Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Viva La Mexico: Dia CUATRO!!

We began dia cuatro like every other day....breakfast with our friends and the funny waiter. That french toast was delicious!!! We had already reserved our chairs at the pool when a Mexican rainstorm popped up.  It was pouring! Dana ran out to grab her beloved camera and our goodies while Ryno, Jon & I finished breakfast.  We headed to the lobby to hang out & watch the rain. Check out this downpour!
Dana was itching to do something....Jazzercise, dancing, games, something! I think she finally settled in and enjoyed the restful morning.
I, on the other hand, was enjoying the break from the brutal Mexican sun (those antibiotics kept me burnt!) and was totally craving a nap!
 Jon kept us entertained, as usual.
 While poor Doss was suffering from a Mexican tummy bug! 65 pesos later landed him some Pepto and a little relief!
It did clear up long enough for us to enjoy some pool and beach time before dinner.  We worked up and appetite and were starving by dinner time, so we were not thrilled about the one hour wait at the Japanese restaurant.  We kept ourselves busy with a photo shoot in the lobby, duh.
The Butler's

 The Doss's

The Fab 4!!
Fortunately our wait was only about 15 minutes, so we headed in for some sushi, Japanese, and our fave, fried icecream!  It was to die for! I wouldn't normally eat something like that, but heck, we're in Mexico!
Jon extra excited about the fried icecream!
Dana & Ryan. So in love. Heart.
After dinner we headed to the open lobby to enjoy music by the live band- they were awesome!
A wedding party came in after the wedding and reception and were tearing up the dance floor. This made for some great people watching until some lady came and dragged Dana & I up for "Sweet Home Alabama" (the Mexican version, of course!). We escaped after the song & headed back to our seats with the boys.
We preferred the people watching from our seats. We'd already done our share of dancing for the trip!
P.S. Check out the awesome dress my talented BFF sewed for herself! So cute, right?
 Heading to bed a little sad that tomorrow is our last day, but enjoying every minute of the trip!

Check out Dana's dia cuatro!

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