Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dominican Republic!! Our first day...

I am ALREADY missing the DR, so I know it’ll be fun writing these posts and reminiscing. Yep, I’m already ready to go back!!

We flew out on a Saturday afternoon, which was SUCH a great time to fly because the airport wasn’t super packed and a madhouse like it normally is. We flew out of the new International airport terminal in Atl, and it was SUPER nice!

Check out Big Jon’s excited face!

Punta Cana 007

We started making friends right away with everyone in the airport. Good thing, because they let our ginormous 31 utility totes pass as purses! Ha!!

Punta Cana 008

Total creepers….way too much fun on the plane!

Punta Cana 009Punta Cana 010Punta Cana 011

Our flight was called a “charter flight,” which meant they brought out a hot meal, champagne, mints, headphones for a movie, etc. In true Danielle fashion, I slept through every bit of it!! The flight was a few hours, so I took full advantage for a serious business nap. We did meet some people on the plane who live ONE street over from us though! Crazy huh? What are the odds?!?

We landed around 6 and headed straight to the resort. It was HUGE!! They upgraded us because we were celebrating Brian & Laura’s one year anniversary, so we both got upgraded suites. Awesome!!

Punta Cana 012Punta Cana 013Punta Cana 014

Yes, we did use the hot tub the one afternoon it rained…)And Laura may or may not have flooded their entire room one night filling it up! Funny memories!)

Punta Cana 015Punta Cana 016Punta Cana 017Punta Cana 018

I’m not really sure what that means….but we always have some random pic of Jon in the bathroom on vacations trying to look cool!

Punta Cana 019Punta Cana 020

After checking out the rooms, we headed straight to the International Buffet for dinner. We were starving because we didn’t eat anything on the plane….(except Big Jon- I’m pretty sure he tore it up.)

This was our backyard…

Punta Cana 033Punta Cana 034Punta Cana 035

And after breakfast the next morning (the french toast & oatmeal were the BOMB!!), we spent a little time checking out the resort before heading to the pool. It was HUGE and there was lots of walking everywhere, which of course I LOVED! You could take a golf cart if you wanted, but what’s the fun in that?

There was wildlife everywhere! Brain “Turtleman” Adams was in heaven!

Senior Shoot 001Senior Shoot 002Senior Shoot 003Senior Shoot 004Senior Shoot 005Senior Shoot 006Senior Shoot 007Senior Shoot 008Senior Shoot 009Senior Shoot 010Senior Shoot 011Senior Shoot 012Senior Shoot 013Senior Shoot 014

Working on his modeling contract…

Senior Shoot 015Senior Shoot 016Senior Shoot 017Senior Shoot 019Senior Shoot 020Senior Shoot 021Senior Shoot 023Senior Shoot 024Senior Shoot 025Senior Shoot 026Senior Shoot 027Senior Shoot 028Senior Shoot 029Senior Shoot 030

I have about 8 million pics of the peacocks. They were fascinating to me- and they really are gorgeous creatures!!

Senior Shoot 031

I’m really scared of animals, so I was proud of myself for getting this close!

Senior Shoot 032Senior Shoot 033Senior Shoot 034Senior Shoot 035Senior Shoot 036Senior Shoot 037Senior Shoot 038Senior Shoot 039

We had a great day at the pool- reading, swimming, and water aerobics. I was teacher’s pet…I think he either liked my blonde hair or could tell that I used to be a Jazzerciser!

We enjoyed a yummy lunch & headed to the beach before dinner.  All of the food was killer…

Senior Shoot 042Senior Shoot 043Senior Shoot 047

Isn’t it funny to see how your hubby likes your hair best? Big Jon LOVES when my hair is nappy and a total hot mess!!

Senior Shoot 048Senior Shoot 050Senior Shoot 051Senior Shoot 054Senior Shoot 055Senior Shoot 059Senior Shoot 060Senior Shoot 064Senior Shoot 067

We were in bed by midnight so Laura & I could wake up to go to the gym. HARD CORE, yes, but it makes me feel SO much better to work out! Plus, when you have the WHOLE week to do whatever, whenever, why NOT work out? That’s one of my favorite parts about vacation…no schedule, no itinerary!

It was smooth traveling and a GREAT first full day!!

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Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Looks so fun so far!! I love walking on vacation; Joe & I seem to be able to eat whatever we want because we know we'll just burn it off on vacation. Love your dress & your hair does does look great like that!!