Friday, February 14, 2014

Praying for Your Husband

One of the BEST “gifts” you can give your husband (marriage), children (family), and yourself is DAILY prayer. And I’m not talking about simply repeating the same monotonous prayer every morning and night or before a meal. I’m talking about in depth, genuine, heartfelt conversations with God. Daily. Continuously. Without Ceasing.

I truly believe in the power of prayer & love the intimacy of a personal relationship with my Lord & Savior. I am so thankful for the opportunity He gives us to communicate with Him. To thank Him. Praise Him. Ask for help. Seek wisdom and guidance. To ask for direction. To lift others up. It doesn’t have to be formal- eyes closed, heads bowed, on our knees. It can be, and there is definitely power in that- but we can talk to God ANY time.

I’m so thankful He LISTENS, intercedes for us even when we don’t know what to say, and responds. How cool is it that God SPEAKS to us through prayer?

I will be the first to admit I have experienced times in my walk where my prayer life has been stagnant.  (That’s nobody’s fault but my own. That’s why God calls us to “renew our minds daily.”) It’s so easy to allow that to happen. There have been times where I simply prayed a daily “list” and prayed at certain times each day- rather than being in constant communication with Him.

A sweet friend told me about a book she was reading called The Circle Maker & was kind enough to buy it for me, and it has completely refreshed my spirit & ignited my prayer life in a whole new way! I truly feel closer to the Lord than ever and I am so thankful for what this book has taught me about prayer. (Seriously, go buy it. You’ll thank me.) Since reading it, I have revisited my prayer journal and it has been SO COOL to see how God has answered so many prayers. Maybe not in the way I expected, or on my timeline, but I have been able to write PRAISE next to so many prayers. God is continually doing a work in my heart to help me be more thankful for  and aware of ALL of our blessings.

Jonathan & I went on our first date in September of 2006. We were married in October of 2010. Cannot believe it’s been almost eight years with this stud & we’ll celebrate our 4th year of marriage this year.


I have told myself & Jon since the beginning of our marriage (and even before that honestly) that I wanted to commit to praying for him  That is not a commitment I take lightly, but it is also tougher than it sounds. Sometimes he gets on my nerves or we disagree about something, and just being totally transparent, I don’t feel like praying for him in those times.  But that’s when prayer is needed the most.

Ladies, our husbands NEED our prayer. As head of the family- protector, provider, and spiritual leader- you better believe the enemy is attacking them. (If he is not those things and you desire for him to be, all the more reason to pray for him. God hears. It is way more effective than nagging, complaining, etc.)

I keep a copy of our vows in my Bible and was reading through them the other day, and it seriously rocked me to my CORE to think about the calling I have as Jonathan’s wife and help meet. It is such an AWESOME responsibility to be able to cover our husbands in prayer. That is something that NO one else on this earth can do- intercede on our hubby’s behalf as his WIFE, go to God for him, pray a hedge of protection, blessings, and empowerment over him. I seriously get chills thinking about it. There is NO greater gift that we can give our husbands than covering them in prayer daily.


Once again though, want to be real with y’all. I have found that since becoming a mother, it is more natural to pray for Baby Jase. I pray for him constantly- all throughout the day. I just do it without thinking. As much as I love Jonathan, it takes more of a conscious effort to pray for him. I think it’s because Jase is totally dependent on US? I know it is our responsibility to train him up and raise him in the way he should go. Jonathan is grown & responsible and capable. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need my prayers as much as Jase. In fact, he needs them more- because now he has an even GREATER responsibility as a husband AND a daddy. I make sure any time I start praying for Jase, to stop and pray for Jonathan too.

I love the idea of praying God’s Word, so I just ordered this book & cannot wait to dig in!

Cover art

There are some things I pray specifically over Jonathan every day (& I’m not going to list it out because I feel like that’s something sacred), but I know it’s important to keep it fresh so it doesn’t become mundane. I found some AWESOME resources if you’re looking for a place to start or want to pray more specifically over your hubby. Check them out:

31 Days of Praying for Your Husband

10 Prayers for Your Husband

Verses to Pray Over Your Husband

Praying for Your Husband Head to Toe


**Single ladies: It’s never too early to start praying for your future spouse!

**Moms: It’s never too early to start praying for your kids’ future spouses.


Lauren Stokes said...

Thank you for the book recommendation. I just ordered The Circle Maker through EBay for $5!
Thanks for your words of advice. Although my boyfriend of three and a half years and I are not engaged yet, I know he is the one and I pray for him daily. I am just waiting for God's time on our marriage.

Pamela said...

Ohh, I love this SO much!!! Everything you said is so true!!

Unknown said...

I love this!! I try to make it a point to pray for my husband everyday, no matter how busy my day is going to be!

Come check out my blog and follow me!

Unknown said...

I loved this post!! (i know I'm a little late to the party) I am newly married, and want to lay the foundation down in my prayer life. I love how real you are and it is refreshing to hear! Thank you