Saturday, September 6, 2014

Make Your Own Food

Can I be totally honest for a minute??

There was a time when I fell into a trap of thinking I "didn't like to cook" and I was “too busy to prepare meals.”  That excuse meant lots of pre-made, processed, packaged, fast food and eating out. As I learned more about clean eating and disease prevention (highly recommend you read Tosca Reno's book "The Eat Clean Diet"), I started making an effort to prepare more foods. Now I meal prep like a mad woman & cook daily, and I can even go as far as to say I enjoy it!! I know it is an investment in my family's health, future, and ultimately a part of my ministry in my home. I feel good about taking care of and serving my family in this way and setting an example for our kids about taking care of our temple. We have ONE BODY that God has entrusted to us. If someone handed you the keys to a brand new Ferrari (or whatever kind of car is your dream car) & said it was ALL yours, and all you had to do was take care of it, wouldn't you make every effort to keep it running like new? Wash it? Keep the highest grade fuel in it? Maintain it? Get the oil changed regularly? You betcha you would!

Why do we not treat our bodies with the same respect?

I believe that as a society overall, it’s because of 2 things. 1) We are “too busy” and 2) We are not educated. Our lack of knowledge and overpacked schedules are KILLING us. (Literally, killing us.) 7 of the top 10 killers in America today are preventable and can be traced back to obesity. Over half of all Americans are overweight (even children), and despite our “government’s efforts” to raise awareness, that number is steadily climbing.  It is going to continue costing taxpayers, eventually in the BILLIONS of dollars to provide solutions for this. Beyond destroying our country financially, it is robbing people of their future. I would go as far as to say the obesity epidemic is ruining people’s lives.

Personally, I am TIRED of trying to come up with solutions to problems that are preventable. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed by any means, but I am confident in the fact that it makes a WHOLE lot more sense to focus on PREVENTION rather than SOLUTIONS. Can I get an Amen?!?

I know it can be overwhelming. I did not know anything about clean eating growing up, but I made a decision to stop making excuses and educate myself. I can tell you, it is SO WORTH IT.

Again, if you don’t know where to start, read this.

Here is my CHALLENGE for you (from Food Babe). Eat 15 meals a week at home, with ingredients you buy and cook yourself. 15. It’s that easy. Just 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 5 dinners or any combination you like. That’s leaves 6 meals of flexibility in your life for the times a friend invites you to dinner, lunch with your boss or when you need to have a few unexpected meals out or while traveling – but try to take control of at least 15 meals each week.

You might just find that you don't despise cooking quite as bad as you thought.

My best advice? Don’t overcomplicate it. It’s THIS simple. (Trust me, although I enjoy cooking more now, I still like to keep it as SIMPLE as possible!)


Happy Saturday, my friends! Spend it with the ones you love!!


Christina McGuire said...

LoOoOoOve This Post! (I also am a huge Food Babe fan.) I started clean eating with my family when I learned about genetically modified ingredients and I see the way our cancer rates are in this country as opposed those who ban them or at least label them. Keep these posts up! I love them!

Tara said...

Have you read the new 100 Days of Real Food cookbook? It just came out and is super great, I love her blog for helping me to meal plan!!

Unknown said...

My husband has diabetes and is over weight like me. We are trying to change our ways. The problem I'm having is that going to the grocery store is a real struggle. I lost my job when the company closed. We have a budget of 40 to 50 dollars to spend for 3 people at the grocery store. I have tried healthy recipes but time you buy the stuff to make it your budget is almost gone then I have to buy what ever is cheap and on sell for the rest of the days. Do you have tips on grocery shopping and meal planning?

Natasha said...

I dont have kids and im single so one excuse I use is 'I dont have a family to cook for so why cook?' and 'it's too expensive to eat healthy'. Also, I LOVE food and sometimes I would rather not know whats in something because I dont want to stop eating it. (Bad I know!) I used to be healthier and was really interested in fitness and nutrition. And over the past decade, I've gotten away from that. I've seen Tosca Rena's books but never paid them any attention. After reading your blog posts about her, I'm definitely going to read it! Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your life and heart with us!!

Unknown said...