Saturday, July 16, 2011


We just made it home from our beach vacation with the Hall's.  We had a BLAST and were so sad to see it come to an more vacations for us this summer.  Boo- back to reality! BUT, we are happy to be back home!! We have missed our Tess baby and the beautiful lake sunsets.

We have a sweet mama deer (yep, she's preggers) who visits us at the house. She comes almost right up to the back door to eat berries and some of our bushes...She's killin' my dreams of the possibility of a garden, but I love seeing her out there. She is so pretty & even looks at me for her pictures sometimes. Check out our new "pet," whom Jon & I named Tess.
AND, I still can't get over our gorgeous sunsets we are blessed with at the new house! I can't WAIT till we have a front porch swing, but for now I enjoy sitting out on the porch taking pics.
And P.S., check out the yard work I did! Big Jon worked super late every day the week before the beach (so thankful for my hardworking babe!), so I did a little work in the yard.  Yes, I'm proud!
Glad to be home sweet home!


Mama’s Minute said...

I, for one, am glad you are home safely! Glad you two had fun! I am so happy you finally posted pics of beautiful Tess...the perfect pet! Lyla would have fun with her. I also love your flower pots - great job!

Jamie said...

Love the pretty!