Saturday, July 28, 2012

24 Day Challenge…Round 2 (FAQs Answered!)

Jonathan & I are going to start our second 24 Day Challenge next week when we get back from the beach! We are PUMPED!!!

Honeymoon 05024day-challenge-bundle

A lot of my friends have asked me to share more info in a blog post and address some common questions, so here we go! (If you’re not interested, you can skip this post.)

Here’s the deal. We are all managing our weight. Whether we are trying to lose, maintain, or gain, we are all ‘managing’ our weight in some way.

Most health/wellness experts recommend for us to cleanse every three months because of all the toxins in our foods and environments.  This keeps your body functioning the way it’s supposed to…It’s almost like hitting “reset.”

One of the things I LOVE about the challenge is that it is a jump start to a healthier lifestyle. This will not replace eating healthy and exercising; however, it can definitely be a jump start to give you the motivation to improve in those two areas. It has helped me personally curb my sweet tooth, have more energy, lose inches, and change my body composition.  I also can work out with more intensity and endurance now, which means I’m a machine in the gym I’m having better results from my workouts. 

Beach Vacation 413

Big Jon says he is “pushing more weight, for more reps, and recovering faster.” (Side note: He also lost 2 inches in his waist, looks more CUT & muscular than ever, AND his ‘slightly elevated’ blood pressure is now down to normal. Yes sir!)


It is NOT a fad diet, diet pills, or anything of that nature (which means you won’t gain back after as long as you continue with your healthier lifestyle). In fact, that couldn’t be further from what this is. It’s a COMPLETE NUTRITION SYSTEM, and it is the BOMB. Seriously.

We have seen success story after success story (click on Advocare in my label cloud and you’ll see what’s up….), including my cop buddy from FL, Ralph…

So….Here are the answers to a few of the FAQs from our friends:

1. Is this safe?

Absolutely. If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I am HARD CORE about what we eat and put into our bodies over here in the Butler household. (I want us to both to have the best quality of life, and I know nutrition plays a role in health, which directly impacts quality of life- even if way in the future.) Plus, you just FEEL better when you take care of yourself. Anyway, I did a LOT of research first and loved the science behind it. Advocare is backed by the top science and medical advisory board with over 250 years of combined experience. In fact, the doctor who developed IV feeding also developed the meal replacement shakes and drinks them every single morning. If they’re good enough for him, they’re good enough for me.

Advocare products are also INFORMED CHOICE, which is why so many collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes choose Advocare.


2. Why do I need supplements anyway if I already eat healthy?

I answered that HERE. This is what I learned from a training with the doctor’s on the medical advisory board.


(Read the post and you’ll understand the “swiss cheese” picture- referring to nutritional gaps in our diets.)

3. What if I can’t take pills?

You can crush them up or open the capsules if you need to. Honestly, it’s worth the extra effort in making it work to be healthier in my opinion. Are you happy with your current health/weight? If not….Would you rather just take the vitamins, or continue living life exactly the way you are?


4. What do I do afterwards?

That’s up to you! You can stay on the products if you want to (I guarantee you’ll love how you feel and want to stay on them, but it’s up to you!). You can talk to your “coach” to figure out what is the next step. It depends on if you’d like to continue losing, tone up/lean out, or simply maintain where you’re at. I stayed on the second half of the challenge (shakes, MNS-Max C, Catalyst, ThermoPlus, Spark, & OmegaPlex) until I reached my goal. I also took Spark + Catlayst + O2 Gold + Arginine Extreme before workouts. Big Jon takes several products from the Performance Elite line too (Mass Impact is his fave but he also takes Arginine, Spark, Nighttime Recovery, Post Workout Recovery, and Muscle Gain). Rehydrate is a staple in our house as well.

Now that I am maintaining, I am taking CorePlex with Iron, Probiotics, OmegaPlex, and the same workout regiment as during the second half of the challenge that I listed above. (And of course shakes & Spark…duh!). Oh, and we love Clear Mood and Oasis…we have several family members on it!!

Rehydrate vs. Gatorade (Check out this comparison…)

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(Our counter….thank goodness we are up to a 40% discount now!)


5. What do I eat and how much do I have to exercise??

Obviously, the better you eat, the better your results. You want to follow basic healthy eating principles. (Like I said, it helps with cravings, so that’s easier than you think.) Same with working out- the more you work out, the better your results. However, you will still see results even if you do not eat perfect and if you don’t work out. (I had a friend who did this after her back surgery, and she still lost weight). It’s all about giving your body what it needs to speed up your metabolism and function properly. But, in order to see MAX results, you want to eat as healthy and clean as possible and start implementing workouts. This is all about a healthy lifestyle change, and it may start with baby steps, but that’s what makes this sustainable for a lifetime. You will look better, feel better, and perform better when you’re fueling your body properly.

This may give you a better idea of what each day on the challenge looks like….24 Day Challenge Virtual Coach (Day by Day)


6. Can I afford it?

I’ve found that people find the money for what is important to them. That’s why sometimes you see people who can barely pay their bills, yet have money for beer & cigarettes. For me, my health is an EXTREMELY important investment. My faith, family, and health are the top 3 most important things in my life. Without health, it makes it tougher to share your faith with others the way we are called to do, and I want to be around for as long as possible with my family (and have the best quality of health in my old age). I’d rather put the money into disease prevention NOW than into illness/medicine down the road

Besides, you can sign up as a
MEMBER to get a 20% discount. No monthly minimums, no auto-reorders, and this doesn’t mean you have to “sell.”  Heck, I don’t even “sell” it- I am not any type of pushy vitamin saleslady…I simply share with people who I know are looking for a solution. Becoming a member simply means you get a 20% discount on all products, along with $50 of FREE Spark & Slam for signing up. (It’s a no brainer, really.)




Hopefully that answered the questions for those of you who were asking!!

Now….onto some fun stuff!  Check out my two BRAND NEW product faves!!!!

1. Chocolate Mocha Shakes


Oh my delish!! Perfect for all my coffee lover friends…

  • Offered in pouches
  • 24 grams of protein
  • 5-6 grams of fiber
  • 26 vitamins and minerals and only 220 calories
  • Contains 50% of the daily value of calcium

2. Pro- 20


Perfect before or after a workout, or for all my girlfriends (or growing teens) who have a tough time getting enough protein in their diet alone.

  • Hydrolyzed protein for fast absorption
  • Supports building lean muscle mass*
  • Helps improve reaction time and agility*
  • Helps increase power output and accelerate gains in speed and strength*
  • B vitamins for energy*
  • Electrolytes for recovery and maintenance*
  • Contains alpha-GPC


If you have any questions, you can e-mail me as always.

If you want to order, you can shop here:


If you want to become a member for your own 20% discount, you can do that here:



Erin said...

Great post, thanks for this! You are totally right...during the cleanse phase I had to crush up the pills you take before bed! I choked before on some pills so ever since big pills make me nervous.

I'm with you, the Chocolate Mocha shakes are fantastic...I really want to try the berry!!

Erin said...

Great post, thanks for this! You are totally right...during the cleanse phase I had to crush up the pills you take before bed! I choked before on some pills so ever since big pills make me nervous.

I'm with you, the Chocolate Mocha shakes are fantastic...I really want to try the berry!!

Unknown said...

So for someone starting out who isn't sure they can commit to the challenge, which products would you suggest starting out with for maximum weight/inches loss and more energy?