Thursday, July 21, 2011

Viva La Mexico: Dia CINCO!!

Our last full! I wanted to be sad because we were heading back to reality the next day, but this was by far my FAVORITE day!!  We woke up and had breakfast as usual, then headed straight to the pool. We enjoyed the pool and beach ALLLLL day long! We got floats right away, which was fabulous! (Most days it was float stalking & everyone was like piranhas to get them!)  Dana & I participated in some serious pool volleyball while the boys cheered us on from our floats.  I had a tough time playing because the ultra competitive side of me was getting upset when other people would mess up. Not like normal mess up, I'm talking about 'drunk old man who can't serve it over the net but insists on serving every time' kinda annoyed. Dana and I played hard...I made sure to serve to the girls on the other side cuz they could never return it.  Strategy. :) I'm pretty certain we won, but we all became a little distracted when the swimsuit models came back out! Ha! I will say, they were motivation to eat right at lunch.
Ryan took a dip in the Mexican water. His plan was to swim to the buoys, but that didn't quite work out! Ha!
Tres amigos! (we're missing the photographer!)
Me & my hunk of a hubby!
BFFs. So sweet!
Other BFFs. Gosh, I just love her!
We loved our convo & fun pool & beach time.  We laughed and laughed all day!!!  We enjoyed 'yoking around' with the activities team too....they were hilarious!

At around 6, we realized the sun was going down & we hadn't even had our photo shoot on the beach yet! We hustled to get ready & met back up just in time. Check out some of the pretty pics we captured! (P.S. Taking your camera from the extreme temperature difference of air conditioned inside to highly humid outside= a foggy lens for a little while.)
*Meet the Dossinator*
 *And sweet, beautiful, talented Dana*
 *Yours truly*
 *And then there's "thees guy", whom I just so happen to be married to!*
 The Butler's Shoot
 The boys were talking & making future business plans every chance they got.
 And we just kept on taking pictures, of course.
 Ryan REALLY wanted someone to take a picture of the egg he ya go Ryno!
 Oh my. They thought they needed to do something "manly" after having a photo shoot on the beach. I guess this works??
 The Doss's Shoot
Doss: "Why can't I put my hand there in the picture?"
We had our last dinner at the Mexican restaurant with authentic Mexican cuisine- how appropriate! Our waiter LOVED us & brought us the sombreros when he saw the major cameras Dana & I had. Guess he recognized the opportunity for a Canon/Nikon moment! I love that they both look like little kids in their pictures.
SO excited about her sombrero!
Apparently he's a Mexican cowboy.

We also decided to give toasts at dinner.  I commented on how we (including Dan, Dana's dad) didn't think we'd ever be able to top our wonderful trip to the cottage, but somehow we managed to do so in Mexico. Jon ruined my Hallmark moment (I'm pretty certain some tears were coming!) when he blurted out in an incredibly loud & obnoxious voice "Who's Dan?" Haha, what a silly boy!
We enjoyed listening to music one last night in the open air lobby. Those Mexican live bands are awesome!! There was also a huge market set up throughout the lobby, & this is where the boys made the Friendship bracelet happen. Hahha!!!
I loved everything about this day!!! Had to get a good night's sleep to rest up for our travel back to good ole America!


Amanda Jones said...

Wow you sure did get some sun there!! Look at those tan lines! It seems no matter where you go in Mexico or the Caribbean the sun is a lot more brutal.

Mama’s Minute said...

I just laughed LOUD in my office. Lyla didn't understand. I guess it was the "WHO'S DAN?" question!! Loved our time!