Friday, December 20, 2013

Jases 30th–32nd Weeks!

November 28- December 18

Business has been crazy for us lately (what a blessing!), so blogging has been on the back burner. I have LOTS to say though, don’t worry….so be ready for an influx of blog posts when life slows down! I’m not really sure when that will be…ha! But it’s coming.


Weight: Right around 18 lbs. I’ve upped his solids to a few times a day, but lil dude is so active I have a feeling it’s going to be tough to keep weight on him.  Not that I can say I’m surprised…he was a wild man in the womb and I had a feeling he would be when he got out too. He seriously does NOT stop! He may just be a long and lean machine. I’m already having a blast with him and loving every new stage, but so looking forward to the running around/playing as he grows. Can’t wait to play “catch” & show him I can throw a baseball harder than most of his friends’ dads! Ha!


Health: He had a fever a few times earlier in the week, but didn’t act sick at all so I feel pretty certain it was from teething. Still, we waited on his vaccines again….(doing Dr. Sears delayed vaccination schedule anyway). Went back a week or so later and he got 2 shots…took em like a champ and he only cried for 2 seconds. He also acted totally normal afterwards and you couldn’t even tell he had shots, so I was thankful we chose to break them up & will definitely be doing this from the get go with all future kiddos. After reading about a friend whose daughter had a seizure after spiking a high fever after four vaccinations, it further confirmed our decision to delay vaccinations.

Also went back to the orthopedist for his hip check up and PRAISE THE LORD, got a great report!! She said everything looks great and she wants to see him again a month after he starts walking. (Goodness gracious, at this rate it won’t be long!) 


He has little bite marks on his thumb from sucking his thumb to fall asleep. Like legit wounds from his teeth. Took me a little while to figure out how they were getting there and why they wouldn’t heal. (We thought originally it was from his other fingernails and he was picking at it when it would scab over, but it finally clicked it was from his teeth when his thumb was in his mouth.) Not so sure how to stop that one.

Top two teeth and bottom two teeth are in! Top two are still growing…left side is coming in a tiny bit faster. Looks like he may have a cute lil gap? We’ll see.


Sleep: First week: Naps have been MUCH better this week, but he has been waking up in the middle of the night again. One to two times. Wondering if it’s a milk supply issue? I’m so much more rested now that it’s not a big deal & I’m actually enjoying the snuggle time & praying over my lil man… unless of course it’s because he isn’t getting enough to eat, and then it’s an issue. Second week: Sleeping through the night again. New habit though- He is  playing in his crib for about 15-30 minutes before he goes to sleep. He likes to crawl all around, pull up, sit up, and he finally gets exhausted & passes out. Third week: Sleeping well. Sleeping through the night. Falls asleep fast once he finally stops moving. CD player & computer won’t work on repeat anymore, and he doesn’t like it  when his lullabies go off. LOVING going in when it’s time for him to get up from naps!! He wakes up pretty much right on schedule and is usually sitting up on his knees patiently waiting for one of us to come get him. Sweet pea!! Jonathan usually gets him in the mornings and brings him to me in bed- and he is always so, so excited to see me! (Maybe it’s the boob/breakfast, but I’ll pretend it’s me.) Melts my heart! He is still taking 2 two hour naps a day and a cat nap at night. Guess he likes to sleep like his mama? We play hard & sleep hard! Ha! He has started laying his head on our shoulder though….it’s just beyond precious and sweet.


Nursing/Eating: Started taking lactation support supplements again to help with milk supply. Also chugging water- I’ve been a little lazy about it.

As far as solids, he is such a meat man!! Chicken is his fave. He’s eaten SO many new foods now & is really doing awesome with solids. He’s tried green beans, meatballs, cantaloupe, chicken, sweet potatoes, squash, turkey, broccoli, baked apples, sweet potatoes, oranges, roasted peppers, hummus, toast & Greek yogurt with cinnamon. He always has lots of “leftovers,” so I don’t think he is getting a ton of food, but he is definitely getting some and at least sucking the juices out. I know this to be true from his diapers. SHEESH! That junk is gross & I straight gag sometimes changing it. I’m pretty sure he woke up from a nap two different times after going #2 because it was so stinky. You know it’s bad when you wake yourself up from a nap! Ha!! I will say though, he eats healthier than pretty much any grown adult I know, and it inspires me to eat even cleaner too. It takes a ton of prep (he eats the same foods we do, I just prepare them a little differently so his food can be in “sticks”- and I’ve always spent a lot of time with meal prep) and a ton of clean up….but it’s so worth it to know that I’m giving him great nutrition. Plus, he loves being a part of meal time & eating like we are.


We are still working on the water.


What Jase is up to: The first part of this week Jase was bumping his head on EVERYTHING like nobody’s business. He was super wobbly pulling himself up, crawling on and around like crazy, and seriously had about 5 goose eggs for a week straight. He finally started to get more stable as the week went on and now he is STANDING. Yes, pulling up to STANDING. Craziness!!

Curious Jase in thaaa house! Lil dude is SOOOOO curious about everything! He wants to look at, touch & feel EVERYTHING! The teacher in me is loving this stage of exploration. I describe everything to him all the time. He entertains himself well though. He does awesome with his independent play time. But of course he lights up when somebody talks to him (as long as he is not sleepy) & it’s precious!

He has also become a TOTALLLL wiggle worm & it makes it really, REALLY hard to dress him and change his diaper. He cries (he has never cried before) because he wants to roll over and take off. There is really no distracting him either- maybe for about 8 seconds. It’s a little frustrating because I try to hurry, hurry and end up spazzing and can’t get anything buttoned or snapped…I feel like I’m wrestling an alligator! Guess that’s part of the challenge with having an active lil guy though.

He also lets you know when he is tired. He is always the happiest lil baby, but if he’s tired, his eyes get red and he stops smiling. He also does this high pitched squeal thing and goes crazy on my face.

He is stinkin hilarious! I am so loving his personality & how he plays with me. I would have 10 more if I knew they would all be this easy and this much fun! He is squealing, laughing, and talking it up. He is waving & saying “papa.”


Post-Partum: I have been eating a TON of veggies, drinking a lot of green smoothies, juicing once or twice a week, & eating kale chips like nobody’s business. Taking my incredible supplements, getting plenty of sleep, & working out hard. I feel incredible! I’ve also been spending lots of time with the people I love most, snuggling my sweet baby every change I get, participating in an awesome (seriously life changing) Bible study with some sweet, sweet ladies, and am feeling incredibly BLESSED!!


Thoughts: Every new stage is my favorite!! My friend Adrienne told me that would happen, and man was she right. You truly get cuter and sweeter every day. Just when I think I can’t love you any more than I already do, I my heart bursts with even more love. My whole life I have wanted to be a wife and mom…and it’s far beyond anything I could have imagined. Sweet baby Jase, THANK YOU for giving me the gift of motherhood. You fill my heart with so much joy every single day. And boy, oh boy….your grandparents are CRAZY over you!!! I am so excited to see how God is going to use you, Jase. I pray over you every day…lots. I can sure tell you that becoming a mother has strengthened my prayer life…I pray all the time. Mostly thanking and praising Him for you. I can already tell you are so very, very special and the Lord is going to use you in mighty ways. I can’t even begin to imagine my life without you, and talk about the sweetest smile the face of the earth has ever seen….

And we are having a blast with all these FIRSTS!!


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Emily said...

Dang he's been BUSY!!!! :) With BLW you gotta get yourself some easy to clean bibs! I love the ones that you can rinse off in the sink or (once they are less messy) just wipe down with a baby wipe!!! It'll make one thing a little easier for you!!!!

So glad everything is good with his hip!!!!