Monday, September 22, 2014

It’s CHICKEN time again!

One question I get a LOT is about eating healthy on a budget, and this is one way our family saves money. I’ve shared about Zaycon chicken with you guys in the past, but it’s that time again!

We order from Zaycon & are so satisfied with them. Farm to truck to table. Amen!

The Butler’s eat a LOT of chicken, so this has saved us a LOT of money and really served us well.

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This 2 minute video gives you a quick overview of how it works.

I love that it’s healthy (100% natural chicken with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients) & tastes great, but it’s also WAY cheaper because they cut out the middle man. They sell other food products besides chicken, but this is all we have tried so far & we are really satisfied. Check out the price difference.

National average prices for Boneless, Skinless Chicken:

  • Retail - $3.65 lb
  • Zaycon's Price -  $2.49 per pound!

We ordered 2 cases last year (the cases are 40 lbs each) for a total of 80 lbs, but may go ahead and get 3 cases this year because it has allowed us to feed some other families as well when we have dinners, etc. Definitely make sure you have a place to store it because it is a LOT of chicken! (Home Depot & Costco have some good deals on deep freezers- keep your eyes peeled for a sale.) When we pick it up from the local pick-up location, we come home and spend the afternoon cutting, trimming, & putting it into freezer baggies so it’s the perfect serving size to thaw out when we need it.

If you’re interested, you can Order here!


We are looking forward to stocking up again in a few weeks!


Unknown said...

the dish looks amazing

Unknown said...

Does the chicken come vacuum sealed??