Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pumpkin Patch 2016

I haven’t been great at creating traditions (yet), but that is definitely something I want to work on because they are so, so special. Some of my favorite childhood memories root back to our family’s traditions, and I’ve heard it said that they are the glue that holds families together.

This is one we HAVE successfully done every year since Jase was born- Burt’s Pumpkin Farm with the Adams family! It has been so much fun to watch the boys grow and change each year, and for the last two years we’ve added our sweet new additions: Baby Kade & Baby Mayson (our first girl!). Next year we’ll have the newest Butler boy too, so we’re keeping the growth pattern going strong. I am so thankful for our growing family!


We tried going last week, but a random cold/wind front came through and it was FREEZING, so we put it off till today. The weather was gorgeous and it was even a little toasty. The older boys LOVE running around through all the pumpkins, checking out the fish in the nearby creek, and this year we went on the hay ride. It was a little bit too dusty for the littles, but it was a neat little ride back through the woods. (All fun & games till I couldn’t find my keys in the hay for about 5 minutes. Whew!)


It may sound cheesy, but their smiles seriously light up my world.


Daddy met us at the Pumpkin Patch after the hay ride because he was helping Papa get caught up on some of his work this week. We are thankful he has the time to be able to help when someone needs it, but we sure have missed him!


Love, love, love this picture of my Jase! I may have to frame it.


I can’t get over how much these two have grown…




All 4 of the kiddos! (Plus Laura, who looks AMAZING for having a brand new baby.)


Kade’s laugh is so contagious!! You can’t watch him smile and not smile too.


The Adams Family!


My favorite of miss Mayson- so, so cute!! Loved her sweet little outfit.


Family pictures become more interesting as our family expands, but we managed to get a few with everyone actually looking at the camera. #winning

I think these first couple with Jase mean muggin are my fave though. Lil stinker!


Real life #butlerpartyof4.


Such a fun afternoon of sweet memories! Thankful.


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Unknown said...

Oh, your family is precious! And I love that t-shirt you're wearing (Jesus Saves, Bro) so cute!