no, I didn’t have time to get a pedicure before either.)

Punta Cana 038

Punta Cana 040

I toughed it out though & still made it to the gym…we worked out 6 of our 7 mornings there. That’s one of my favorite things about vacay….no time crunch to try to squeeze in a work out, so you can really enjoy it and not stress about it.

Check out Laura getting it on the bike back there! Oh, and our new friend Martha we made while walking to the gym. She was so sweet. (And from Jersey, of course!)

Punta Cana 070Punta Cana 071

After a day at the pool, we got ready for dinner….Italian, YUM! Definitely our fave!!

Punta Cana 073

I could seriously take 8 million pictures of my stud of a hubby!! (And I pretty much do!) Especially when he’s dressed up!!! He works in construction & we spend a lot of time working out, so I rarely get to see him all snazzed up….but man, he SURE does dress up well!!

Punta Cana 088Punta Cana 090Punta Cana 091Punta Cana 089Punta Cana 093Punta Cana 095Punta Cana 097

The Butler Suite!

Punta Cana 098Punta Cana 099

On our way to dinner….

They also had an AWESOME Michael Jackson show that night!! LOVED it!!! Who doesn’t love a little MJ??

The next morning, Big Jon decided to come work out with us. We’re becoming masters at the self- portraits. I know some day our kiddos will be happy we have all these random pictures!

Punta Cana 102Punta Cana 103Punta Cana 104

After our workout we headed to the buffet for breakfast….

Punta Cana 106Punta Cana 109

You can still eat clean on vacation!! (This tasted way better than it looks!) Check it out, the meal of champs. I was so pumped they had boiled eggs!

Punta Cana 110

It was a little cloudy & rain was on the forecast, so we just walked around the resort until the rain came.

Punta Cana 112

I asked the boys to stop and pose for a picture, and this is what they did immediately. Ha! They look like 5 year olds!! Or teenage girls…

Punta Cana 113

This was a kid-friendly resort, which is great to keep in mind for the future. There was a whole separate area and pool for kids…

Punta Cana 114Punta Cana 115Punta Cana 116Punta Cana 117

Just like at home…still rockin’ the workout clothes LONG after the workout.

Punta Cana 118

Like I said, I have WAY too many pics of peacocks from the trip.Punta Cana 120Punta Cana 121

We napped, read, & just relaxed during the rainy day…

And ate thai for dinner! I had pad thai…it was so good!!

Punta Cana 124Punta Cana 126Punta Cana 127Punta Cana 129Punta Cana 131 - CopyPunta Cana 132Punta Cana 133Punta Cana 135Punta Cana 130 - CopyPunta Cana 137 - CopyPunta Cana 141Punta Cana 143Punta Cana 144

One more full day….ahhh!!!!


Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Looks like so much fun! Sorry about your poor toe! I broke my pinky toe once and it really hurt!

Anonymous said...

Your poor toe!! But your vacation looks lovely! I love that you still ate clean!

Anonymous said...

Your poor toe!! But your vacation looks lovely! I love that you still ate clean!

Sarah said...

I have some questions about Advocare, and would like to email you, but can't find your email on your blog.