Friday, August 16, 2013

Jase's 13th Week!!

August 1- August 7

I haven't weighed him lately, but I can tell he is filling out even more. He was just over 14 lbs last time I checked. Such a big boy!! I love his awesome backwards bowl cut...
His blonde hair is coming back in though! Excited to have a little blonde haired, blue-eyed boy.
My weight is pretty consistent around 140. I'm happy with my weight, but still working on getting my body fat % lower and my body comp back to where I want it. Overall I'm just focused on being healthy & giving J$ the BEST possible nutrition to give him the healthiest start possible. The more research I do, the more I value what I put into our bodies.
Health:  Healthy baby, happy mama!

Sleep: Naps have been perfect. He puts himself to sleep and typically stays asleep about an hour and a half or so. A couple of times that 45 minute intruder snuck in, but I would just shhhhh & pat him back to sleep. Still waking up during the night around 1:30 or so, and then sleeps till I wake him up about 7:30 am.
Cracked me up that he woke up so grumpy...
 But did a quick 180 after he ate! All smiles! Somebody is just like his mama...
Seriously, these beautiful eyes melt my heart...& those lips!!! Ahhhh I can't get enough!
Nursing: My supply has dropped some because I cannot pump quite as much as I have been able to in the past. I'm not sure if it's just regulation or if I've been working out too hard, so I'm going to calm down a little. (I only get to the gym a few times a week so I make the workouts COUNT & work out super intensely.) His feedings are only lasting 15 minutes or so and I don't feel like he's eating quite as much this week.

What Jase is up to: We celebrated mine & Jonathan's mom's birthday this week. Had a BLAST at dinner!
Loving Aunt Jade!!
 The birthday girls!
 We also had dinner with the Adams family & enjoyed hangin' with our buddy, Braylon.
 LOVES that Daddy still, of course!!! (Poor lil guy has my ears....haha!!)
Stop it right now. So cute!
He helped Grammy bake a DELICIOUS strawberry for his mommy's birthday.
Jase flew in an airplane for the first time on August 7th. We flew to Dallas & he was seriously an angel.

We bit the bullet and paid for first class because we knew I'd need to nurse him during take off and landing, & would also have to change diapers. You know how everyone gets when you get on a flight with a baby....but he seriously didn't make a peep other than cooing and laughing. Our flight was even delayed an hour because of weather & we had to hold off feeding him (he needed to be sucking and swallowing to help with pressure in his ears) and he held off like a champ. When we got off, everyone was commenting what a great baby he is and how impressed they were he didn't cry at all. Stud- that's all I've got to say! Really though, so thankful the Lord protected us & he had such a good flight.
Getting his WINGS!!
Hangin out during the delay.
Lil man is turning into a major wiggle worm. I let him hang out in his seat while I took a shower, & he ALMOST finagled himself out. I was rushing as fast as I could to rinse the conditioner out so I could scoot him back up. Ha! Time to start strapping him in to all these contraptions.
PostPartum: I feel all the way back to normal! LOVE it!

Baby Gear: Snuza Hero for when we travel, Hanes 6-12 mos socks, Hymns CD (he LOVES it!), Aveeno bath products
Thoughts: School started back this week and it felt really good to not have to go to work for the first time in 6 years. I do miss my students & friends that I worked with, but I am BEYOND thankful God placed Advocare in our path and it has allowed me to stay home with him. There is NOWHERE I'd rather be than right here with Jase. We thank God every single day for this company and the opportunity it has created for our family.
There are a few things I tell Jase every day & I think it's so important to say them out loud to him. I tell him how much God loves him & how much me and his Daddy love him. I tell him I'm so proud to be his mom. I tell him I know God has BIG THINGS planned for him & is going to use him in a mighty way. I tell him he's a champion and I'm so thankful God chose ME to be his mommy.
 I fall more and more in love with this precious angel every day and am enjoying every second of watching him grow up!! Thank you, Lord, for blessing us!!

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