Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Controlling a Sweet Tooth

I have said it before, buy my biggest diet downfall is my sweet tooth! I LOVE desserts and have a hard time resisting them if they're around. Here are a few tips that have helped me get my sweet tooth under control.
  • Protein. I drink one scoop of Gold Standard 100% Whey Double Chocolate after workouts (mixed with water to keep calories down) and love it. Whey protein has a ton of benefits for your body, repairing and building muscle, filling you up, etc., but I think it tastes like chocolate milk and I feel like I'm getting a treat.
  • Frozen Grapes.  I rinse grapes & freeze them for yummy, low calorie treat. I feel like I'm getting dessert. :)
  • Fruit on the Bottom Organic Greek Yogurt. I eat one almost every night after dinner.  It has less than 100 calories and has lots of benefits for you as well. I add a half scoop of ground flaxeed because of the added benefits and texture.
Don't keep sweets in the house.  If it's around, I will eat it, so I just don't have it around to avoid the temptation.
Water. Drink a few cups of water at the end of a meal. The water fills you up, so most of the time when I think I'm still hungry for dessert, the water does the trick.
  • FroYo.  I know it has more sugar in it than the greek yogurt, but it's definitely a better option than ice cream. We have a really yummy frozen yogurt places right up the street that we hit up a couple times a month, typically with friends.  In order to keep it from ruining my hard work in the gym, I get strawberry yogurt and top it with the frozen strawberry slices (yes, I avoid the over 101 toppings they offer to stay away from the extra calories!). 
  • Splurge when it's worth it. I eat dessert if it's something homemade and delicious, or my favorite that I only get occasionally.  For example, I really love funfetti cupcakes!!!  And, I never pass up wedding cake or banana pudding. :)
Anything you do to tame your sweet tooth??? 


Kae said...

this will help me a lot because I have a horrible sweet tooth and a hard time controlling it! :)

Brittany said...

I have sherbert when I'm craving icecream! It usually does the trick!

Living Our Love Song said...

same here girl, my sweet tooth ruins everything!
You seem so on top of things, what types of foods to you pack for lunch? I am a teacher too and it seriously is so hard for me to pack HEALTHY lunches,and then with dinners, another area where I crash and burn LOL