Monday, July 2, 2012

Extensions, Fake Eyelashes, Spray Tan, & Patriotic Colors…

Ever wondered what you’d look like if you had your own hair stylist and make up artist??

My sweet friend Ashley is an incredibly talented cosmetologist!! She did my hair for awhile in college (until I moved away), and she is seriously one of the most TALENTED hair dressers/makeup artists I know!! She ROCKS!!!

Anyway, she came over the other day for a little fun “dress up” time with extensions, makeup, and fake eyelashes. I SO wish I had a before and after….But I can give you a no-makeup pic so you can get an idea!

Of course this was just for fun and is definitely not an all the time look. (Actually, it was a one time deal.) But it was fun to play dress up! Funny thing is, Jonathan HATED it!! Hahhaa!!! She was telling me how much her fiance hates when she wears the extensions and fake eyelashes, so it was interesting to see that Jonathan reacted the SAME way!! Isn’t it so funny that so many girls spend so much time trying so hard to look like celebrities, when in fact, guys really do prefer the natural look?!?Show 021Show 022Show 026

P.S. If you’ve been wondering about my SPRAY TAN MACHINE, here are some of the results! Yes, I know this is SUPER dark!!!! We did several coats because we were “training” and learning to use it so I can do it on other people. Big Jon actually hooked me up and did an AWESOME job! (It’s not normally this dark or orange…I had MULTIPLE coats here!) I think he’s better than me! Ha! Anyway, the discount still stands if you want one!!!

We did have a little fun with it after I took them out! What ya think??

Show 041Show 042Show 043Show 044

Anyway, next time you’re comparing yourself to some celebrity, remember they have LOTS of work & products that go into making them look the way they do. I went from this….to this….and my husband likes me WAYYYYYY better in that first picture. WAY better!! So, no more comparing… are BEAUTIFUL just the way you are!!!! (Although, it is fun to get dolled up every now and then! Even if your hubby thinks you look weird…haha!)

b 004Show 028

And just for fun, here are our patriotic outfits for church today. I LOVE me some Red, White, & Blue!!! (The tan is lookin’ a little more normal today, right??)

danielle 001danielle 004

Ready for our family BEACH vacation this week!!! I’m PUMPED about fireworks on the beach!! And don’t worry, with 22 people all in one house, I am bringing goodies for all the adults to enjoy!

danielle 006

(Seriously, this combo works WONDERS for stress/anxiety/mood swings!)

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Where did you get your blue maxi dress? I can never find one long enough and I think you are my height!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your blue maxi? I can never find ones long enough! I think you are my height!

*Butler, Party of 4* said...

TJ Maxx!! :)

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Wow! It is so fun to dress up, but my husband is the same way...I've never tried extensions, but the eyelashes or too much makeup and he thinks I look weird. I think you look like a little fitness model with those arms, that tan & the hair!! You should quit teaching and go model bahaha. Have a great week!

Ashley said...

Thanks for ALL your compliments girl! You are so sweet! I cracked up again with Jonathan sportin' the hair! Hahahaha! And you ARE super gorgeous without all the "dress up".. (it's still fun tho!) :o)

shannah said...

I love to get dolled up. I tried the fake lashes and extensions but they really are uncomfortable! I'd rather be comfortable and look cute the more natural way :) I love y'alls patriotic color combo! :) have a blessed day!