Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fun with the Color Run!

Dana mentioned the COLOR RUN a while back, and since I’ve been hearing lots of people talk about how much fun it is, I decided to join her team… “Teaching the Rainbow!”

I haven’t ran since my marathon in January, but this race wasn’t even timed. It really was all about FUN!!  That was a little hard for me, because everything inside of me wanted to bust tail and run as fast as I could….I wanted to WIN!! Hahaha…..yes, I know that I’m a dork!

We woke up at 4:50 this morning and headed down to Atlanta Motor Speedway. Check out all the ladies BEFORE!!


{Everyone really was SUPER happy!!!}


Team “Teaching the Rainbow” ready to run!!!543139_706707895062_51100646_34449246_500052297_n66401_706709422002_51100646_34449253_1255653172_n535454_706708748352_51100646_34449251_69433426_n

They obviously enjoyed this part a little more than I did! 525484_706711452932_51100646_34449303_520792183_n533545_706710968902_51100646_34449289_648990356_n535202_706711158522_51100646_34449293_2007619062_n

Of COURSE we had to take a picture in front of the ADVOCARE sign! WE LOVE our Advocare!!!


And the car too….(note to self: bring shades next time!)


Being a cheerleader for Sarah as she completed her first 5K! She was AWESOME!! Check out my fist pump…..haha!564613_706710734372_51100646_34449282_127499737_n

Ahhhhh, COLOR everywhere!!!!


And here we are AFTER!!!




SO MUCH FUN!!! If there is one near you, you HAVE to sign up!! I had a blast with Dana, Julie, and Sarah, and I already can’t wait for next year’s run (I won’t call it a “race”)!

(In case you’re wondering, the color is just a powder- colored corn starch. It’s edible, although they don’t recommend eating it! And yes, it washed right out of my hair for the most part. Only a few hot pink dots left, but I thought that’d be fine with Easter tomorrow. I’m sure my middle school girls will love it anyway, right?)


Anonymous said...

So fun! I didn't realize there was a second one in Atlanta....I had several friends do the one in Piedmont Park but I didn't sign up in time since I was doing the Georgia Marathon the week before I didn't know if I would be up for a 5k the following week. Wish I had.....looks like a blast!!

C Mae said...

Color run came and went here before I could even sign up!!! I Am hoping to catch it next year!! :) Looks like you had a blast!!

fancy nancy said...

I have been dying to do this race!!! It looks so fun!!! No events near me...:-(