Monday, June 3, 2013

Jase’s Third Week


Weight: Jonathan weighed himself holding the baby and again without holding him, and we’re pretty sure he’s 10 lbs!!

I’m holding solid about 1-2 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. I’ve contemplated taking my rings off because I’m so scared they’re going to fall off my fingers- they feel so loose.  I am ready for this belly to be GONE!!! My problem area has never been my tummy, so I am not used to feeling like I have a “gut.”

Health: Poor lil fella got some TERRIBLE diaper rash this week!! Broke my heart!! It didn’t seem to phase him much. I used Desitin, Bordeaux’s Butt Paste, & expressed some breast milk onto it. I also let him air out as much as possible (there was a one hour span where I got pooped on twice and peed on three times). The pediatrician said that is very normal, especially with breastfed babies who are constantly pooping. At the end of the week I made some homemade diaper rash cream (recipe below) that worked like a CHARM and cleared it right up!!

He also started getting some little baby acne this week. I was worried it was from something I was eating because I reintroduced oranges and dairy this week (cottage cheese & organic chocolate milk). I cut them both back out to see if that would help, but when I looked it up it said some babies just get it. He is still the most beautiful little man I’ve ever seen- even with the baby acne & balding!! Hahah! **That happened to me when I was a baby. My hair was reddish when I was born, all fell out, came back in dark, then turned blonde. Oh, and it’s longer in the back than in the front…sweet little mullet! Jonathan calls it his “duck tail.”

 Jase 3-4 024

Oh heyyyyy, duck tail!! Just like his daddy….business in the front, PAR-TAY in the back!!

Jase 3-4 025 

You can already kinda see the light blonde fuzzies starting to grow back in in the front! I have a feeling we’ll have a little blonde haired, blue eyed boy!!

Jase 3-4 047

His fingernails grow like CRAZY too!! (Maybe it’s all the Omegas!!) I have to tear those bad boys off about every other day fo real. No cutting them yet, & I can’t make myself bite them. Yuck.

Sleep: We’ve had a pretty good week with our sleep. Thankfully he’s still sleeping really well….long stretches. The sleep-eat-wake cycle is helping with that.

Just finished some awake time reading & singing with mom….about to get Swaddled and hit the hay. Rockin’ his onsie I made for him.


Nursing: Every week gets better and better with the nursing!!  I feel like we finally started to click this week. I love how God creates our bodies to do this. I can tell when he’s about to wake up to eat because I start leaking milk! I can tell Jonathan or my mom…”He’s about to wake up,” and sure enough when we go to get him out of the bed he’s wiggling and smacking his little lips- ready to eat! HOW COOL!!! I also leak if he’s crying/fussing at all…I really need to get some Milkies!

Jonathan thinks it’s hilarious when he starts rooting and nozzling his head to try to find the breast. It’s also pretty impressive that babies can work their way to finding the milk.

He loves to burp/bring burped. I love when he smiles at me while he’s nursing. It may just be gas, but it is just the sweetest thing!!

A friend told me today too that you aren’t supposed to save & freeze milk till at least 2 weeks after your milk comes in so it’s fully mature, so I may have to throw away my 60 oz I’ve stored up. Boo!

What Jase is up to: We went on our first walk around the neighborhood this week!! He LOVES being outside, so he enjoyed it.

“If you’re excited about your first walk through the ‘hood throw your hands up!!!” Oooh, ooooh, Jase is!!

IMG_3466 IMG_3464 IMG_3467

He also enjoyed some time in the swing.

 IMG_3458 IMG_3459

And spent some time on the play mat (while Daddy got the boogies out).


Lil man LOVES his Daddy!! (And does he not look so handsome in that green???) Jonathan calls him “Peanut” still…


And he had his first bath!!! He didn’t know what to think at first….but never cried & seemed to enjoy it. He really likes his head to be rubbed/washed.

These are seriously my favorite set of Jase pictures yet….hilarious!!! You could have a blast commentating these!!

 Jase 3-4 003 Jase 3-4 005 Jase 3-4 008 Jase 3-4 009 Jase 3-4 010 Jase 3-4 012 Jase 3-4 017

He tee-teed on the first towel so we had to get a second out. Have you ever seen a more alert 3 week old??

Jase 3-4 018 Jase 3-4 019

Jonathan also did daddy duty Friday night so I could get some sleep. He fed him a bottle (I pumped and set out for him before) during his two middle-of-the-night feedings and I slept upstairs. Still, I woke up every 3-4 hours to pump, and after pumping at 6 am I just stayed awake and couldn’t go back to sleep. It was nice to get a good, solid 4 hours though. Of course Jon had him fed and changed within like 30 min…

Visitors: Grammy & Grandaddy, Kevin, Stephanie, Gracie, Chloe, Carsyn, Mimi & Papa, Jade, James, Jesse & Beth, Geof, Kim, Emily, & Eli, Laura & Braylon

All the girls were so sweet with him…talking to him, telling him stories, & reading to him.


Sweet pictures from Gracie & Chloe!

KSSenior 033 KSSenior 032 IMG_3437 Jase 3-4 001

Carsyin practicing her future big sister skills (reading to him) while we let his little booty air out.

Jase 3-4 020 Jase 3-4 021

PostPartum: I finally started going to the bathroom regularly- whew!! That was driving me bonkers because I am normally very regular. I took Colace a couple more times (every couple days) just to be on the safe side.

It felt really good to walk, but I was wiped out afterwards.

Still feeling really good & getting a little more sleep this week.

Are the night sweats ever going to end?? I’ve already washed the sheets twice!!

Baby Gear: Swaddle Me, Homemade Diaper Rash Cream, Activity Mat, Aveeno Baby wash & lotion, Pampers Swaddlers, BabyWise, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Homemade Diaper Rash Cream Recipe: Mix equal parts Hydrocortisone cream (1%), Lotrimin AF, Desitin (for the zinc) & Neosporin

**Seriously, it is the BOMB & cleared him up in a few hours!! Thanks for sharing, Tiffany!!

Thoughts: I’ve been accused of being “overly optimistic” in the past…(Check out one of the comments on this post), so I’m trying to be as honest and real as possible here. Being a mommy is already the TOUGHEST yet MOST REWARDING (by far!) job I have ever had!! Although I feel like mothering instincts come very naturally, it can still be overwhelming to take care of this little newborn who can’t communicate. To know if you’re “doing things right.” He is such a happy baby, and rarely cries (a lot of which is just unique to each baby- doesn’t mean I’m doing anything any better than anyone else…it’s just Jase’s disposition)…and so far he has fallen into a pretty consistent eat-wake-sleep cycle that is around every 3 hours. And big boy is definitely growing!!  Still, there are times when I question what I’m doing….when he wakes up hungry after an hour and a half; or I overfeed him and he pukes (this has happened 3 times now- I think I’ve finally learned my lesson); or he has a diaper rash; or he falls asleep while nursing and won’t wake back up to finish. When those things happen, I text one of my mommy friends or do what every self-respecting mom does….GOOGLE it. Ha! Seriously though, it’s hard not to question yourself & doubt your abilities as a mom.

Still, we are learning more and more each day & I’m learning all of his cues. We are figuring each other daily! So my revelation this week is that even though things may not always go perfectly, I know that I know what’s best for my little man!! God created me to be his mommy, & allowed me to be a part of the miracle and carry him for 9 full months. So here’s my encouragement to all the mommies… Be CONFIDENT in motherhood!!! You won’t have everything all figured out; you will make mistakes; and your baby is unique and won’t do everything like everyone else’s baby. And that is OKAY. Just keep on loving that sweet baby & praying through taking care of him or her to the best of your ability. You were MADE to be that sweet little thing’s mommy, & no one can do that job any better than YOU. (But still, I’m very thankful for my mommy friends and their advice! Haha!!)

Another recommendation…I have a little journal I’ve written in a few times since he’s been born (probably 8??)…just short little notes, thoughts, & Scriptures. I’m going to keep writing in it throughout his life & give it to him when he gets married or becomes a daddy some day. What a SPECIAL gift!!! Of course he’ll have access to my blog books too, but these are personalized & handwritten…and I think that’s important too. I tell him things in person all the time too, but this way he’ll have those thoughts forever.

Anyway, back to being overly optimistic….I just can’t help it. I’m not trying to be fake at all….I just am a positive person and I try to focus on the BLESSINGS and JOY in every circumstance. Is this hard? Am I exhausted?? ABSOLUTELY!!! But is there ANYTHING in the whole world that compares? NO….not even close.

Sweet Baby Jase- You are too precious for words!! Your mommy, daddy, family, & friends are all SO in love with you!! And just think…God loves you even more than we do! That’s really hard to imagine, but we are so thankful for that love and so thankful for the gift you are to all of us!


Christy said...

Oh my goodness, he's the cutiest little thing. I love his facial expressions when you gave him a bath. Glad breastfeeding is getting better!

Whitney said...

Ok I breastfed and my baby was in the NICU at Vanderbilt and they never told me that about the milk.... I fed it to my baby and he is perfectly fine!!! They actually had me freezing it there and supplied me with a cooler and ice to bring it home..... Hope that helps, don't throw away the liquid gold :)

Kelly Ford said...

Those bath pics are AWESOME!!

Girl, the 2 pounds left really means you are BELOW pre pregnancy weight seeing as how your boobs are so heavy w/ that milk! But its tough to get the tummy to go away. I'm sure you'll get it done, though! in time :-)

So glad things are going well! I'll remind you of what Jeff tells me with babies all the time: They are not robots. Sometimes they wake up early or get hungry sooner than the 3 hour mark. Sometimes they are too sleepy and cant finish a feeding. You do the best you can and just remind yourself that he's as perfect as he can be :-)

LOVE your weekly updates! These are awesome!

Kelly Ford said...

Those bath pics are HILARIOUS!

Girl... you're probably below pre pregnancy weight seeing as how your boobs are still huge and full with milk! :-) The tummy takes TIME... you'll take care of it (better than most of us moms who dont work out! ha)

I'll tell you what Jeff tells me all the time when we have a newborn: Babies are not robots. Sometimes they wake up early or get hungry early or cant stay awake for a full feeding. But he's about as perfect as they come :-)

And i was wondering what your homemade cream was... so encouraging b/c no one has ever told me about that but what i ALWAYS use on my kids booties is hydrocortisone cream first and then a layer of neosporin if its bad and a final layer of desitin! HA! :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG... the sweats are the worst! Nobody ever told me about them when I had my 1st and I was shocked when I woke up drenched!!!! He is adorable and you are doing a GREAT job mommy!!!!

Jamie said...

He is just precious!! Love those bath time pics :)

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

UM...first of all YOU ARE DOING AMAZING!! The positive mental attitude is seriously the best thing we, (as parents) can offer our kids!! They are so in-tune with us, it's crazy. I love your energy; it's what drew me to your blog to begin with. Love love love. OK, and the throwing away the liquid gold??! Seriously never heard of that. I saved every stinking ounce (and now have used it all---) I would pull it even after her vaccines to give her some of that extra immune boosting colostrum milk. She's as healthy as can be and I really wouldn't throw away your milk. I had so much at first and as I've been losing the weight, I"m not producing as much, but you may not have that issue. Everyone is so different. As for the baby acne, Brooke had that too, I used a little Cetaphil and it went away. I thought it was foods I was eating too, but the DR said it is the mother's hormones leaving the baby's body...Your little boy is just so adorable; Brooke would definitely go for a younger lad!! Get your sleep mama and keep enjoying all of the moments with a smile. Love to you and your little fam!!

Heather said...

He is just adorable! Makes me really want to have a second baby... :)
Thank you for sharing this part of your life. And your optimism is what keeps me coming back. I like people who 'seek to find the good' as my momma says.
So a couple thoughts -
1) I'd double check that milk storing info. I saved mine from the first pump on and it was fine. Never heard anything to the contrary and it would be such a waste to have to dump that 'liquid gold' down the drain!
2) Thanks for the diaper rash recipe. I had to make a similar concoction when my daughter got a yeast infection diaper rash - from being on antibiotics the first time she had an ear infection. Dr told me to mix Lotrimin and desitin together and it cured it right up. I was nervous about putting foot fungus cream on my little ones bum, but that stuff works!
3) Ok - the tummy... I too had a c-section (my daughter was breech) and my stomach has been the most frustrating thing to get rid of. I lost all the weight pretty quickly but everything didn't go back to exactly how it used to to be (spoiler alert - your boobs will never be the same after nursing :)) But I am anxious for any tips you might have as you get your tummy back. I have a strong core but have kind of accepted that I will just have a tiny pouch right at my incision line. oh well! it's ALL worth it. :)
Have a great week with your sweet boy!

Samantha D. said...

I found your blog today through a facebook post, the subject was on being a Godly wife, I love your blog, and you are a person to be admired. My husband and I have been together 2 years, and we are about to celebrate our daughters 1st Birthday Friday, June 7th, the time has gone by way too fast. Everything I have read about baby Jase I think we experienced with our Emilee Grace.. I love your idea of keeping a journel for him. I have kept a baby book for her and wrote little notes in the back (almost yearbook like) but I think on her 1st Birthday I will start a journel too, that is such a special gift and thought. I'm so very thankful to God He brought your blog to me and so excited to keep reading y'alls journey. As we are "newborn" Christians, we were rasied Christian, but we are living Christ-like and plan to have a "Marriage Covenant" ceremony this Summer, it is very different to have a marriage with God than a marriage on "paper" .. And we want to celebrate that. Anyways, God bless y'all! And keep up being a great Godly Mommy!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just found your blog and love it. I work for and would love to chat with you about some blogger opportunities. Could you email me at brown at eMeals dot com?

Amanda said...

I see you've already been told, but I wanted to support the comments about the breastmilk. My son went straight to the NICU here in Huntsville, Alabama. Stayed for 3 weeks. I pumped from day 1, just hours after he was born by c-section. They froze colostrum! They never discouraged keeping milk, even after I went home. They wanted me to bring it in, by the bags full. So do NOT throw that away! I actually have read that it's really amazing milk and I think it actually helped that I had some first month's milk when our son ended up with RSV at 4 months the same time I had to have surgery and had to pump and dump!

Keep breastfeeding, we're 9.5 months in with an ultimate goal of 24 months. It's amazing.

I just found your blog, and so far...I think you're a beautiful woman, inside and out.

Anonymous said...

He is precious! Just wanted to share (2) tidbits about diaper rash.

1) There are some baby wipes with lanolin on the nursing products aisle in stores. They are great for providing a protective barrier.

2) My breastfed baby could only handle chlorine free diapers which were often the store brand.

Courtney B said...

Oh my heavens, Danielle! He is precious! I am so happy for you! It sounds like life is going great for you 3 :)
Whyyyy did you throw away that milk! My lactation nurse NEVER told me that! She said I can definitely freeze it. The only thing I've heard is that milk from the first couple months won't satisfy your growing baby AS MUCH in later months. But it still works perfectly!

Anonymous said...

I love your optimism.

Brittney said...

What a sweetheart! And how very blessed he is to have a mommy like you looking after him. I found your blog after a friend shared your post on marriage on her Facebook page, and I am hooked! I am expecting my first baby in November, and your blog is super helpful in keeping the experience real. :) I am always glad to find a woman who shares her life with such a Christ-like heart and a Biblical frame of mind. Enjoy that sweet baby boy, and I am so happy for you and your sweet family!

Anonymous said...

I think you have a wonderful attitude. Keep it up! And please let us know how you lost all of your baby weight in three weeks!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why this friend told you to throw it out?!?!?
I hope you did not and went in search of a professional opinion! I froze milk immediately. I was never told not to by any lactation consultant.
Sounds like you really enjoy being mommy :)

Have fun!

Ty said...

Oh my, I hope you haven't dumped that milk!! Pump as much as you can before your supply regulates. I bf mine until 13 months, to my surprise she self weaned then. I cried if I spilled an ounce much less 60! I went back to work at 3 months and had to rely heavily on pumping. My game plan for baby #2 includes starting to pump from day one. If you haven't checked it out yet, is a great bf site. Also if baby is prone to diaper rash, you may want to consider cloth diapers. So excited for your new adventure!

shannah said...

Oh he is just adorable! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all the experiences, adventures and nick nacs. Can't wait to one day be a wifey and mommy!

Justin and Marcie said...

There is nothing wrong with being optimistic. Anyone who tries to say that's a bad thing needs a little optimism themselves. My son was a VERY alert baby too and those pictures remind me of him so much. If Jase is anything like Carter, the alertness will grow into extreme curiosity in trying to figure things out. Carter is very "smart" and loves to figure things out on his own and I've been told it's because of how alert he was as a baby. Babywise is a LIFESAVER. I used it with Carter and he was sleeping through the night at 2 months old and increased to 12 hours a night by 4 months. At 18 months, he now ranges from 10-12 hours. The feed, wake, sleep will also help naps be long naps. And as far as questioning yourself, that won't go away. Carter's a year and a half old now and I am constantly still questioning things. It may no longer be about breastfeeding, but it's about types of food he's eating, or ways to discipline. It's never ending. You'll always question yourself. But as long as you remember the quote you used above, that God made YOU to be his mommy, you'll be fine. DO NOT listen to others. Only you know what is best for Jase and your family!

Tracey said...

Danielle, I wanted to say babies don't come home from the hospital with instructions, but you Danielle are doing an amazing job with the baby. I look at your face as you look at him with such amazing love , you are doing a great job and as he looks at you and smiles and your heart melts with love, you will know that you know everything is just perfect, love, mama

Anonymous said...

I started reading your post about "Being a Godly wife" yesterday from through a pinned picture on Pinterest. I love how inspirational and how positive you are, and how you're not afraid to just be who God created you to be. I'm getting married in September and my fiencee and I were starting to struggle on our spiritual life so we really needed some uplifting. Thank you for sharing your tips. =)

I started looking through your other posts on here and saw that you use AdvoCare products! I became a distributor about a month ago and have been on the challenge since April. I LOVE their product line and how such great quality it all is. Thank you for being so inspirational! I will definitely be reading up on more of your blogs. =)

Jessica Jewell said...

I too found your blog from a pin on pinterest about " Being a Godly Wife" and after reading and loving it so much, I went on to see what else you had posted :) Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy <3 and thank you for breast feeding... I wish more women would realize how important it is for their baby. Don't worry too much about your baby belly :) The longer you breast feed the flatter your stomach will get. I have two children they are now 12 & 6 I breast feed them both until they were almost 2 and by the time they were 6 months old I had my old body back... You will too because you took care of yourself during your pregnancy and didn't treat it like a free for all lol... I look forward to your future posts! I wish there were more women like you in the world <3

Brittany said...

What did you put the homemade diaper rash cream in once you made it?