Friday, December 20, 2013

Jase’s First Thanksgiving

Jase loved spending time with both sides of his family for Thanksgiving!

We went to my parents for the first meal of the day. YUM!!! We brought the black out curtains, noise machine, Snuza Hero, & monitors to my moms so he could take a nap before lunch. He slept for a good couple of hours while we were there.   Big Jon seriously put a hurtin on some food! It was delicious!! Jase enjoyed it too. I brought some food for him from home, but he tried the turkey and loved sucking the juices out of it.


We went to Jonathan’s family’s dinner that evening & ate more delicious food. Jase put down some more turkey & had fun meeting his cousins for the first time.

Straight juuuudddddoooooo choppin!! Hhahaa- this “action” shot cracks me up!


I know next year he’ll be ready to run around with all of the other lil cuties!


We are so richly blessed, and thankful….not just on Thanksgiving, but daily. Enjoyed the sweet family time and laughs, as always.

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