Monday, June 24, 2013

Jase’s Fifth Week

June 6th-12th

Weight: Big boy is around 10 lbs according to our scale, & mommy is right at pre-pregnancy weight. Still rockin’ some stretch marks on my tummy, but they seem to be fading some.

Health: Jase had his doctor’s appointment with the orthopedist on 6/6. Jonathan took off work to go with me…and it seriously took us about 2 hours to get ready to go! This is a new experience for me because I typically get ready super quick and on to fly (I’m talkin’ no more than 30 minutes..and usually quicker than that), but it takes a LOT of planning, pumping, packing, & timing things perfectly when you have a baby. He did awesome at his appointment (he never cries at doctor’s appointments, knock on wood) and the orthopedist said everything sounded great but she wanted us to go to Egleston for an ultrasound just to be on the safe side. If his little hip joint is still loose, he is going to have to wear a little brace to help it go back to the way it was supposed to be. (Sometimes the mom’s hormones that allow her hips to stretch for the baby to come down the canal transfer to the babies and cause their hips to be loose at birth. This is particularly common in girls, and baby girls can even get cysts on their ovaries! Crazy, huh? Typically those joints and ligaments tighten back up on their own, but if not the baby has to wear a brace for a couple months.)

His little fingernails grow SO fast & somehow they look dirty? He keeps his little hands in fists sometimes and his hands sweat…and man, they are STINKY! I didn’t know a baby could “smell” like that. I have to wash his little hands all the time & tear off his fingernails very often.

He also has some cradle cap going on. Jonathan told him it’s a good thing he’s cute because right now his hair is totally falling out but is long in the back (looks like a little grandpa!), he has baby acne, & is rockin’ some cradle cap. It’s like baby puberty, but we still think he’s the most HANDSOME lil man ever! *Starting to use coconut oil & a soft bristle brush to lightly scrub his scalp to help.


Sleep: Well, we have our days! This is definitely a work in progress & some naps are better than others. Thankfully he is still sleeping really well at night & goes right back to sleep after those feedings, but daytime naps are hit and miss. We are following the sleep hierarchy Emily recommended from the Chronicles of a BabyWise Mom blog, so we always swaddle and put him in his bed in the dark room first. If he’s too fussy after about 5-6 minutes (not crying, just not going to sleep) I will hold him to sleep & try to put him back down.  He kicks his arms and legs a good bit in his swaddle and that wakes him up. If worst comes to worst, I’ll lay down & let him sleep on me (or Jonathan).


I know he needs his sleep, & I want him to be stationary. He always sleeps like a charm in his car seat when we are on the road.  (Seriously, he has giant hands!! Hahah, it cracks me up!!)

IMG_3626 IMG_3641

The other day he was having tummy time, and I went to the restroom for 2 seconds and he was totally conked out when I got back. He slept right through me swaddling him & putting him in his bed!


He is always so happy after his first feeding of the day, & that’s one of my favorite times with him. He’s SO animated then & I just love all his facial expressions!! This is when I go straight mommarazzi and take 8 million pictures! (Waking up to this happy little face makes my heart OVERFLOW with joy & love!!)

   IMG_3632 IMG_3633IMG_3634 IMG_3635 IMG_3636 IMG_3637

Nursing: Going great! My boobs feel SO much softer & the milk looks a lot thicker. I’m still leaking a good bit- I’m really going to order some milkies soon to catch the extra milk. Sometimes when he pulls off my milk squirts him in the face & it cracks me up! (Not sure if that’s weird, but it’s funny to me.) I’ve got a good bit frozen now, & I pump once or twice every other day or so. I don’t have a hands free pump (I just went with the Ameda Purely Yours because our insurance company gave it to us for free), so it’s kind of a pain. I need to get one of those bra things that holds it in place for you. I also pump whenever he needs a bottle. Per the advice of Niki, I wanted to introduce him to the bottle to make sure he’ll take it as he gets older. Daddy watches him for a couple hours on Mondays & Thursday nights for me to go share Advocare with others, so I always pump then. At first I was having major guilt any time we would feed him with a bottle when I’m around, but I’m getting better. I know it’s good bonding time for him and whoever is feeding him too, and I want him to be “well rounded” as far as that goes.

In order to keep my milk supply up, I am eating as healthy as possible, drinking a TON of water, drinking mother’s milk tea, eating oatmeal/steel cut oats daily, & trying to remain as stress-free as possible.

The longest stretch I’ve gone so far was 5 hours (at night a couple of times & for my nephew’s wedding) & my boobs get super fully, hard, & lumpy when I wait that long.

What Jase is up to: Jase turned 1 month old on June 8th!! I can’t believe how fast my sweet little love bug is growing. He started smiling this week and looking at us in the eyes. I’m telling y’all, there is NOTHING that will melt your heart more than that!

IMG_3602 IMG_3596 IMG_3598

“Ahhhh, it’s so exhausting being 1 month old!!”

IMG_3599 IMG_3600 

We have our prayer time every single morning and I pray out loud with him. We also listen to praise & worship music on Pandora during our feedings & sing songs about Jesus any time I am changing his diaper. Jonathan reads a couple chapters out of the Bible to him at night. We read a LOT and I talk to him as much as possible all day long to help with his language development.

We went on another walk through the neighborhood, & this time he stayed awake and looked around for it. 

J$ (that’s what daddy calls him) LOVES baths!! I know Emily’s hubby Zach gives their kids their baths, & I liked the idea of them having that bonding time. Jonathan enjoys it too, so he gives him his baths. That frees my up for a few minutes to get things done too.

IMG_3644 IMG_3642 IMG_3643

We went on our first solo trip! I took him to Kroger, & my goodness….I felt like I was competing in the Olympics! It was exhausting!!! I’m sure it’ll get easier, but this was tough. I parked right next to the cart return (out of luck, although I realized this was a good idea) & put him down in the buggy in his car seat. I rushed around the store as fast as possible (true story, I was sweating) & had nowhere in the buggy for groceries. Poor lil fella had protein bars in his lap! Haha! When we were walking out, stuff was falling out of the bags (on the bottom of the cart) & I ran over a steak with the buggy! Ha!The toughest part was loading him up in the car, & the groceries, returning the cart, figuring out the best order to do that, etc. I’m sure it will get easier, but I KNOW I had to be a sight! I’m sure everyone could tell this was my “first time.” KUDOS to single moms and moms with more than one….I I kept thinking to myself I seriously don’t know HOW they do it!!

My nephew got married on Sunday, so we took Jase to the wedding. He looked like SUCH a big boy in his Polo! I took pictures for Dustin & Amie, so Jonathan watched him & he slept most of the time. Grammy fed him when it was time to eat. Jonathan is still VERY cautious about us taking him out anywhere & letting lots of people hold & touch him because the doctor recommended keeping that as limited as possible until he is 8 weeks.

   IMG_3611 IMG_3613 8482_10151961110574619_1644573905_n

Visitors: Grammy, Mimi & Papa, Tyler, Rynna & Bennett

PostPartum: I feel AWESOME! I cannot believe how great recovery has been and am so thankful for that. I finally took the steri strips off this week…I mean really, it was time. I also notices a little piece of one of the sutures poking out on the right side of my scar, but Lauren (midwife) said that is normal too.

I still haven’t worked out and won’t until I’m released, but I did push him in the stroller on our walk this time, & MAN it wore me out! It’s amazing what 5 weeks of not working out will do…I am outta shape! It was a great reminder for me of why some people don’t enjoy working out. It is NOT fun when you’re not in shape. Thankfully I know how AWESOME it feels to work out when you are in shape though, so that’s enough motivation for me! Seriously, there isn’t much that compares to how great you feel after a good workout! (Jon & I both have addictive personalities, so working out is just as important for our mental health as it is for our physical health.)

What I’m taking daily:

Rehydrate, 1/2 Spark, Coreplex with Iron, Omegas, Probiotics, Calcium Plus, Catalyst, Meal Replacement Shakes (I don’t use as a meal replacement…right now I’m using it as a super healthy way to get in my extra 500 calories from nursing)

Baby Gear: Pampers Size 1 Swaddlers, Woombie (Big Baby), Aveeno bath products, onsies, Mambo, activity mat, bouncy seat, Angel Care monitor, Medela storage bags & bottles, breast pads (it was really embarrassing when I forgot to put them in and leaked through my grey t-shirt while at Target)

Thoughts: I absolutely LOVE his demeanor! He is the happiest baby & very sweet!! He smiles, coos, & rarely cries. He is also very STRONG & ALERT. It makes him seem so much older than he is!! I can’t help but kiss him 9,000 times every day!


Shayna @ The Fancy Yancey said...

He's so precious! Love those little gummy smiles!!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

He is seriously such a cute baby, glad to hear that everything is going well for you! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love your updates! When you physically can, put Jase in a wrap to shop then your hands are free, your grocery art is empty an you get in some struggle time!


Anonymous said...

He is just adorable. If you can find a shampoo by Paul Mitchell called Baby Don't Cry it works wonders on cradle cap. Not sure what area you live in but if you have an Ulta they sometimes carry it or you can find it on Amazon. Good Luck!!

Heather Forcey said...

Jase is adorable! I remember the days of trying to get me, baby, and all the gear out of the house to go to the store. It took FOREVER! It definitely gets easier. After a while you will wonder why you ever had such a rough time in the first place! It is obvious you are soaking up these moments! Enjoy!

Erin LFF said...

He's seriously precious- I love all those cute facial expressions you captured!! So glad everything is going well for you guys!! :)

Robyn said...

I just read last week that breastmilk is a natural cure for cradle cap. Since you have it on hand, it's worth a shot :)

Kimberly said...

I am new to your blog. I found it yesterday, and I love your family! I also love how open you are on here, and the advice you give! Your son is absolutely adorable! Have a great day :)

Anna Demko said...

Sounds like you are doing great! You look wonderful and I love all those faces Jase makes... Such a cutie