Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Baby Butler #3 is 33 Weeks!

Growth: Your Growing Baby: Your baby's crown-to-rump length is about 17 inches. She weighs about 4 1/2 pounds and gains about eight ounces every week. Your baby has probably moved to the head-down position and may descend into your pelvis at any time in the next six weeks and begin to press into your cervix. (from fitpregnancy.com)

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Weight/Baby Bump: Yesterday was my first day back totally on the clean eating train and it felt SO good. I ate wayyyy to many treats over the holidays because I baked a TON! (I did give lots of it away too.) I’m going to back off the baking and comfort food for a while now that the holidays are over. I am still up about 23 lbs.


These are the only “bump pics” I took this week (from Christmas day). You can see the outline of my sweet support belt/suspenders. Ha!

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Sleep: Uhhhh the leg cramps! I woke up a few different nights in the last two weeks at about 3:30 am with cramps in my calves. I tried to be quiet so I wouldn’t wake Jonathan, so I just went downstairs and drank some water or Rehydrate, ate a banana, and stretched it out. Other than that still just the normal tossing and turning back and forth and lots of popping coming from my pelvis when I do. Your joints are DEFINITELY looser the third time around when you have them pretty close.

Movement: Still a wild man! Normally I take tons of baths during pregnancy, but since we’ve been living in rentals I’ve been sticking to showers. I finally took a bath last night & he was going CRAZY! Both of the other boys did that too. (It’s not too hot or anything…I think they just love being in the water.) You can very visibly see him moving from the outside now. My dad got to see it on Christmas and I recorded one of the craziest videos the other night of wild man Beau!

Appointments: I had an appointment last week (12/20). My blood pressure was 107/57 & baby’s heart rate was in the 140s I think. I mentioned about my pelvic pain and was excited that she actually recommended chiropractic. (I planned to do that anyway of course.) I actually had the appointment with the new chiropractors later that same day, and they are very knowledgeable/thorough, certified in Webster technique, & explained everything very well. It helped my lower back (pelvis) a TON and I cannot wait to go back this week. I am a big time believer in chiropractic anyway, but especially during pregnancy, & I love going to someone who specializes specifically in that area.

My next appointment is next week. I don’t even have enough appointments left to meet all of the providers (boo!), so praying someone I know will be on call when the time comes.

Work Outs: I only went to the gym a few times over the last 2 weeks, but I was pretty active most days. I was super lazy on Christmas day and sat most of the day + took a serious 2 hour afternoon nap. I guess that’s what gave me all the energy for nesting the next day!

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Baby Beau received his first gift from our friend Marissa!So cute!!


Goals: I accomplished everything on my to-do list and more on Monday, so goals for the rest of the week- take 2 yoga classes, have someone over for dinner, go to the bank, get a few blog posts out, help a few more folks prepare to get started on the huge ALL IN challenge kicking off on January 2nd.

Thoughts: NESTING!! On Monday I washed, folded, and put away all the laundry, washed and put away the dishes, washed all of the linens in the whole house (changed everyone’s sheets & even washed the comforters, rugs and a shower curtain!), vacuumed every room in the entire house, swept and mopped the kitchen, hand scrubbed all of the bathrooms (toilets, floors, sinks & mirrors), put away all of the Christmas decorations, dusted, put away/organized all of the boys’ Christmas gifts, made 3 homemade meals from scratch, went to the grocery store, bathed both boys, and filled Jonathan’s truck up with gas.

Praying that God directs us where to go for delivery. We can choose between two hospitals. We are currently living closer to the new one, so will most likely end up there. But, there are a few things still keeping me from committing 100% to delivering there.

Also, I don’t really want to do a shower, but I would love, love, love for our friends to say a prayer for Beau and for us as our “gift.” I believe in the power of prayer and know the Lord hears them. We truly covet the prayers & that is the very best thing I can think of to ask for! We have all the baby stuff & boy clothes we need anyway…just gotta go dig those bad boys out of storage (or even better, find our next home to buy soon & unpack everything there!).

Prayers for Beau: Praying he comes in the Lord’s perfect timing and that I’ll know exactly when to go to the hospital to welcome him into the world. Praying for the staff who will help us deliver him and take care of us/him during his first couple of days on the earth. Praying he continues to develop physically- all of his organs (brain, heart, lungs, stomach, etc.) and that he is positioned perfectly (his head, the cord, etc.) for a smooth vaginal delivery. Praying for his breathing to be strong, for his immune system to be strengthened, for his sugar levels to be normal, and for him to wait to go to the bathroom until he is delivered. Praying that all of his systems function properly- digestive, circulatory, nervous, respiratory, urinary, reproductive. Isn’t it so AWESOME how God works out every sweet detail? Praying for his skin, his bones, his vision & hearing. Praying he nurses well & sleeps well. Praying he is a HAPPY, easy baby like his brothers have been. Praying he fits perfectly into our family and always knows how very LOVED he is, first and foremost by our Savior, but also by me and his daddy and the rest of our family. He is a gift and a blessing! Praying for his unique personality, strengths, and gifts and that we foster those in him. Praying Luke 2:52 over him – that he will grow in wisdom, in stature, and in favor with God and man just as Jesus did. Praying he is a LIGHT to others. Praying blessings, protection, empowerment, and anointing over him and his life. Praying he is a strong man of God and a champion for the Lord. Praying he loves the Lord, our God, with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength.


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