Saturday, November 25, 2017

Destin 2017

The Fall is our FAVORITE time to go to the beach!! It’s not too crowded & the weather is P E R F E C T. We’ve been going in September/October the last few years and loving it!

This year we went with the Adams family & stayed at Waterscapes in Destin (per the recommendation of my FB friends). It was a great resort (pools were awesome) for families, & the beaches in Destin are all gorgeous. The only issue at all was there were a TON of people directly on the beach in front of the condos. That’s not a huge deal, but I think we prefer a little bit quieter. (It felt like everyone was just getting wasted on the beach…but I think that’s just what most people do?)

The boys loved the pool action, and I liked that every room was oceanfront. The rooms were pretty nice too, but we agreed we’d like to try somewhere different next time.



We went to eat seafood every night, and a couple nights we had a sweet treat (ice cream or fro yo) afterwards. It was Mayson’s first time eating frozen yogurt, but the big boys showed her how it’s done.


I was a little worried it’d be tough for the little ones to nap with all of us in one condo. Y’all, we had 5 littles, 4 & under. Whew! But thankfully it worked out great and they all took good naps (maybe because the beach wore them out?). It worked out really well.

It was so good having some quality time with our friends, and the older boys especially had a BLAST! We made great memories and we’re already looking forward to next time.

Our first night we ate at one of our faves- The Back Porch.


This was one of my favorite places we went. I think it was called Harry T’s? It had a neat little outdoor mall.


Jase took all these. Impressive photography skills for a 4 year old, right?


I love watching the boys play, dance, & sing. There was a huge stage with music videos playing in the background and the boys were straight getttttin down! I think their favorite part was the ice cream though.


I can’t even believe we managed a family pic for each of us with every.single.person. SMILING. 9 smiles. #winning


Oh, and we also celebrated this stud’s 34th birthday (I think…I’ll have to double check!) while we were there!! Nowhere better to celebrate your birthday than the beach, right? SO grateful for him!!


Fun beach memories! Already ready to go back…

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