Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Butler Family Pics- August 2017

Trying to plan outfits for a family of 5 is for the birrrrrds. I went back and forth several times and ended up with these. I wish I had something solid for Beau, but most of our stuff is packed up in storage and I really didn’t want to waste money buying anything new when we already have plenty of clothes.

It ended up being hotttttt, so I had to pick something semi-cool.

We bribed the boys with Skittles. Do what ya gotta do, right?

Kade, who is normally my always smiling, happiest boy, wasn’t having it. I’m telling ya, it’s like the instant that camera comes out they go into the anti-picture mode.

But sweet Miss Brittany is so patient and so good with them. She does such a great job in spite of my little camera protesters!

Side note on my hair…I didn’t fix it myself. And as much as I’ve wanted to learn, I don’t really like looking “too done up” if that makes sense? I always love when other people’s hair is curled , but I really just prefer mine in a low pony tail. Anyone else?

So, what do you do when you get your family pics taken? Print them out? For now I just post them here & print the blog books.


Not gonna lie… I do love my boys wearing some matchy matchy shirts. I know some people think it’s cheesy, but I LOVE dressing them alike!


Jonathan: STUD husband & incredible daddio to our boys.


Jase: 4 years old


Beau: 6 months old


Kade: 2 years old



Like, hair matted to my face & dripping down my back sweating…Oh well.


I sure LOVE me some Jonathan Butler. More every year.


That’s a wrap for Butler Party of 5 Fall pics!


Moonsparkle said...

Beautiful pics! :)

Anonymous said...

I feel ya as I sit here with my low pony tail :)
I love dressing my girls the same too. Y’all look great! Hope y’all have a wonderful holiday season!