Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's Offcial...Butler, Party of 3

Well, it's time friends!
We have technically been "Butler, Party of 3" since May 8th, of the most blessed days of our lives! So it's time for the blog to catch up with real time.
 A HUGE shout out to Jackie @ Memories by Design.....she has been SO awesome to work with & so patient with this new mama. She's responsible for our new look.

We just wanted to make sure you'd know where to find us in case anything gets "disconnected" during our transition....I know things happen & I'd hate to lose my blog friends. For example, I know Pinterest links from old posts will no longer bring you to our blog- boo!) Still, we are so excited about this new chapter!

One last thing. I really need some help on this one...

I no longer have a computer that has Windows Live Writer.  Windows Live Writer is the BEST THING that has ever happened in the world of real. SO easy, quick, efficient, user friendly, don't have to edit pics, and it publishes directly to my Blogger account. We bought a Mac hoping blogging would be easier since I no longer have the laptop that has WLW, but it doesn't even COMPARE. W Actually, I HATE it. We ended up buying a new Dell (we are looking to sell the Mac Book Pro for around $1000 if anyone is interested....we paid over $1400 for it & even purchased the One-to-One training!) and of course it doesn't have WLW either and won't let me put it on here. Does anyone have a solution? I am a really fast writer and typist, so it normally only takes me about 15 min to whip out a post. Since I've had to go back to using Blogger, it now takes over an hour at the LEAST to post anything. If you've noticed a lull in my posting frequency, that is why. It's super frustrating and I've almost "quit" a few times because my time is more precious than ever now- it annoys me really bad to be spending so much time doing something that I KNOW can be done SO much quicker and more efficiently. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE blogging and have SO many things I've wanted to blog about during the past 3 months, but haven't because I know it will take forever. Please help! Anyone??

Come check us out as we officially become Butler, Party of 3! Thank you for joining us on this journey!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you can get WLW 2012! directs you to here:

Good luck!
A fan in Athens

#mommylife said...

hey there! Jenn sent me over here (i may be the next advocare rep for her group)..anyways.. so tell me what i'm missing out on!? I just tried to download windows live writer and it says i already have a newer version installed but i don't know how to find it!

Ashley said...

YAY!! I love the new design!! XxOo