Friday, August 17, 2018

Homeschooling Update…

When people ask how homeschooling is going...ummm, it’s going.

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Transparency moment: I don’t feel like i have been totally honest with everyone about homeschooling. When people have asked me about it and said “Wow, i could never do that!” I really wanna say “Yes! Same here! Me neither!” Cuz that’s how I feel. I feel like I can’t. And I know that although according to the world’s “standards” I should be equipped (from an education and experience standpoint anyway), I am actually having to unlearn many things from my teaching background because this is SO, SO different. I think people assume I chose to homeschool because have unlimited patience with my boys or something...& while I’m working to grow in that area, I just want to confess: I’m not the most patient mom ever. Sometimes I lose my cool & don’t react/respond the way I’d like.

I have also been telling people i feel “called” to it because I feel like that eases the awkwardness of the conversation. But again… I don’t necessarily feel “called” to it. This is very much a CHOIE. I believe it’s the best choice for our family & our boys & the fruits we are trying to produce..but y’all, I’m not scared of hard things because I’ve done hard things before. And while many times I feel like I “can’t,” I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. So I’m clinging to that!

Hopefully at the end of this year I’ll be saying “Whew, we’re getting this thing figured out & we are thriving!” But for now, it’s just plain hard, & if I’m totally honest, i don’t necessarily ‘want’ to do it. Navigating this new journey with two other littles running around… while we’re living 5 deep in a friend’s camper in our driveway…(that’s a different post for a different day!)…it’s just a little crazy.

But, I want to be super transparent about my thoughts, feelings, and insecurities in our journey. SO I’m sharing my “struggles” because I fully believe there is some other mama reading this that has felt a tug on her heart to homeschool, but is maybe feeling some of these same obstacles I am. I just want you to know, you’re not alone & you CAN do it. God planted that seed in you for a reason. Don’t allow the enemy to steal this from you.  Yes, it is hard. But many of the most worthwhile things in life come with challenges. And there isn’t a better way to teach our kids to do hard things, even when you don’t feel equipped, even when you don’t necessarily “want to,” than to lead by example.

My major goal is for my kids to be worshippers, to know God and make him known, to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, to be entrepreneurs or in ministry, to be effective communicators, to enjoy learning, to be avid readers, to live healthy lives as productive members of society, and to have the Word hidden in their hearts. And this is the approach I feel like is best for our family in this season to make those things a reality.

Now back to Butler Academy...

Bible: Awanas + Character Calendar + Bible Study Fellowship

Memory Work + Community: Classical Conversations

Reading: Teach Your Child to Read in 100  Easy Lessons

Math: Horizons Math

Music: Funderful World of Music

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Becky Johnson said...

Hi, Danielle. I've been reading your blog since Jase was a baby. I don't read many blogs these days, but I frequently check in to see if/when you've posted. I'm entering my fourth year officially homeschooling my children (my daughter is starting 3rd and my son 1st). Never did I ever imagine myself doing this. I'm so thankful God gave me what I didn't know I needed. I am still learning their styles and how that meshes with my style. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of homeschooling has been just how much I've loved relearning everything with them. Also, might I add, your younger two are absolutely taking in what you teach your oldest. I have used The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading with both of my children. Because my son was simply in the same room while I was going through the lessons with my daughter, when it came time to start the curriculum with him, he was able to skip the first 26 lessons. I was amazed at just how much he retained while playing with his block and cars while my daughter and I did school. May you be encouraged each day!