Monday, September 8, 2014


It is so important to do your own research.

Living in the digital age, we have access to an overload of info on any given topic at our disposal within a matter of seconds. And shocker, you can’t trust everything you read on the internet.

Anyone and everyone can have a blog, can edit “Wikipedia,” and put out their opinions as facts.

Guess what?!? My blog is no different!! The majority of it is my opinions and what has worked for me/us/our family. Just because it works for us does not mean it is the only way or even the best way.  For example, I have lots of friends who Crossfit and eat Paleo. Jonathan & I do not do either and (never say never) probably won’t do either because we do not feel it is a good fit for us. BUT…it works really well for my friends! They are strong, healthy, in fantastic shape, and enjoy the lifestyle. And that is awesome!! They respect us and we respect them. Now, just because we don’t do Crossfit, it still might be the PERFECT workout for you, so you should still take the time to educate yourself and make the best decision for you. Same for BabyWise & Baby Led Weaning. We have done both and it has worked really well for us, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you and your family. And that’s kinda my point. Don’t take my word for anything,nor anyone else’s. Look it up, educate yourself, and pray about a decision.

I share about the topics I am passionate about- faith, family and friends, fitness/food, & finances- and it’s usually something I have learned from someone else with more knowledge and wisdom on the subject. (Or again, personal experience combined with research.) And I am always learning! Those are some extremely IMPORTANT topics though….the most important in the whole world if you ask me…and they deserve our careful attention and prayer.

One of the reasons I am so extremely passionate and sold out to my beliefs in each of these different areas is because I have researched and read a LOT on each topic. I seek wisdom from people whom  I respect and are living examples of what I want for our lives in those areas. I have practiced & experimented with different things (lots of trial and error), and more than anything, experienced these truths in my own life. We are very strong in our convictions and not easily swayed when it comes to those areas because our roots are firmly planted. (That’s part of the reason I was so on board to give AdvoCare a try- I did my OWN research on the sci/med board that puts these products together, and that was credibility enough for me even aside from seeing my friends getting great results.)

I love this blog. I love having a place to “journal” and share my thoughts and what the Lord is teaching me. I love the readers and the encouraging e-mails. I love being able to pray for you when you ask for it. I love an opportunity to share what I am learning (most of the time it’s so you can learn from my mistakes- ha!). I enjoy the new relationships that have been created through blogging. I I love appreciate the accountability that comes in putting yourself out there. (FYI: I still screw up. A lot. Thankful for GRACE!) I like having my thoughts written down in one place so I can revisit & ‘remember’ different events or details I wouldn’t remember from my memory alone. (Like all the details of our engagement, wedding events, pregnancy, and Jase’s first year. I have to revisit all the time to remember, & I’m so thankful I have them recorded.) More than anything though, this is about having a “written legacy” if you will, for our kids. I have all of my blog posts up to this point printed out in blog books. And while it might not mean anything to Jase (or future kiddos or grandkids or great grandkids) now, I hope it will some day.  I was talking to my friend Jesse the other day (definitely check his blog out- he is one of those whom we seek for wisdom often) and he reminded me that we are not promised tomorrow, which is yet ANOTHER reason to blog. So our kids have more of us if anything were to ever happen.

There are some other blogs I highly value (Lori's is another one I highly recommend), but I still continue to do my due diligence and research before taking what I read as absolute truth. And I encourage you to do the same.

Short & sweet today.


It’s Monday! A new day, new week, new chance to make your life better. Have a great week, my friends!!


P!nky said...

I 100% agree and honestly, I've fallen for some articles and 'facts' online before so now I try to double check as much as possible. I'm lucky that I married a research fiend, my husband does a ton of research about foods, weight lifting and diets and I'm thankful for his passion and willingness to share with me.

I very much enjoy your blog and the insight you share with everyone! :)

Lindsey @ SimplyLindsey said...

So true! You definitely have to take a lot of what you read online and on blogs with a grain of salt. I'm thankful for bloggers like you who are open and honest!