Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jase’s 27th-29th Week!!

November 7- November 27

Jase has had LOTS of big milestones this month. He turned 6 months on November 8th!


Ha! Lesson learned…do not try to have a photo shoot right before nap time. Lil booty was tired (that’s pretty much the only time he gets fussy- you can read him like a book when he’s tired) & not exactly in “picture attire.”


Back to happy baby!


Weight: Jase weighs 17 lbs and the pediatrician wants to watch to make sure he is gaining weight in the next few weeks. He rate of growth has dropped off, and although actual weight doesn’t matter, she does want to seem him growing consistently. His percentile has dropped, so we are going to keep an eye on it. I am going to focus on getting full feedings (he is SUPER curious and gets really distracted) & increasing solids to 2-3 times a day.

Still rockin’ 12- 18 month clothes because he is so long! Jase is 90th percentile on his height. When I am around other babies, I realize how TALL he is & how big of hands and feet he has.


Health: He was supposed to get his 6 month shots at his appointment on Nov. 22, but he had a fever as soon as we got to the office so we postponed. He hadn’t been sick at all and was acting fine. He actually just woke up with a fever the day of the appointment and I KNEW in my gut it was teething. Sure enough his top two teeth started popping through a couple days later. Last time Jase was teething, his teeth came in very quickly and he acted like it barely phased him. He has thrown up a couple times, which so far is something he only does when teething. (Maybe from swallowing so much saliva?) He has been chewing on everything and loves to chew on mesh feeders with frozen peaches and bananas. So far he is doing pretty well with these teeth. No crying or fussiness, but we are having a tough time staying on schedule. He is waking up 2-3 times after he goes down for the night (I nurse him for a few minutes & he goes back to sleep) and is not eating as much as normal at his feedings, which means he is having to eat more often. (I think the sucking motion hurts his teeth.) I tried giving him a bottle and he will not take it- he only chews on the nipple. Poor baby!


He also had a reaction to eggs. I gave him scrambled pastuerized egg yolks (egg whites are more likely to cause reactions), and noticed he had some hives the next day. I watched it for the rest of the day before calling the doctor because they would randomly pop up in different places and then go away. Thankfully they completely went away before he went to bed. I didn’t realize it was the eggs until I tried them one more time and his cheeks became really flushed and rosy afterwards. Mom told me I was allergic to eggs too when I was a baby, so definitely no more eggs for lil man. (Thank goodness I outgrew that allergy- eggs are my FAVE!)


Shots are rescheduled and we are following Dr. Sears’ delayed vaccination schedule from here on out. We opted not to get the flu shot or mist because he is breastfed and honestly, we don’t leave the house much.


We have also started back on multivitamins with iron. I stopped doing them for a while after our vitamin choking scare, but our doctor wants us to make sure he is getting iron because it does not make it through breast milk after 6 months and needs to be supplemented.


“Another picture? Come on, Mom….too cool for that, bro!”

Sleep: Time change straight jacked us up. It took him a couple weeks to recover from that (he was waking up some in the middle of the night), and as soon as we got back on track from that we went out of town to the beach for a week. It took him a couple days to get adjusted, but he got right back on schedule. He slept really well the whole car ride down and back from the beach & stayed right on schedule.


And now teething has us all out of whack again. A few times I’ve just had to hold him to sleep so he could get some rest. Definitely not complaining! Hate that sweet baby’s teeth are hurting him, but LOVE my little snuggly bug.


Nursing/Eating: Nursing has been going well until he started teething. I know his poor little teeth breaking through are hurting him. He has been eating like a champ though! We are still doing BLW for now & I really feel like it just “clicked” with him overnight. I absolutely LOVE the concept of it.  Jase wasn’t really eating anything for awhile- just playing- which is fine. Food is supposed to be for fun the whole first year anyway, but I feel more pressure for him to gain weight after his last appointment. He can definitely eat purees- we tried it one day after the appointment and he LOVED it (organic sweet potatoes, carrots, & brown rice).  But, I reread Baby Led Weaning and felt more led to do that, but the gagging freaks Jonathan out pretty bad, so I’m torn.



What Jase is up to: Jase is saying “Mama” and “baba.”

He sat up for his very first time ON THE BEACH!


He started crawling at 28 weeks & likes to pull up onto his knees.


His new thing is to not lay down when I put him in his crib- and instead he straight parties. He crawls all over and pulls up.


LOVES listening to people sing, listening to Daddy play guitar, and seeing puppies.



Grammy has bought pretty much every article of clothing this kid owns. She is a yard sale/sale rack queen. I try to tell her not to, but she loves spoiling her baby!


Post-Partum: It’s been a little tough waking up in the middle of the night so often, but overall I feel great! Did my first CrossFit workout ever with our AdvoCare team while we were in Destin…kick booty! Got a major raw spot on my hiney from sit-ups. YOUCH!!

Thoughts: Funny that he looks so much like both of us. People who knew me as a baby swears Jase looks JUST like me; same with Jonathan’s fam who knew him as a baby. It’s crazy how similar our features were as babies….we actually look a good bit alike as babies, which is weird because I don’t think we favor now.


Baby Jase- Just when I think I can’t love you ANY more than I already do, you steal another piece of my heart I didn’t know existed and I fall even more in love with you. I am so THANKFUL for the gift of being your Mom. Thankful for who you are, for your sweet demeanor, and how you bring a smile to everyone. You bring so much JOY to our life! We are blessed beyond measure and being your mom is my favorite. You are seriously the most precious baby I have ever laid eyes on! I love every new phase and wish I could just freeze you in time. I’m so excited to see you grow up- to learn new things, to grow- but I would love to keep you my little boo for forever. I am so proud to be your mom, Baby Jase!! My sweet angel.


Katie said...

Jumping in here on the percentile drop thing....All of mine have dropped on the charts at some point in the first year. My 1st baby (a girl) went from off the charts on weight and height at birth to 50% for weight and off the chart for height at 6 mo. A 50% drop!! She was FINE though. She is still off the chart for height and 50% for weight at 5 years old. My 2nd didn't drop down on the chart until 9 mo, but he went from 75% to 45% at that time. I BLW him and he didn't catch on with eating until 7-8 mo, so he was nursing more (1-2x/night), but he was FINE and healthy and is still tall and slender at 3 years old. My 3rd (a girl) is 6 mo. now and has gone from off the chart for weight and 90% for length at birth to 20% weight and 85% length in 6 mo. She also is perfectly healthy and content. She does tend to wake in the early morning to nurse, then sleep some more. She hasn't caught on to the eating yet, but likes to play with food.

All 3 are long and slender. That's just their body time and it seem's like Jase is that way too!! I'm assuming his length is staying steady on the growth chart....I've always thought a hungry baby would be fussy and unhappy and he doesn't seem that way at all (except for those poor teeth!). I wouldn't worry a bit. :)

*Sorry I wrote a book!

Jaimee Granberry said...

I am having the hardest time finding a multivitamin with iron that is all natural with no additives/dyes...what kind are you using?

Our Little Family said...

James actually lost weight when he was 5 months old and his doctor wanted me to feed him 4 meals a day as well as nurse him. And give him 2-4oz of formula after nursing him. He really had me freaked out that something was wrong with James because he lost some weight. I decided to go with my gut and continue doing things the way I was and he started to gain again. You know your baby and you can tell if he is hungry or not. If you don't agree with what the doctor says go with your gut.

Emily said...

Whew girl you are dealing with a LOT with him right now!!!!! The combo of teeth plus alllllll his developmental leaps makes is easy to understand why he's struggling some with sleep! Poor thing! And Britt was the same way when teething...she didn't eat as much either bc it hurt her. It still does! She's cutting her two year molars now and will ask us to feed her b/c it hurts her. So pitiful.

I also wouldn't feel like BLW is a must-do. I don't know if I could have handled it with Kye. I LOVED it with Britt but I know how it is as a first time mom. And I KNOW Zach couldn't have handled the gagging with Kye AT ALL (it was tough with Britt but things are just different with the 2nd one...we tended to worry less overall about stuff). Def follow your gut and what works best for YOU guys :)

P!nky said...

He is so precious! Those pictures are so wonderful, thanks for sharing!

#mommylife said...

we have our appt Monday.. I'm excited to see how long she is now.. i go to a weekly breastfeeding group where we can weigh in every week so that's been helpful.. but once the doc gives the ok or whatever on Monday i can't wait to start solids! And teething.. I. HATE. IT! It's seriously messed everything up that was working out for us before lol. He is so adorable!