Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Sew! Studio

Dana & her Mom are two very special ladies to me. Dana is one of my BFF's and she and her mom are both super crafty, talented, and just creative genuises!  Mrs. Mary actually majored in home economics in college- how cool, right?  She recently came up with the idea of having a sewing studio that teaches people to sew and allows them to leave with their own creation (with her step-by-step guidance, of course!).  It's called Just Sew! Studio.
I am actually familiar with a sewing machine and have a little experience from home ec in high school, but I can't remember anything! A few of my sweet friends and I signed up for a dress class, and Mrs. Mary made it super simple and fun.
  Although it was a great experience, I do really want to learn how to sew on my own, so I plan on going back a few (maybe more? ha!) times to sharpen my skills.  We all had a great time & enjoyed lots of laughs. Plus, we went home with these super cute dresses that WE made! So cool! I can't wait to wear mine to school & tell the kiddos I made it myself. :)


Mama’s Minute said...

Y'all are precious in that last picture! Email it to me, so we can use it on the site! :) Thanks for the sweet post for Mama. She will love it!!

Laura Darling said...

So cute! I just got a sewing machine and I'm totally overwhelmed!