Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pictures from our Weekend in TEXAS!

Success School 067

This is how I save money & keep my appetite satisfied…snack on a big bag of nuts throughout the day. Big Jon probably paid $10 for that grilled chicken sandwich in the airport!

Success School 068

The cool thing about this business is that you get to do it with your friends!! Ashley & Laura waiting to board the flight….aren’t they gorgeous?? And they’re both even more beautiful on the inside!

Success School 070Success School 071

Big Jon keepin’ it real…He was pumped!

Success School 072Success School 073

The energy was unbelievable….loved hearing the motivational speakers and leadership training. That will truly benefit in ALL areas of life!

Success School 074Success School 075

Some of the new products…!!Success School 076Success School 077

Texas shaped waffle, yes ma’am! Thank goodness for Carb Ease!

Success School 079

Hey single ladies….have you thought about joining Advocare??

Success School 082

Next time I’m bringing my boots!!

Success School 087

I even got to see my BFF Dana!!! I mean really, does it get any better??


A little scary, yes, but it was around midnight & we were exhausted. Still smiling though, no doubt!


Ready to go back in February to hear George W., Dree Brees, & Michael W. Smith!!!


Erica said...

NEED to see more pics of your friend's short haircut from all angles!!! It is just too cute!

Unknown said...

I was looking out for you! :) See you in Feb for sure!