Sunday, June 7, 2015

#babybutlernumerodos is 38 Weeks!!

Baby Growth: Kade is the size of a small watermelon and his organs are prepared for life outside the womb. Right now he is just practicing blinking, breathing, stretching, etc. while God is putting the final finishing touches on his development.
We had an ultrasound at this week’s appointment and the ultrasound tech said he is right around 7 lbs, 9 oz with big feet just like Jase! She asked cautiously if he was my first and when I responded with no, she asked how big Jase was. I think she thought it would make me nervous to tell me his size, but I told her I just grow ‘em big. If he gains a half of a pound a week and goes to full-term, he will end up right around the same size as Jase.


My Symptoms: Physically I still feel good. I am slowing down just a little, but for the most part I’ve just been rollin like normal.

Stretch marks are getting pretty awesome. Who doesn’t love some good stretch marks, right?

My patience is wearing just a tad thin, but overall I feel like I’ve been pretty positive & not too crazy hormonal. (Jonathan might be singing a different tune.)

Only complaint has to do with my digestion, and I’ll just go ahead and spare y’all the details.

Appointment: My blood pressure was 108/63. Kade’s heart rate was in the low 130s. I was dilated 1 cm and 60% effaced, & had to recheck for GBS because they accidentally lost the last test. (Hopefully it’ll be negative and I can avoid the antibiotic.)  I asked about my due date because my ovulation calendar revealed a diff date than the date determined based on my last menstrual cycle, but because it’s within a week, they kept the date the same. Kade was measuring right at 38 weeks. I also asked about what to do if I go into labor because last time they sent me straight from the doctor’s office to the hospital. I also had an ultrasound today (I’ve only had two the entire time) and she said she could see some hair (Jase had some at birth too- it didn’t last long). She said his head was nice and low, his feet are “pretty good size,” the amniotic fluid looks good, and he is weighing around 7 lbs and 9 oz as of now. She also commented on how much he was moving for his size- WILD MAN!

Weight/Belly: I am up 25 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. My belly is HUGE & is starting to widen out just a little, but I am definitely still mostly in front carrying like a torpedo. My belly button grosses me out, but there is nothing I can do to contain the beast. I feel like he is a little lower, although I’m not sure he has officially “dropped” yet.


Maternity Clothes:  Yep, but ready for normal clothes again fo sho.

Movement: The ultrasound tech commented today that he is REALLY active, especially for such a big boy. My little wild man!

Sleep: Sleeping okay this week. Not great, not awful. Finally “slept in” a few days though. (And by sleep in I simply mean I didn’t wake up crazy early.)

Workouts: I went to yoga and body pump each one time this week. Not as much as I’d like, but Jon had to help a friend out Saturday and there was no class on Monday.

Cravings: Popsicles. I eat at least 2 a day. Today I had 3.

Accomplishments: I made the nurse goody bags this week. That’s about it.

Best Pregnancy Moments This Week: Ultrasound- loved seeing and hearing my sweet boy.

Maternity pics- can’t wait to see them! I tried to cover my belly button in them so hopefully I don’t look TOO awkward. (Trust me though, awkward is better than letting her shine!)


Also had a blast going to pick strawberries in the most perfect weather.


Memorial Day with friends.


Thoughts: I feel so much more prepared for this labor and delivery. Even as ‘educated’ as I was last time, experience truly is the best teacher. (And trust me, I was pretty stinkin prepared. I took childbirth AND Bradley classes, both for 6 weeks each, and read about 10 books).  Now I know what to do differently, what to expect, etc. I have an incredible “support team” and lots of prayer warrior friends whose prayers I covet and appreciate more than they know.

I still feel great physically and am content to carry this sweet boy until the Lord decides it’s time for Kade to join us. I am definitely not miserable (or even uncomfortable really). I feel full of peace, joy, and excitement, and am just anxious to meet him! I am beyond thankful for such a wonderful pregnancy and am enjoying these last couple weeks, but I feel good about him coming now that we’ve made it to 38 weeks.

I do get asked at least three times a day when I’m due, but I haven’t had NEARLY as many “rude pregnancy comments” as I did with Jase. People are much nicer and more complimentary this time, and I am also not getting all kinds of unsolicited pregnancy/parenting advice. I am not sure what is so different this time- maybe because I already have one kiddo and I’ve “been there, done that”??

Goals for the Next Week: Actually finish my to-do list! Car seat and pack hospital bag are my two main concerns. If I can at least get those two things done we’ll be in good shape. They’ve only been on my list for like a month or so…

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