Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jase's 15th Week!!

August 15- 21
Weight: We haven’t weighed in a while- really need to do that! He is definitely growing though. He is especially LONG…I mean, WOW!IMG_4528

Health: Everything is going well! Bright eyes, fuzzy blonde hair coming back in, (still rockin’ a sweet dark patch in the back though) & lots of big, gummy smiles!  He is super alert, content, & learning so much. Moved up to size 2 diapers this week…those 1s just weren’t cutting it!

Sleep: We have had AWESOME naps this week!! I can put him down & he goes to sleep on his own & is typically staying asleep for around 2 hours. Yipee!! If he doesn’t fall asleep right away, I will put his paci in his mouth and pat his back for a minute or so, but then he falls asleep pretty quickly. He still REALLY loves his hymn cd.

Jase is a CRAZY sleeper!! He does complete 360 turns and half the time ends up sideways or on the other side of his crib. He also gets his arms & legs stuck out of the crib lats and that wakes him up every time. The worst is when he rolls over in his sleep and bumps his little head. Breaks my heart, but don’t know what else to do because I don’t feel comfortable with bumpers. Any suggestions?


Still waking up 1-2 times every night. Working on that…

Nursing: Like a champ! I need to burp him more while he is nursing, & I can tell when I need to because he will push me away.

I am SO over pumping! I’d way rather just feed him myself.

What Jase is up to: Basically, being a stud.

He is HILARIOUS!! I stinkin LOVE this kid. And so does pretty much anyone who meets him. He definitely has both of his grandparents’ hearts…


Loving playing with Daddy! My boys are really cute together…


Jase enjoyed visiting Meleisa at school…


And looked SO stinkin cute rockin’ Daddy’s hat from when he was little! Ahhhhh!!!! “Awwww, Mooooom…..why are you making me wear this hat?”


PostPartum: I feel good for the most part. He is still waking up 1-2 times during the night, so I am a little tired during the day. I try to take at least one nap while he is sleeping, and other than that I am just SUPER thankful for SPARK!

Wishing I had a little more time to work out. That is my only “hobby” besides blogging (and THANK YOU to the precious soul who hooked me up with WLW…you are my hero & just single handedly saved my blogging career!).  I need it for me I know I could and should work out at home, and I used to do that, but now that I am home ALL THE TIME (I rarely leave- it’s just easier to be here & have him in his own bed for naps) I really like having that hour out of the house. Right now we share Advocare about 3 evenings a week and go to church the other night, so I only get to go about once a week. Maybe when he gets a little bigger I can let him hang in the gym nursery for 45 min or so…

BUT, nothing compares to seeing this precious angel & I am LOVING being able to spend so much time with my little man!! Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to be home!

Also loved seeing Baby Vann! SUCH a handsome lil guy & he loves his Aunt Danielle already!


Baby Gear:  size 2 diapers, books, Praise cds, mirrors

Thoughts: LOVE this sweet angel more than words. So thankful I get to be his mommy, & so thankful for his happy disposition. I don’t know if future Baby Butler’s will be this “easy,” but if so I’d have a whole house full!  BLESSED.BEYOND.MEASURE.


Melissa said...

dannnnggg HOTTIE! I LOVE that picture of you holding Vann! Let's get a playdate on the books!

jackie said...

They make a mesh bumper that you can put in the crib that is 100 percent breathable! It basically prevents their limbs from getting stuck in the slats. Check target online I'm sure they have it!

Mrs. B said...

I agree with the breathable bumpers. We used those and they work great. You can find them online at Wal-mart, Target and Amazon, I believe!

Unknown said...

Get a breathable bumper!! Loved it. So sad that we just took ours down and made a big girl bed!! Here is a blog post with a picture of what it will look like.