Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last Chance for $1000 Transformation Challenge

Today is the LAST day to enter our transformation challenge!! We are giving away $1000 in CASH & prizes to our top 3 biggest transformations! It can be any type of transformation- body fat/inches loss, putting on muscle mass, weight loss, leaning out/toning up, etc. Know anyone looking to get earn CASH to make that type of change??

Here is a 5 min Youtube video I recorded with details (that ugly thumbnail is FREE- no extra charge on that one- ha!):

$1000 Transformation Challenge: How To Enter

If you e-mail me at rainey.danielle@yahoo.com, I will also send you a flyer with the graphics & info/details.

We would love to get you added to our 24 Day Challenger group on FB with lots of coaching, tips, resources, etc. from some of the TOP coaches on our entire team!!

Let us know if you are (or someone you know is- we love referrals!) ready to jump start a healthier lifestyle. One thing is for sure….I have NEVER seen anyone regret making the decision to invest in themselves.

Be sure to consider the membership so you can get a discount too!

GOOD LUCK!! May the best few ladies & gentleman WIN!!

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