Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jase’s Second Week


Weight: Baby Jase weighed 9 lbs at his appointment! (5/22, 2 weeks old) He was in the 50th percentile for his weight, & 50th percentile for his height at 21”. His head was in the 45th percentile.

At the end of the second week I was about 2 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight (the weight I was when I found out I was pregnant on August 27th). I did hit that pre-preg weight one morning during the week, but gained a couple of lbs back this week since my appetite picked back up. I am not worried about the weight at all, but I have found that I am slumping & slouching like crazy all the time. I typically have really good posture (& that’s part of what helps keep my core tight) so I’m trying to be more conscious of that. I am also still just wearing workout clothes all the time because my regular clothes don’t quite fit.

Health: His little hip joint still felt slightly loose at his check up, so we set up an orthopedic appointment to get it checked out just to be on the safe side. He also has some fluid on his left testicle, but the pediatrician said that typically goes away by 6 mos so we are just going to watch it.

This week Jase started getting choked a few times while we were feeding because I have a forecful letdown, so we are working on different positions to improve that. When he gets choked, I sit him straight up and lift one of his arms in the air while I pat his back- and that helps it immediately.  He also vomited for the first time this week. Not spit up- I’m talking straight PUKED because I overfed him (totally my fault). It didn’t even seem to phase him at all.

We started using our humidifier this week when he sleeps to help with congestion (we also have a box fan going rather than the overhead fan). We still swaddle him every time he sleeps, but let him put his hands by his face because he LOVES them up there & sleeps like a charm that way. That boy LOVES his hands!!!

Other than that he super healthy & is growing so quickly! His face is filling out and he is so long!! He can hold his head up like a champ too & we can’t believe how strong he is. He is also incredibly alert & such a happy baby. He rarely fusses or cries…still just when he’s ready to eat & that’s about it. He self soothes pretty well & is easily entertained during his awake time.

Sleep: He’s doing awesome with the sleeping. We have had several 4 hour stretches between feedings throughout the night (although that means I get about 2 1/2 hours at a time). The only issue we have is that sometimes he does lots of grunting when we first put him down, but that usually just means he needs to burp. Once he is asleep, he doesn’t wake up until 3 hours later & has fallen into a consistent 3 hour schedule.


Nursing: Nursing is going SO MUCH better this week!!  My nipples are way less sore (HALLELUJAH!!) & he is definitely getting more efficient. I use a hand pump about once or twice a day for a minute or two (befofre & after feeding) and have about 50 oz frozen right now. Still not using a paci or a bottle. He eats every 3 hours….sometimes 2 1/2, sometimes 4ish, but mostly every 3. He is pretty consistent too- who even needs a clock? LOTS & LOTS of diaper changes every day, so he is definitely getting plenty. I think I am producing a lot of milk because I am always leaking a ton. I am going to have to get my couches cleaned for sure, & Jon has already mopped twice this week. Guess it’s time to start wearing a nursing bra with the nursing pads. I am eating healthy, drinking TONS of water, & eating lots of steel cut oats to help with my supply. The only tough part is knowing if he’s gotten a full feeding because he still gets sleepy a lot (and yes, we are trying all the tricks!).

What Jase is up to: Jase met his buddy Braylon for the first time this week.

KSSenior 026 KSSenior 019 KSSenior 025

We hung out with Grammy lots (she is still coming over every day to help out),

KSSenior 028 

& he lost his umbilical cord on 5/22 (the evening after our doctor’s appointment). No really, he LOST it…as in we can’t find the little stump thing. Hoping it doesn’t pop up in the couch or something random! Ha!

 KSSenior 029

We also went by the church & to Wal-Mart this week, which was my third time out of the house. I wasn’t thrilled about going to Wal-Mart, but we had to get him some bigger socks for those big boy feet and get Mommy another nursing bra. I only bought one before he was born because I figured I’d just keep wearing sports bras, but nursing bras really are easier. Actually….it’s easier to just walk around in just a robe, but that’s not socially acceptable. Fortunately I don’t leave the house too much right now since I can’t drive or lift anything heavier than lil man (so no picking him up in his car seat), but I still needed another bra.

KSSenior 021 KSSenior 020

He makes lots of funny faces!!! So expressive! And his hair is starting to fall out…I’m pretty sure it’s going to come back in blonde.

 IMG_3386 IMG_3387

He used his swing for the first time this week.  He went right to sleep so we took him out, swaddled him, & put him in his little bed.

IMG_3404 IMG_3403

We LOVE his big eyes and how alert he is!!!

 481466_846275580302_1626177750_n 941229_846275620222_1536053914_n IMG_3401 IMG_3410 IMG_3420 IMG_3432 KSSenior 012KSSenior 013

He is growing so fast, he already bumped up to size 1 diapers (when he was 8 days old) & has outgrown lots of his newborn onsies. We have SO MANY outfits he never got to wear.

Visitors: Grammy & Grandaddy,Brian,Laura, & Braylon, Tammie, Lynn, Renee, Mimi & Papa, Jade, James, Heather & Dianne

KSSenior 034 KSSenior 024 securedownload

PostPartum: The exhaustion started really kicking in this week! I didn’t “sleep when the baby sleeps” during our first week home, so I got much better about taking little naps here and there during week two.  I was still having the crazy night sweats, but my sweet L&D nurse friend Tiffany reminded me that my body is just excreting the extra blood volume from being pregnant.

I quit taking ANY medicine this week and am just taking my vitamins that are safe while nursing- Coreplex with Iron, Omegaplex, Probiotics, Calcium, & Catalyst. I took the Motrin about every 12-16 hours for about a week and a half & then just cut it out cold turkey because I didn’t really need it. I’m so thankful recovery has been so smooth & easy.

I can’t make myself look at the incision though, so Jonathan checks it out for me to make sure it’s okay. I still have the strips on because I can’t make myself take them off either. I just do NOT do cuts well!!! I know it’s closed up and the suchers are inside, but the thought of it makes me want to pass out, so I’m just keeping it clean and not looking at it! Ha! Scars don’t bother me, but cuts are a different story.

I am SO ready to get active again!! They told me 6 weeks to recover, so I am anxiously awaiting that!! (But want my sweet baby to slow down growing so fast, so that’s kind of a catch 22.)

Baby Gear: Swaddle Me, Bordeaux Butt Paste, Medela Harmony Pump, blankets/swaddles from Chelsi


Sometimes he breaks free from his swaddle, & it CRACKS me up that he will hold his arm straight up in the air!! Hahhaa!!!


Thoughts: I am SO, SO thankful for mommy friends!!! I have an incredible support system & they have all been SO very helpful with their tips, sharing what works for them, encouragement, talking about some of the tougher things, etc. It’s really nice to have people who are so fresh into mommyhood and who just “get it.” I feel like I spend a good bit of my time in between feedings texting back and forth with them, but it has truly been so helpful. The hardest thing about being a mommy so far is knowing if you’re doing things right- it is SUCH a huge learning curve!! I just pray about everything, all the time, & do my best to research & read lots & get lots of advice from all my different mommy friends. I know there is no right or wrong, & since something different works for everyone, I just make the best decision possible & do what works for us…

Another thing I have noticed is that being pregnant was WAY easier than having a newborn!!! Definitely wouldn’t trade it, but I was just not expecting that. Everyone bringing meals has been SO super helpful because I still have this strong desire to have supper ready for Jonathan. Of course he doesn’t expect that, but it has definitely been a weight off my shoulders for people to bring food for us. What a great way to bless someone’s family! (I rarely sign up to do that because I’m always afraid people won’t like my cooking, but I’m definitely going to do it in the future now that I know how helpful it is!) And my mom and Jon have been awesome about taking care of housework for me. I still do the dishes & straighten up, but they have done all the laundry & sweeping/mopping for me.

We miss Jonathan SO much while he is at work!!! It makes me really sad every single morning when he leaves & I can’t wait for him to get home. He misses us too, so I send him lots of pictures and videos throughout the day.


Still falling more and more in love with little man every single day. Jase, I love you more than words!!! I feel like the second you were born my heart is now out of my chest with you. You are so, so precious & everyone who meets you falls in love with you instantly. I am so incredibly thankful for the blessing you are and how much you have changed my life for the better. I already can’t imagine life without you & feel like you’ve always been with us!



Anonymous said...

Love how much you love being a mommy. It is the best job and so rewarding. I feel the same way, I may have a college degree, but being a stay at home mom is what God created me, personally to be, and I love it!! It is so nice to see others enjoy it also.

ashleigh said...

this post made me smile; you are doing a great job already girly =]]
and he is uber cute

Kathleen said...

You are the cutest mommy! I am so happy your doing these weekly posts - its so fun to read!

Stephen, Natasha & Tucker Lane said...

OMY GOSH!!! HE is absolutely PERFECT! :) So so happy for you! He will change your life girl, which I'm already sure he has.

Love all your pictures! Can't wait to see more of him.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm in my 33rd week of pregnancy (tracking similarly on my blog with my first, and my mom just emailed your blog today. I'm not sure how she found it but I just wanted to say that it's been fun & informative to read and get a glimpse of what's ahead (or something vaguely similar!). Especially loved reading your birth story -- God is so good in all His ways.
Wishing you lots of joy on the journey!

Erin said...

We have that same swing and our daughter LOVES it. It's seriously her favorite thing and I am so thankful for whoever made it!