Thursday, August 23, 2012

That time I forgot a shirt….

Rush, rush, rush!!! My life is SO BUSY!!! It’s ridiculous.

And unfortunately that means I make careless mistakes sometimes because my mind is in 8 millions different places. Like a couple weeks ago when I mailed off two letters that were returned to me for “no postage” (I forgot stamps!), or when I mailed off a check last week and forgot to sign it.

Yesterday I went straight from work to the bank, home to cook dinner, then rushed to church, and went straight to the gym afterwards.

I packed a bag with workout clothes, but when I was changing in the locker room, I realized I forgot to bring a shirt. Niiiiiice. I checked Jonathan’s truck to see if he had an extra one, but no luck…

I contemplated working out in my sports bra & workout pants for about 0.5 seconds, but that was a quickly fleeting thought. SO, I had no other option. I had to rock the ruffly (apparently not a word) tank top I wore to school that day under my cardigan. Perfect.

I was a little embarrassed for the first 5 minutes because the ruffles were hitting me in the face while I was jumping rope, but I got over it pretty quick. I mean, what can ya do??

Maybe this will start a new fitness fashion trend?


Yea, probably not.


Unknown said...

Girl at least you didn't go home!
Good job on your dedication!

Kathryn said...

That's funny but I LOVE that top!!!

Beautifully Quirky said...

One time I forgot to pack sneakers... I'd rather work out in a ruffily shirt than in dress shoes HAHA

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Lol, I have so done that before! Luckily my gym has tshirts for $6. I have two of those shirts. ;)

Whitney said...

haha this cracked me up! Good for you for still working out in the ruffly shirt! :)

Curly Pink Runner said...

Well you were certainly the 'best dressed' person at the gym!! :) I've done the same thing before, but another thing I have done is forget to pack socks for my's the most ANNOYING thing ever!!