Friday, August 26, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge: Seven Wants

I REALLY want...
1. To go on vacation. I could use some mountain air!
2. For no one to EVER ask me if I'm pregnant again....unless I'm actually pregnant! (Yes, a fellow teacher rubbed her belly yesterday and looked at my tummy and said "Are you pregnant?"  Ha...ha...ha...NO!!!! I really wanted to tell her I'm just constipated and bloated from being on my period, along with wearing layers, but thought that may be TMI- which is probably what you're thinking now! It would have been funny though, right?)
3. For my calves to stop being so tight & tweaking when I run....annoying!! 
4. To learn to be content in every situation and circumstance.
5. To sleep in!  I can't remember the last time I slept in. I wake up at 5 am three days during the week to go to school and run; 6 am the other two days; wake up early to beat the heat for long runs on Saturdays; and even go to 8:30 SS on Sundays. I NEVER get to sleep in!! (Is it just me or do I mention sleeping in every post? Ha! What can I say, I've been a sleepyhead my whole life!)
6. To go to the movies. I really love going to the movies & we haven't been in forever.
7. To feel like my old self again.  I've been in a little funk (it happens).... I know mastering #4 will help me with that.


Kae said...

I really love this post I think that I might try this 10 day challenge! I hope you get some rest :) Happy Friday love!

Lindsey Peterson said...

I've been in kind of a funk lately's no fun! Maybe sleeping more will help you? haha

Jamie said...

I'm with you on being in a funk :/ Maybe getting some more sleep would help me!