Monday, June 29, 2015

Father’s Day 2015

Jase was born about a week before Mother’s Day in 2013, and now Kade was born about a week before Father’s Day 2015. I can’t think of any sweeter of a gift than our precious boys!!

We really, really hit the jackpot in the daddy department. Between my dad (Granddaddy), Jonathan’s dad (Papa), and Jonathan, we seriously have three of the BEST men I know to influence our boys. All three of them have some very similar personality traits & characteristics. And in fact, both of our dads are the youngest in a family of 10 and didn’t grow up with much. They both own their own successful businesses in the construction world and have built great lives for their families because they are such hard workers and men of integrity. It has been neat to see how much they have in common, and that’s probably a big reason Jonathan and I share so many common values.

My dad and I have always been super close. He has always been very encouraging but challenged me to be the BEST I could be at whatever I was doing. He taught me to work hard and be generous. He LOVES people and would do anything for anyone. I am so thankful for the qualities he has instilled in me and it is PRECIOUS to see the relationship he now has with Jase.  Jase is crazy about his Granddaddy (he says it so cute too!). Since he could walk he has always liked to go up to Daddy and grab his index finger (my dad has some really big hands) and get him to walk all around with him. He says “Come on Granddaddy, let’s go!” Everyone that knows my dad loves him. He rarely meets a stranger, has a huge soft spot for animals, and loves to work in the yard. Such a sweet man with a big heart, and we are so thankful for him!


Jonathan’s dad has always been so good to me too. He worked hard to provide for his kids, but even better, he taught Jonathan to enjoy work, work hard, and be a man of integrity. Him and Jonathan worked together for several years when we first got married and have continued to have a close relationship.  They talk on the phone almost every day and that is so sweet to me. Jimmy is known for telling a good story and having the funniest laugh that can’t help but make you laugh. He is also super generous and giving and has taught Jonathan to be that way too. Jimmy has coached half of the county in baseball or softball at some point and is awesome with kids. We can’t wait for him to help coach our kids some day! Jase ADORES him & looooves when Papa comes to visit. He especially likes “wortin” with Papa and Daddy. Jimmy comes in and gets right on the floor to start playing with Jase, and they both love every minute of it. We are so thankful for Jimmy!


And the man who has my heart …just WOW! I knew Jonathan would be a good dad when I married him, but I had NO idea he would exceed my wildest expectations. I mean every word of that. Jonathan is the MOST hands on dad I have personally ever seen. Ever. From day one of their little lives, he has a hand in everything and he LOVES it. He even enjoys the baby phase!! He changes diapers and outfits, gives baths, helps with bedtime, helps make breakfast or lunch or snacks if needed, makes sure cars eats are installed correctly, comes to doctor’s appointments, and spends a TON of T-I-M-E with our little guys. He teaches Jase all kinds of things and lets him “work” right along side him. He prays with him before all our meals and before bedtime. He laughs with him and plays with him all the time- chases him, races him, teaches him to throw a ball and drive and “mow the grass.” Jase is in a phase now where he copies EVERYTHING Jonathan does and!  Most importantly, he models for them daily what it looks like to be a man who loves the Lord and his family…who works hard…who loves to help other people. Jonathan is as genuine and humble as it gets, and I am so thankful that is the example our boys have. We are SO thankful for Jonathan and couldn’t have hand picked a better daddy for Jase and Kade. We LOVE you!

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I love seeing all the dads celebrated on their special day, and at the same time my heart breaks for those who are missing their dad. I spent some time praying for those people on Father’s Day because I just can’t imagine.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads, and especially to the three men/dads who add so much value to our life! We LOVE you and thank God for you.

“And I thank my God when I remember you.” –Phil 1:3

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